It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 64 (v.1) - It's kind of a twist of events

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Ashton's Pov:
I woke up with a bad gut feeling this morning. I went downstairs "Aunt Alice I don't think I should wait until after school." I said and Aunt Alice put her newspaper down "I don't think you should either." Aunt Alice said and Uncle Carl looked "Skipping school?" He asked "It's an important reason." I said "Take Hoss with you." Uncle Carl said and I went upstairs and threw on my jeans and my Foot ball T-shirt "Hoss come on boy." I said Savannah was downstairs she didn't have time to ask me what was going on. I didn't want to waste any time. My bad gut feeling just got worse as I got closer to her house. I pulled up to her house.
I went up to the door and I knocked, lights were on but no answer. I pounded on the door harder this time and I finally heard "Come in!" It was Chelsea's voice. I went inside "Chelsea?" I asked "Ashton?" Chelsea asked and I followed her voice. She was in a run down small room, she didn't look too good. "Are you okay?" I asked "I don't feel good. Can you take me to the hospital?" Chelsea asked "of course. Where's your dad?" I asked "He wasn't home last night and he's probably out with somebody." Chelsea said "Let's go." I said and she smiled at Hoss. I sent Aunt Alice a text to come and get Hoss at the hospital. "Everything will be okay." I told Chelsea when I got in the car and was driving to the hospital. "I hope so." Chelsea said. 
I helped her inside the hospital "How may I help you?" The nurse at the desk asked "My friend is pregnant and there's something wrong." I said and she looked at Chelsea "How far along are you?" She asked Chelsea "I'm thirty weeks today." Chelsea said "Let's get a look. Will your boyfriend be joining you?" She asked "Yes." I said not even bothering to correct her for fear of not being able to go back with her. "Don't go anywhere  Ash." Chelsea said and I nodded "I promise you I won't." I said and I held her hand. They did an Ultrasound on Chelsea "It looks like your baby has his mind set. He's coming early. We can do everything to try to stop you from going into labor." The doctor said "Please do." Chelsea said and they had her hooked up to some machines and with some IVs putting off medicine into her body.
I stayed by her side, her contractions weren't slowing down, she was in more pain as the day progressed. I wasn't even able to text Caylee to let her know what was going on. The doctor came in around two "Miss Chelsea it looks like he is coming whether we want him to or not." The doctor said and Chelsea just squeezed my hand and I could tell she was scared. The guy put a glove on and had Chelsea open her legs "Yes your baby is coming. You're 9cm." He said and Chelsea looked at me "I can't have him. He's too early. I don't even have anything for him." Chelsea sobbed. "You will be okay. It will be okay." I said and I held her hand as she had another contraction they were getting closer as the minutes passed by. "You will be fine Chelsea. I promise you." I said and she squeezed my hand again as it happened again. My Aunt Alice was in a meeting or she would be here, she hasn't been able to get out of any of her meetings she is in.
At two thirty Chelsea was pushing, there was nothing they could about it. I was holding Chelsea's hand and one of her legs for her. "Push Chels." I said and Chelsea gave it the biggest pushes she could. Finally we heard "Grab your baby."  The doctor said and Chelsea grabbed the baby and he was on her stomach, they did the suction of his air way. Chelsea was staring at the baby she was speechless. They went and took him, they did the suction of his lungs, and put him on the scale "6 pounds, twenty-two inches. He seems perfect to me, they were doing something that I couldn't really see. I was trying to calm Chelsea down, she was upset. "Miss Chelsea, it looks like you weren't that premature. You were 36 weeks. Your son is healthy, he's breathing well on his own. Would you like to try to breast feed him?" The doctor asked and Chelsea nodded. She was handed him, Chelsea didn't want me to leave so I watched her breast feed him. "Kyle Jacob Woods." Chelsea told me smiling at me, "He's perfect." I said, she told me about the night he was concieved, who the father is. He has green eyes and brown hair. 
Caylee's Pov:
I woke up at five thirty and I texted Ashton like I always do and I didn't get a reply back but I figured he was in one of his classes already. I put on my new outfit from Christmas and I straightened my hair, dance begins tomorrow so I don't have to pack my dance clothes. I put Hannah in her carrying pouch and I got my backpack and I went downstairs. Liam was already gone, he had to be at school earlier for something. I get my bag and I put it in the car and then I put my car in drive without speaking to anymore. I arrive at school and I see Lauren already and I hugged her "I missed you Lauren!" I said and she smiled at me "I missed you too. Let's head on to class!" Lauren said and I smiled at her.
  I kept looking at my phone hoping to get a text from Ashton but I haven't heard a word. At my lunch time which was 12 and Ashton's time which was 3:30 I get a picture text of a beautiful baby boy. And he called me after I looked at it "So sorry! Chelsea the girl I told you about went into labor. Kyle Jacob." Ashton said "tell her congratulations!" I said and we hung up so he could get back with her. I'm not jealous although I think I should be a little bit but I trust Ashton, and in order for our relationship to work we need to have trust in it. So I trust him. After school I went over to Lauren's and we had the girls day like we talked about. I so needed this, I have missed Lauren so much.
Ashton's Pov:
"Would you like to hold him?" Chelsea asked me "Sure." I said looking at her, Aunt Alice was on her way, it was six PM now. Kyle is such a healthy and good baby. "Hey Kyle." I said to him and he was asleep so I didn't even get a look yet. "Thank you so much Ashton." Chelsea said "it was my pleasure. I'm here to help. My Aunt is trying to get a hold of your dad now and your mom." I said "I can't do it. He won't let me keep him." Chelsea said "You are staying with us. My cousin Savannah and Uncle are going baby shopping for you." I said and Chelsea smiled at me "This is all too much." Chelsea said "No worries. We want to help you." I said and Chelsea was crying now "Don't cry." I said "but you two are perfect stranger but you are willing to help me." Chelsea said. I leaned down to give her Kyle back, and I don't even know how it happened but we kissed. Chelsea looked at me "I'm sorry." She said "It's okay." I said and I texted Caylee to let her know and I knew she would understand. 
Aunt Alice came and she gushed over Kyle "Kyle is so handsome." Aunt Alice said and then she looked at me "You need to get some type of rest." She said "I'm fine for now." I  said "Carl has talked to your dad and he didn't fight, he said you are eighteen." Aunt Alice said "Is he going to come by?" Chelsea asked "He didn't say." Aunt Alice said and Chelsea nodded "You were farther along weren't you?" Aunt Alice asked "36 weeks." Chelsea said "He's a healthy baby boy." Aunt Alice said and Chelsea smiled "I don't know a thing about babies, but I know it was love at first sight." Chelsea said "no worries, we have an extra room. I'm a mother, I know how to help. What about school?" Aunt Alice asked "My teachers were going to  work something out. I go to the same school as Ashton but I stayed by myself a lot." Chelsea said and I was stunned.

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