It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - It's kind of an audition

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Caylee's Pov:
I'm sitting on Lauren's couch and I get a text from Ashton saying Chelsea kissed him. I am not going to be putting up with this much longer. But at least he was honest with me and didn't wait too long to tell me about what happened. "Chelsea kissed Ashton." I said and Lauren looked at me she had her hand on her stomach "I'm starting not to like that boy." Lauren said "Well I do love him." I said and Lauren smiled at me "Are you okay Cay?" Lauren asked me "I can be." I said and Lauren smiled at me "do you want to call him?" Lauren asked me "Nah I will wait until tonight to call him." I said and Lauren smiled at me. I was enjoying my time with Lauren again.
"Are you sure you don't love her?" I asked "Yes I'm sure. It was out of kidness. She knows I'm with you." Ashton said and I smiled at myself "it's okay." I said and Ashton laughed "Don't worry. I don't want to become a dad anytime soon." Ashton said and that made me feel better. But I promise myself this that if he cheats on me ever again then I'm done with him. End of discussion, I'm sure I could find a better guy who  won't cheat on me just because he feels like it or claim it was by accident. How do you accidentaly kiss someone?  I don't believe it.
It's February 10th now and tomorrow is my audition in San Francisco at the theater, my audition is at 2pm, Lauren is coming with me tomorrow. Anderson is working and she is coming to give me support. After dance class  today I'm working on nothing but my dance for tomorrow. The second semester of school has already started and it's going good. I got all 100's in my four classes, I no longer have my   Hannah to take care of which I'm kind of relieved about. This semster it's Chemistry, Civics, dance and then Latin 2. Lauren is now going on 35 weeks as of the 13th she will be. Lauren is spending the night here today, Anderson is letting her spend the night. I can't believe in five weeks Hope will be born. Ashton and I are still together, Chelsea is moved in now with them and Kyle is a month old, he's a cute little baby. "How do you feel about it?" My mom asked me "I feel good mom, I know I will do good." I said I was lying to her I was a nervous wreck. 
Lauren and I are down in the dance studio and I'm working on my dance "I will be glad when I can dance again." Lauren said "Hope will be here soon." I said I was working on my turn now, we are missing school tomorrow but since it's for an audition for a college it's excused. "Work on your toes! Keep them straight!" Lauren said and I did so and she smiled at me "You are excellent! You can do it!" Lauren said and I smiled at her "We need to try to get some sleep." I said "Sleep is hard for me." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I could imagine." I said and Lauren smiled at me. "Let's go back to the room." Lauren said since we have to leave early tomorrow morning. Lauren and I changed into our night clothes and since it's just one night we are sharing the bed, Sam is on her bed for the night and I know she doesn't care for that. 
Of course I'm not able to get any sleep, I keep tossing and turning. I finally turn on my side facing Lauren who is up as well "it's five thirty. We might as well go ahead and leave." Lauren said "I'm sorry if I woke you up." I said "You didn't. Miss Hope here was kicking up a storm." Lauren said "how does it feel?" I asked "Well now that I'm huge, I can't even see my feet it's not as easy but it's been a fairly easy pregnancy, my cravings are weird. But Anderson has been so good about this. He's been helping me." Lauren said and I smiled at her. It take basically two hour to get there. I got my dance bag ready and I put on my ripped jeans and my dance shirt on with my now natural brown hair color in a bun already since it would need to be in a bun. I left a note for my mom letting her know what was happening.
Lauren and I explore the town some and we eat lunch near the water front, we went shopping and then we're at the theater. Lauren is sitting down in the seats with the rest of the followers and judges, I'm already wearing my dance clothes and I'm slowly working on my dance moves to prepare. I go up to the people "Name?" The woman  asked me "Caylee Blevins." I said and I was handed my number which was 101. I gave her my CD of the dance and she smiled at me "Break a leg." she said "Thank you." I said and I go wait in line, I'm a nervous wreck. I look out and I see Lauren out there and she waves at me smiling "Good luck!!" She said and I giggled there were a lot of people out there for support for everyone. So not only am I impressing the judges I'm impressing them as well.
"Can we please have number 101 come to stage?" The Judge on the left said the only guy. I slowly walked up to the stage "Name? Song?" He asked me "Caylee Blevins, Give Me Love." I said and they nodded for me to go ahead. The music slowly began going and I was getting nervous but I took a deep breath and I began. I did my back layout for the song, back tuck, back walkover, cartwheel, chest stand, elbow stand, front aerial, hand spring, hand stand, hand walking, kip up, round off, side ariel, vadlez. I did my jump and spin, my leaping my triple spin. I did a back bend and turned that into a flip like I rehearsed. I did one las fron aerial before I ended the dance. I looked at the judges to read their expressions and I think they looked pleased I know all the people in the audience were clapping so they were pleased. 
After that Lauren went up to me and she hugged me "Now the worse part. Waiting." I said "You did amazing!" Lauren said and I smiled at her "I really tried!" I said "It showed too Caylee!" Lauren said and I smiled at her I got an incoming call from Ashton "I did it! I just got done! I feel like I did it great!" I said "That's great baby! Lauren video taped it and sent it! You were amazing!" Ashton said "Good! I love you!" I said "I love you too baby. Now go have fun. Enjoy the rest of your time there." Ashton said "I love you." I said "I love you too." Ashton said and we hang up "Let's go home. I'm hungry." I said and Lauren smiled at me "Denny's first?" She asked me "Yes!" I said and we found the first Denny's they had."I can't believe you will be a mommy soon!" I said "And you will be a dancing student at Juillard's!" Lauren said! 

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