It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - It's kind of the truth some more

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Caylee’s Pov:
I was awoken at seven and I put on my sundress and cowboy boots and redid my curls and I applied makeup and walked downstairs “You look beautiful. Like a true southern bell.” Grandma Mary said and I smiled at her. “Liam you ready dear?” Grandma Mary asked “Yes ma’am.” Liam said so we followed Grandma Mary into the car and we pulled away when Ashton took Hoss out and I smiled at Ashton as we pulled out of sight. We arrived at my dad’s brother’s hour about twenty minutes later. Uncle Larry, I faintly remembers him. “Larry, you remember Jeff’s youngest Caylee and Liam right?” Grandma Mary asked “Yes, it’s been ten years but yes. You two have grown. You’re just as beautiful as ever.” Uncle Larry said and I smiled at him.Uncle Larry is married to Aunt Lucy and they have three kids, Charlie is 16, Brent is 13, and Nate is 10. After we spent time there we went to Aunt Sandy’s, she is married to Uncle Jim, she’s four years old than my dad, it’s Uncle Larry who’s now 42, Aunt Sandy who is 40, my dad who would be 36, and Aunt Penny who is 34. Aunt Sandy has four kids Hannah is 20, Katie is 17, Ricky is 15, and Sean is 13. “Katie do you remember Caylee?” Aunt Sandy asked “kind of.” Katie admitted and I smiled, finally another girl in the family.
We spent more time at Aunt Sandy’s and then we went to Aunt Penny’s, they have three kids: Jacob is 8, Bailey is 4, and Riley is ten months old. “Can I hold Riley?” I asked “Sure.” Aunt Penny said handing me Riley and Riley giggled at me. “I can see your dad in you Liam.” Aunt Penny said, “Can we go play?” Jacob asked “Yeah, go take Liam outside.” Aunt Penny said and Liam nodded. “I can see your daddy and your mom in you.” Aunt Penny said and I smiled “Do you still dance?” Aunt Penny asked  “I am.” I said “You started when you were one, but you were put in class when you were three.” Aunt Penny said and I smiled at her “I want to get into Julliard.” I said “You have the grades and the moves.” Aunt Penny said and I smiled at her. This is really nice getting to know everybody, we left around four and then went to my dad’s grave where we were all silent and I laid my rose down. 
When we pulled up to the house Liam got out first “I’m giving you my keys, my friend owns a dance studio down the block. I want you to go.” She said “Really?” I asked “Yes.” Grandma Mary said and I hugged I went into the room and put my dance clothes in my little bag and went to the car after geting directions. I pulled up and I was met at the door by the dance instructor “I’m Abby, you can go change. We have an aduition for Julliard July 21st and I’m friends with your Grandma and I would love to have you dance with us and audition as well.” She said and I smiled “I will go change right now.” I said and she smiled at me. I quicly changed and returned into the dance studio, there were about ten other girls in this huge studio. “Welcome Caylee to our dance studio, she’s visiting from California.” Abby said and everybody clapped and I took the spot she told me too. We did warm ups and then she moved right along to the ballet, which was a lyrical routine and I went straight into it, then a jazz number, and for the older ones a hip-hop. “For the competetion on Saturday I want Allie, Aubrey, Casey, and Caylee to have a solo. Caylee, this way we can if you do deserve a temporialy spot on our dance team.” Abby said I nodded, we were given our assignment, mine was a comentemporary dance routine. 
I changed back into my dress and cowboy boots and I walked into the room, Allie, Aubrey, and Casey were still in the room fixing their hair. “I can’t believe Abby would just give her a solo. It took us months to get our first solo.” Casey said “I know, but she’s a Miss California girl.” Aubrey said “She’s a good dancer.” Allie said “Allie, she could replace you.” Casey said “I don’t think so.” Allie said getting up and when she walked my way she stared at me “Hi I’m Allie.” Allie said she was my height, with baby blue eyes and blonde hair. “Caylee.” I said “How long are you here for?” Allie asked “until August.” I said “Do you want to grab something to eat with me?” Allie asked “Sure.” I said “Did you drive?” Allie asked “Yeah.” I said “I did too, so just follow me?” Allie asked “Sure.” I said and I didn’t even look at the girls as I walked behind Allie. We pulled up to a local diner and we walked in.
“Don’t worry about Casey and Aubrey, they can be real witches.” Allie said “I won’t.” I said “You are a good dancer.” Allie said “Thanks so are you.” I said “How long have you been dancing?” I asked “Since I was three, I’m assuming the same for you?” Allie asked and I nodded. “Your grandma is Mary right?” Allie asked “Yes.” I said “She teaches at the dance studio.” Allie said “I never knew that.” I said “Yes, she’s been dancing since she was younger, she gave up dancing when she had kids but when they got into school she opened this studio up with Abby.” Allie said and I smiled “How old are you?” I asked “I will be eighteen in September, you?” Allie asked “I will be eighteen in August.” I said and Allie smiled at me “I think we can be good friends.” Allie said “good I would like that.” I said “Do you know Ashton?” I asked finally “Ashton Wakefield.” Allie said “You know him?” I asked “Every girl does. Football star, player, cheater, you name it.” Allie said “Oh, he’s my neighbor for now.” I said and Allie looked at me “Be careful.” Allie said “I will. I need to head home.” I said “me too.” Allie said and I stared out when I went home, Ashton is off my list. 
I pullled up and Ashton was outside with Hoss, I wasn’t ready to face him. “Hey Caylee!” He said when I got out and I blew off him “What happened? What did I do?” Ashton yelled out “Just stay away. I don’t need to get my heart broken. You’re the typical heartbreaker.” I said and before Ashton could speak to me I just turned around and walked into the house. “How was dance?” Grandma Mary asked me “Dance was great. I made friends with Allie.” I said “Allie is a good-girl. Liam and Savannah are out tonight, you can go out with Ashton if you would like.” Grandma Mary said “I think I will spend tonight with you.” I said and Grandma Mary looked at me trying to figure out what happened. “I can even cook for you.” I said “Uh-oh.” Grandma Mary said “Don’t worry, I’m an excellent cook.” I said and Grandma Mary smiled at me. 

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