It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 61 (v.1) - It's kind of Christmas

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Caylee's Pov:
I somehow ended up asleep, I had locked myself in my studio for the night and I guess I cried myself to sleep somehow. I had no miscalls from Ashton just from everyone else. It was four thirty in the morning. It was Christmas morning. I got up and I looked at myself in the mirror, I was a hot mess. I had my ripped jeans on with my black tank top, with Ashton's hoodie on still.I had worn it the night before and I haven't taken it off. My makeup was messed up, my eyes were blood shot from crying and puffy, my hair wasn't that neat. I unlocked the door and I stepped outside to the pitch blackness. Sam was at the door sleeping, she was protecting me. Sam was alert but she wagged her tail at me. "Let's go in." I said and Sam wagged her tail at me.
I went inside and on the couch was Lauren who has fallen asleep waiting on me I guess, she knew I would return sometime. I gently shook Lauren "Wake up Laur." I said and Lauren slowly got up and she looked at me "Are you okay? What happened? What time is it?" Lauren asked me "It's 4:35 my dear. I'm not okay. Ash and I had a fight." I said and Lauren without question just hugged me. "Will you two work it out?" Lauren asked me "I'm not really sure this time. I don't know." I said and before Lauren could speak Landon came down "It's Christmas! Let's open gifts!" Landon said "Go wake everyone up!" I said and he giggled at me "Alright sissy." He said and I looked at Lauren "We can talk about this later." I said "Yes and we will." Lauren said and I nodded.
Once everybody came down my mom started the coffee, apparenly Jason and Sophia stayed over and since we weren't in our room they slept in my room last night. Jason shot me a worried look but I didn't look back. It's Maddie's first Christmas and they are spending it with us. Maddie is still asleep so she's missing from this. Jack handed out all the Christmas gifts and instead of opening my gifts I watched Landon open his gifts first he had four huge ones: A monster play truck, a water gun, a toy cook thing, and a batman blanket. Sean and Bryson basically got the same thing, Liam got some video games. Now it was my turn to open my gifts, I wasn't in the mood to open gifts. But I put a brave face on: A cute shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, expensive makeup. "Thank you." I said not really feeling this.
After we opened gifts everybody basically went back to bed. Lauren and I were staying up still. Sophia came down with Maddie who was being rocked right now. "What's up?" Sophia asked me "Ashton and I had a fight. I was down in the dumps and I took it out on him." I said "Oh Caylee." Lauren said "You will get him back." Sophia said "it was a huge fight. We both said things we didn't mean." I said "Then it can be fixed." Sophia said "Cay, I know you are happy with Ashton. It will work out." Lauren said and I smiled "Thank you guys." I said "Things can be fixed." Sophia said and I smiled at them "Afterall this is the seasons for miracle." Lauren said "Yes I know." I said smiling at them "Don't worry. Things will work out for you." Lauren said and I smiled at them.
Ashton's Pov:
I had a sleepless night, I had Caylee on my mind. When I finally dozed off at four thirty Bella came in "It's Christmas!!" Bella said "Alright I'm up." I said and I gave her a piggy back ride downstairs where everybody was already waiting. "Merry Christmas Ash!" My dad said "Merry Christmas!" I said and they smiled at me. I was putting on an act, I wasn't going to let my sour mood ruin their day. I watched as Bella opened her gifts, then Hope, then Lizzie, Cheyenne and then Tyler opened his gifts, I opened mine. A new Ipod, new clothes. "Thanks." I said and they nodded at me. "Ash can we talk?" My dad asked "Sure but I want to go back to sleep." I said "Not yet son." He said "You need to make things work with Caylee. You are miserable without her." My dad said "I will talk to her tomorrow." I said and my dad nodded at me.
Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
It's the next day after a lousy Christmas they are greeted again at the courthouse. "Hi." Caylee said first trying to be the brave one "I'm sorry." Ashton said "I will explain after." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. When it was Lauren's and Anderson's time they went up and they got married by the courthouse and even changed Lauren's name to Lauren Daniels which is Anderson's middle name. "I am so proud of you!" Caylee said "Thank you! You're the best!" Lauren told Caylee who smiled at her. 
After they went out for lunch Caylee and Ashton went to walk at the park they found a bench and they sat down "I'm sorry. I should open up. I should be more honest with you." Caylee said "I was down because everybody is changing, or things happens. I'm the same girl. I'm still the girl who dances. I haven't changed at all." Caylee said "Oh Caylee, that isn't worth you being upset. You are perfect the way you are." Ashton said and Caylee didn't say anything "No I'm not. I never open up." Caylee said and Ashton didn't say anything "Cay, you don't need to open up. I can help you either way." Ashton said and Caylee nodded but she was still unsure of what to think of all of this.  Ashton leaned in and kissed her lips softly and that broke her trance.
"No matter what you face Caylee. No matter how tough things get for you. I am your boyfriend. I will lift you up when you are down. Even if you can't open up. Your way of expressing yourself is by dancing I get that." Ashton said and Caylee started crying "don't cry baby girl. Things will be okay." Ashton said and he kissed away her tears. He kissed Caylee's cheek, he wiped away her tears with his finger and then he kissed her lips softly, her cheek, her ear, her neck. Caylee got up and took his hand and led him back to his dad's truck. She wrapped her arms around Ashton at the truck. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around him, he put his arms around her waist holding her there just kissing her. He knew she just needed to be kissed that words wouldn't do anything but physical contact would. He laid Caylee on the seat and he got on top of her. Not doing anything sexual but making out.
Ashton took Caylee home after that and she was curled up with him on the seat instead of being by the door she was in the middle. "Promise me that we will solve any fight we have?" Caylee asked when he pulled up to her house. "I promise you Caylee. I do love you and I don't want to lose you." Ashton said "We will be closer in the fall." Ashton said "That's too long. What if I don't pass the audition?" Caylee asked "Don't talk like that baby. I know you will pass it." Ashton said "good. I love you." Caylee said "I love you too." Ashton said and he kissed her lips. "Do you have to go?" Caylee asked "I do, but I don't want to." Ashton said and Caylee kissed his lips softly. 

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