It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 60 (v.1) - It's kind of Christmas Eve

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




Caylee's Pov:
It's Christmas Eve today. Today is the day my best friend will become engaged. I'm not looking forward to that, I miss the old days, okay? I miss when we did dance, when our lives involved around dance now it's all mixed up. She's going to be a wife and mom soon. I'm still a dancer, it feels like everybody I know is changing around me and I'm still the same Caylee. Stuck in my life of dancing. Today Ashton is only able to spend the evening with me since it's Christmas Eve, Lauren is working a long shift today. My mom, Jack, Bryson, Sean, and Landon are at his mom's house for their Christmas and my mom knew I didn't want to go, Liam is with his group of friends not wanting to include me, and Jason and Sophia are at Sophia's parents house since they will be here tomorrow so it's just me and the dogs.
I put on my dance shorts and then my dance bra, I had my hair pulled up into a sloppy bun since I was going into the "Dance studio" My dad built I didn't need to look all pretty up to practice. Sam and Sassy followed me, Sam knows the grill she will lay on her pillow I have while I work on my dance and Sassy will just curl up with Sam not wanting to get in my way. I put on the Give Me Love music and I slowly began my dance for it, it will be February before I know it and I want things to go great. Even if it's the same routine it's still part of me. I can't give up dancing. 
I closed my eyes and I let the music take me, like I do sometimes. I was in a memory trance: "Look at our little Caylee-bug! Isn't she just beautiful?!" My dad was saying, it was on a video as well. "She is! Dance for daddy!" My mom said I was two, Liam was a baby, Jason was six years old. I was in my first pink tutu and I was twirling around. "You will be daddy's little dancer won't you Miss Caylee?" My dad asked me "Yes daddy!" I said this was my second birthday "Good! Dance for me. " He said "Always daddy!" I said and I was just twirling around and giggling. I felt my feet leap off the floor as I was doing my jumps to this song. I was trying to out dance my memories. My next memory was when my dad built this dance studio when we moved in, this was right before he died. He has made me a dance studio in every house we have ever lived in.  I looked at my pets when I finished and Sam was staring at me "What is it? Did I do it that bad?" I asked and she wagged her tail. "I know, I know. I'm done no worries." I said and she barked at me. 
Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
It's later that night, the group of teenagers were at a bonfire on the beach behind Caylee's house. "Are we ready to exchange gifts?" Caylee asked "Why not enjoy the sunset first?" Lauren asked "Because I want to do it now." Caylee said and Lauren smiled "Fine." Lauren said and the girls gave the guys their gifts first. Both cologne, and then a nice watch. "Thanks baby." Ashton said "I love you." Caylee said and Ashton gave Caylee her gift, which was in a jewelry box and Caylee gave him a weird look since they just got done talking about not getting engaged until the end of their college life. "Just open it baby. Please." Ashton said and Caylee opened it and smiled at the diamond key lock necklace. "It's perfect baby." Caylee said and Ashton held Caylee's hair as she put it on. "Okay your turn." Caylee told Anderson. 
Anderson got down on the sand and got down on one knee. Lauren was staring at him trying to figure out his plans "Will you marry me?" Anderson asked Lauren, first Lauren looked at Caylee and then back at Anderson "Yes." Lauren said and Anderson placed the ring on her finger and they kissed. "It's beautiful." Caylee said and Lauren smiled at her. "I say let's not wait, let's not do a wedding. Court house on the 26th with Caylee and Ashton." Lauren said "Okay baby, whatever you want." Anderson said and Caylee smiled at them. "Care to go for a walk so they can have their alone time?" Ashton asked "Sure." Caylee said smiling at them.
When they began walking Ashton was holding Caylee's hand, they were walking at a slow pace in the sand "Are you okay?" Ashton asked Caylee, he could tell she wasn't herself tonight. "Of course, I'm fine." Caylee said "You don't seem fine." Ashton said "Don't tell me how I am. You don't know me." Caylee snapped "Alright fine." Ashton said and they walked in silence, this time in a bit of distance with each other. "I don't know what your problem is. I just want to help you out." Ashton said "I don't have a problem and if I do then maybe it's you." Caylee snapped at him. "Don't snap at me. I haven't done anything." Ashton said "Of course, you are the perfect boyfriend. You never do anything. You never cheat on me."  Caylee said "Oh and you are the perfect girlfriend? You are far from it." Ashton said "Don't. Just don't. I'm done. Don't even bother. Go back home to your little girl." Caylee said "She won't treat me like this. You are such a drama queen." Ashton said. "Forget you." Caylee said and with that she stalked off not even bothering.
Ashton's Pov:
I had a fight with Caylee, she's walking off not even looking back this time. I'm not even going after her, not this time. I'm tired of fighting with her. I walk her direction after awhile not to follow but to get to my car. I pass by Anderson and Lauren who were talking I couldn't tell if they knew or not. I got into my dad's truck and I just went home. "You're home early." My dad said when I came in "Yeah. Had a fight." I said "That happens. You are young. You will get back together." My dad said "Honestly I'm done." I said "You are just mad. When you calm down you will want her back." My dad said "I highly doubt that. Mackenzie and I don't fight like this." I said "The local girl?" My dad asked me "Yeah." I said "Do what you want. You won't ever get Caylee back that way. I promise you that. Caylee is a great chick." My dad said "Alright dad I know." I said and he nodded at me.
I went to the back porch instead of going up to my room, the air was nice and fresh it felt good. I left my phone inside so I didn't know if I got any messages or anything and at the point I really didn't care. I'm tired of fighting with Caylee, I love her and all but I can't keep fighting. I don't like when she pushes me away, I know that is how she is but I can't stand seeing her hurting and not be able to help her out. I know we will resolve this but I want to help her and I don't know if I can be with her until she's willing to let me in. I can't see her break. And not be able to pick up the pieces. I'm not that type of guy, wouldn't that make me more heartless? So either way I go I will never win. I will always be the bad guy in this equation.
I went back inside and I had a miscall from Lauren, Caylee, Anderson, texts from Anderson and Lauren. Caylee is in the dance studio and won't talk to anyone and I'm not responding to anyone so they are worrying. I get an incoming call and I hit answer not even bothering to look. "Hey Ash, how's your trip?" It was Mackenzie "It's going." I said "How did Caylee like her gift?" She asked "Well we are currently not on speaking terms." I said "Why?" She asked "We had a fight. She won't open up." I said "Ash, you can't save everybody. Some people are just hopeless. You have to know when to give up." Ashton said "I love her." I said "But you have feelings for me, and you won't admit that. I open up and you know that." She said and she isn't making it easier on me.

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