It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - It's kind of a weird thing

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Ashton's Pov:
After saying good-bye to my family and Caylee I go up to the front of security, I hand the guard my ticket and my ID and then I go into line and I take my shoes off and everything out of my pockets and bag. After I go through the security I get my shoes back on and everything back in my bag and then I go to find my gate. Yes I'm excited about going back home, I  get to see Hoss, Savannah, my mom and them but then I'm leaving the love of my life. I sit down at my gate number and I pull my Ipod out and I begin playing the music. I miss Caylee already and she just left, I hate saying good-byes and I know Caylee feels the same way as I do or it would be easier on both of us. A girl my age sits beside me "I'm not looking forward to the flight." She said "How come?" I asked "I get nervous." She said "What's your seat number?" I asked "14C, yours?" She asked "Oh mine is 14b." I said "So we're seat buddies." She said flashing me a smile. She's average height, brown eyes and then brown hair, she's tan. 
"I'm Chelsea." She said "I'm Ashton." I said "Were you here for Christmas Break?" Chelsea asked me "Yeah." I said "I was visiting my mom, I live with my dad." Chelsea said "I was visiting my dad." I said and she smiled at me "Please tell me you don't have a girlfriend?" Chelsea asked "I'm sorry, I do have a girlfriend." I said "Man, I'm never lucky." Chelsea said "What do you mean?" I asked "My ex-boyfriend left me when he found out I was pregnant." Chelsea said "You don't look it it." I said "Aw thank you, you also aren't looking very well." Chelsea said and I gave her a look. She stood up and she was right, she's about Lauren's size. "I'm sorry. You seem like a great girl." I said "I am, my parents didn't want me to keep it." Chelsea said "What are you having?" I asked "A boy. Kyle Jacob." Chelsea said "That's a good name." I said "Do you know any single girls who are pregnant?" Chelsea asked me "My girlfriend's best friend was a single pregnant girl but she found a guy." I said "I wish I was that lucky." Chelsea said "You will be. I can be your friend." I said "Thanks. Your girlfriend is a very lucky girl." Chelsea said and I smiled at her.
I stayed by Chelsea's side during the whole flight and then the layover and then our last plane ride. I was like her best friend, I was being protective over her. I didn't want to make her feel bad, I didn't trust these people. She's 18 yeah, but she's so fraigle. Her family doesn't want her to keep her son, she's 29 weeks along. "Do you have someone picking you up?" I asked Chelsea when we were landing "No." Chelsea said "I'm sure my family won't mind." I said "Are you sure? I can find a way home." Chelsea said "no. Don't worry." I said and she flashed me a smile. When we landed I got my bag and turned my phone on. I texted Caylee and then I stepped into the tunnel, Chelsea was by my side. I saw Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl and they smiled at me, Savannah was home. "Hey do you mind giving my friend Chelsea a ride home?" I asked and one look at Chelsea and Aunt Alice nodded.
After talking to her on the way home and realizing Chelsea has no support what so ever I could tell Aunt Alice's heart was breaking, she likes helping people and taking people in. "Chelsea do you have any baby supply?" Aunt Alice asked her "No ma'am I don't." Chelsea said "I know I'm a stranger, but you are always welcome at our place. I can help you out." Aunt Alice said "thank you ma'am." She said "Give Ashton your number, I'm sure he will give you his and you let us know." Aunt Alice said and Chelsea smiled  "Thank you ma'am." Chelsea said and Uncle Carl pulled up to her house and I walked her and her bag up to her door. "Thank you so much. I will get in contact." Chelsea said and I smiled at her. I went back to my car and Aunt Alice was quiet a few minutes "I don't trust her being there." She said finally "I'm worried too." I said and Uncle Carl looked at me "After school tomorrow you come back here." He said "Yes sir." I said. 
Caylee's Pov:
After I left the airport I was shaky but I knew I would calm down. I walked to my car and I got in. I put the music on and I put my car in gear and I was on my way home. I knew I had to face myself, I had to go into my room today. I couldn't put it off any longer. I went home and I walked inside Jason, Sophia and Maddie were over. "My Maddie girl!" I said and Sophia smiled at me "Care to have help in your room?" Sophia asked me "Please?" I asked Jason was helping Liam with a project he should have already had done by now. Maddie was in a bouncer my mom bought and she was asleep so it was safe to leave. "Are you sure you can handle this? I don't want to hear about you sleeping on the couch and avoiding your room for ages." Sophia said and I flashed her a smile "Yes I'm ready." I said and she smiled at me.
We walked up to my room and I looked inside Sassy and Sam were on my bed sleeping. Sam put her head up to look at me and I slowly walked in or was given a gentle push by Sophia. "See you are doing it. Let's move your bed in the spot where it was." Sophia said and we did so, it took us about half an hour to get my room how it used to be. "Are you sure you are fine?" Sophia asked me "I'm happy for Lauren. I really am. But it felt nice having a roommate, another girl in my house." I said "I'm always here for you. You can always spend the night with us. Lauren is like your sister I know." Sophia said and I smiled at her "I'm worried." I said "You won't be able to see her like you did, but you two will still be close." Sophia said and I smiled at her "I sure hope so." I said and Sophia smiled at me, I knew she was right I just didn't want to admit it.
Sophia and Jason wanted to go out so I was baby-sitting Maddie tonight for them, it was around six when they left. Maddie is now almost four months old so she is getting a little bit more active now. Maddie and I were in my room on my bed this time, Sam was up here with us. Maddie was sitting in the bed that Sam made for her. "You are such a pretty girl! My pretty little niece!" I said and Maddie gave me a small baby smile. "I love you!" I said and Maddie gave me her baby smile. Sam was laying there letting Maddie use her as support, Sassy was curling up with Maddie and purring up against her. Lauren sent me text: Lauren: I'm off tomorrow since it's the first day back. Care to come over? I miss you. I mean I'm almost 29 weeks! Me:Sure. I miss you too! I am in my room finally! 
Around eight I got a text from Ashton: Off the plane now. Will call when I get home. I love you I smiled at my phone, I was still baby-sitting Maddie. My "Hannah" was in her toy crib sleeping. I feel like I have an A in this class, it's been tough but still good. Our final in this class is January 8th and then we begin our second semester the 14th, we have four finals that week and then we have a day off. Maddie was asleep now and I was working on my dance routine but no music playing because I didn't want to wake Maddie up. "You are doing a great job!" Sophia said and I jumped out of being scared "Sorry." Sophia said giggling at me "You're fine." I said "Maddie was an angel." I said "Always." Sophia said and I smiled at her she was right.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton called Caylee around 11:20 when he got home "Hey baby." Ashton said and Caylee could instantly tell he was upset "What's wrong?" Caylee asked "there was this girl on my flight. Chelsea is her name. She's our age. She's 29 weeks pregnant with a boy, and her parents aren't supportive." Ashton said "I'm sorry baby. What are you going to do?" Caylee asked "Aunt Alice wants to help her out, and so do I." Ashton said "As should you." Caylee said "I do baby. I want to make her feel better and safe. She doesn't seem like she is safe." Asthon said "Do what you have to do baby. She seems like a great girl." Caylee said and Ashton laughed "I agree baby." Ashton said and Caylee smiled "I'm in my room now too baby. Sophia helped me." Caylee said "That's great." Ashton said "I love you." Caylee said "I love you too." Ashton said. "I miss you baby. You have just left but it feels like forever." Caylee said "I miss you too baby." Ashton said they ended up getting off the phone around midnight. 

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