It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 62 (v.1) - It's kind of New Years and a good-bye

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Ashton's Pov:
It is now December 31st, I leave in two days. Caylee and I have spent every free moment we had together. Anderson lives on his own in a two bedroom apartment so he and Lauren are moving in together. We're doing that now and then later on tonight we are having dinner at their place and then a New Years Eve party. Caylee is taking it fairly easy, I'm using my dad's truck "Lauren Nicole stay off your feet!" Caylee said and I couldn't help but laugh, Caylee is wearing her yoga pants and an old t-shirt with her hair in two braids. Contacts and no makeup and even though she is doing that she is still really beautiful. "I'm off my feet!" Lauren said I could tell it was killing her not to help load. "Okay that's the last of your boxes." I told Lauren and she smiled at me "Ready Cay?" I asked "Sure." Caylee said.
Caylee's Pov:
I'm in Ashton's dad's truck with him and I'm holding his hand. The music is playing softly in the background and I smiled at him. "Okay Caylee-bug what's on your mind?" Ashton asked me and I looked up at him "I'm just going to miss Lauren. We have shared a room since August, and I will miss her. I was looking forward to help her with Hope. Now's she married and on her own." I said and I couldn't help it but the tears were falling "Caylee, she's two blocks away. She's walking distance. She will always need her best friend." Ashton said and I looked at him "I hope so." I said and Ashton smiled at me "Don't worry. Now come on let's unload." Ashon said and I smiled at him. We unloaded the boxes and we helped unpack and we set up Hope's nursery for them and then Ashton took me home so I could get ready for the dinner and party. 
I went to my room slowly and I stared at it, my mom had already had the extra bed removed so there is a huge empty place and then where Hope's stuff was, the extra dresser and all. I couldn't stand it I went into my bathroom and even that looked different. I turned the water on and then I stripped my clothes, I unbraided my hair and then I got into the shower letting the hot water beat against my back. I washed my hair and then my body with my body wash. When I got out I dried off and then wrapped my hair in the towel. I went to my dresser and got out my lacy bra and thong set. I put that on and then I put on my new jeans from Christmas and then my new top. I went over to my makeup table and I applied my eye liner, my mascara, my eye shadow and then my lip gloss. I crunched my hair and then I put my silver headband on, I put my black flats boots on and then I smiled at myself. I didn't stay in my room I went right out.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton showed up at 6:45 and Caylee got in his truck "You look good baby." Ashton said "Thanks." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "You look good too." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at him. They went to their apartment and Lauren smiled at Caylee she was beaming "You look beautiful Cay!" Lauren said "Thanks! So do you!" Caylee said "come on dinner will be a minute. Anderson is an excellent cook I must say." Lauren said and Caylee smiled at her "Good, I'm glad." Caylee said "I will go in with him." Ashton said and Caylee nodded at him. Caylee sat down on the couch and Lauren smiled "It feels weird. My room. It's now my room, not ours." Caylee said and Lauren smiled at Caylee   "Trust me Cay it's not the same either." Lauren said and Caylee smiled at her.
Dinner was good, it was Shrimp Alfredo and garlic bread and then soda of course. "This is really good." Caylee said "this is. You should come over often." Anderson said "You mean it?" Caylee asked "Yes. You are always welcome." Anderson said and Caylee smiled "Alright good." Caylee said and Lauren smiled at her "You can come over after school on my days off and we can do our homework together and we can have date nights." Lauren said and Caylee smiled "Alright fine." Caylee said and they smiled at her. After dinner there was homemade pie from Anderson's mother for dessert. 
The party began at 10, Anderson had some of his friends over for an hour and then it was just the four of them again. "This has been nice." Caylee said "I know." Anderson said "let's play a game." Anderson said "board game?" Ashton asked "Yes!" Lauren said "Only because you can't do twister." Caylee said "Are you two good at twister or something?" Anderson asked "When I'm not big yes." Lauren said "Show us." Ashton said "You mind spinning?" Caylee asked Lauren "nope not at all." Lauren said and Caylee smiled "Let's get the party going." Caylee said they had the Dick Clark's Rocking New Year playing in the background.  They were playing Twister and Ashton kept watching Caylee as she took her turn, amazed at how flexible she was. Anderson was the first one out so it was between Caylee and Ashton "Give up." Ashton said "No way." Caylee said smiling at him. At 11:59 Ashton finally fell and Caylee fell on him kissing his lips softly.
"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEARS!" Caylee, Ashton, Anderson, and Lauren all screamed. Ashton leaned in and kissed Caylee, so they could have their New Years kiss. Anderso nand Lauren were having their New Years Eve kiss as well. "I better get you home before your mother gets worried." Ashton said "Yeah. I love you Lauren. I had fun." Caylee said smiling at her "Be safe. I love you too." Lauren said and they began heading out. They pulled up to Caylee's house and she looked at Ashton "You leave today basically. School starts tomorrow for both of us." Caylee said "Don't think about it like that." Ashton said "But." Caylee said "look baby I willsee you bright and early morning. I promise. I love you." Ashton said kissing her lips "I love you too baby." Caylee said.
Ashton's Pov:
I got home around 12:40 and instead of going to sleep I decided to pack my bag so I could have more time to spend with Caylee and all my family since my plane leaves at 3 PM their time. I finished packing around 1:20 and then I finally crashed. To be woken up by Bella at 7. "Come on Ash! Text Cay!" Bella said and I smiled at her. I changed into my clothes and then I went downstairs with Bella and everybody was already up "Is Caylee coming?" My dad asked "Yeah. She's on her way now." I said and my dad smiled at me. "Good I want you two to spend time together but as a family with us." My dad said "it will happen dad." I said and he smiled at me, I knew Caylee would be emotional today but she was going to hide it.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
After a fun-filled morning and somewhat of an afternoon they were now at the airport to say their good-byes, Ashton will land in Florida at 11pm EST and 8PST "You will text me when you get there right?" Caylee asked she was the last one to tell him good-bye his family were already leaving they knew they wanted to be alone. "Yes baby.  I promise." Ashton said "I'm going to miss you." Caylee said "I will miss you too. Now don't worry baby. Things will be okay." Ashton said "I know. I didn't even sleep in my room last night." Caylee said "Well baby do it tonight. I love you."  Ashton said "I just can't believe you are leaving." Caylee said "Well you will be over in Florida for your Spring break." Ashton said "It depends, remember? If I do well on my audition then I'm going to tour Juillard, and you will be touring Colubmia." Caylee said "But we will be together baby.I have to go." Ashton said "I love you." Caylee said "I love you too." Ashton said and they kissed one more time before Caylee had to watch Ashton walk through the security line. 

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