It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 66 (v.1) - It's kind of a trust thing

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Ashton's Pov:
I got up at five thirty and I go downstairs after I changed into my clothes for my school and I got my backpack ready for the day at school. I'm  already planning my Spring Break which is the last week of March same as Caylee's where we will be in New York touring the campuses if Caylee gets into Juillard which she should know by then. They told them it would be within 3-5 weeks when they would all find out by a letter. I look and I see Chelsea up with Kyle "Good morning Chels." I  said "Morning Ash! Have you heard anything from Caylee yet?" Chelsea asked me "not yet, she's anxious." I said and Chelsea smiled at me "I would be too." Chelsea said and I smiled at her it was now February 20th and Kyle is now seven weeks old and Chelsea is back in school now since Kyle is old enough for the day care. "Do you need me to hold him while you get ready?" I asked "Please?" Chelsea asked "sure." I said and she handed me Chelsea. Since he was born we have remained friends, no mention of the kiss, no more incidents. I'm her friend and she's mine. She's focusing on school and Kyle and I'm focusing on school and Caylee.
Chelsea came down with Kyle's diaper bag and her backpack "I will see you at school!" Chelsea said and I smiled putting Kyle in his car seat for her "Thanks!" Chelsea said and she walked to the car, her dad did at least let her keep her beat up old car. Which Uncle Carl has fixed up to be as good as new. I think Uncle Carl enjoys having two girls in the house instead of just Savannah, because she's seventeen now and focusing on just her friends and she doesn't need her daddy as much as she used to anymore. Emma is now ten months old and she is beautiful and my baby sister. "Vannah come on!" I said and Savannah came down "Alright I'm coming. I'm up." She said I had to remind her because Aunt Alice is already at work and Uncle Carl isn't going to be up for awhile.
After school Chelsea parked her car and then she got in mine, we were going to my mom's she has been wanting to meet Chelsea and Kyle for seven weeks now. "Will your mom likes me?" Chelsea asked me "She will love you." I said and we pulled up to my mom's house. Kyle and Jon were outside throwing the football. Yes I know funny thing, Big Kyle and then little Kyle. Chelsea got out and I got Kyle's diaper bag and then she got Kyle's car seat. My mom and Clarissa were on the swing on the front porch with Emma crawling around, they had a gate up. "Hey mom." I said "Hi Ash! And you must be Chelsea!" My mom said "I'm Anna!" My mom said and I got over the gate and I took Kyle's car seat from her and I helped her over the gate. "Kyle is so handsome! He's such a cute baby!" My mom said "thank you ma'am! Emma is beautiful too." Chelsea said smiling "Can I hold him?" My mom asked "Yes." Chelsea said.
We stayed until seven thirty and then we went back home. "Your mom and step-dad loves me." Chelsea said "Emma was very fond of you too." I  said and Chelsea smiled at me "Emma is your gergous little sister." Chelsea said and I smiled at her. When we got home we went our seperate way and I called Caylee "Hey baby!" Caylee said "have you heard anything?"  I  asked "Nope. How did it go?" Caylee asked "It went good." I said "Does your mom like her?" Caylee asked "Yes but she loves you." I said and I heard Caylee laugh "see. We will see each other soon." I said "I know. Lauren is 36 weeks today.Hope could come any day now." Caylee said "I bet you are excited!" I said "Yeah. I just wish you were here baby." Caylee siad and I smiled "I wish I was there too baby. I miss you." I said "I love you." Caylee said "I love you too." I said 
Chelsea's Pov:
Ashton is such a great friend and such a great help with Kyle. It's been tough on me, you know? Moving out of my dad's place, being pregnant, now I have a son, and I'm living with strangers who have been nothing but kind. I don't want to admit it to Ashton because he is in a relationship with Caylee and he seems very happy with her. But I'm starting to form feelings for Ashton and I don't know what to do. I know not to tell him because I don't want to ruin things between us and I don't want to ruin things for him and Caylee. I have befriended his friend Mackenzie and she has already told me all about how jealous Caylee can get and I don't want to be the cause of their breakup if they ever break up. But if they break up then it's on like gravy on taters. 
I get brought out of my trance by Kyle cries "It's okay baby. Mommy is here." I said picking him up from his bassinet and holding him. Ashton sticks his head in and I try not to blush "Hey Chels, is everything okay?" Ashton asks me as he walks in "yeah Kyle just needs a diaper change." I said "I can do that." Ashton said "No need to. I have it." I said smiling at him and he sits down on my bed and watches me change Kyle's diaper and then I'm bouncing him trying to get him back to sleep. I have a research paper I need to do and I can't do it with Kyle awake. "How is your English paper coming along?" Ashton asks "Not so good now. Not with Kyle up." I admitted "Hand me Kyle. I'm already done so I can bond with him until he's hungry and you can work on your paper." Ashton said what a great guy! "Thanks." I said handing Kyle over. 
Caylee's Pov:
I know it's only been two days since I auditioned but I am so nervous about the results of what will happen! I'm with Lauren and we are at my house in my room listening to music. "How does it feel to be thirty-five weeks?" I asked her we were munching on fruit from the fruit bowl I made last night. "I want Hope out. I can't sleep at night, I'm very uncomfortable, I can tell Hope is uncomfortable as well. I'm very anxious to hold my daughter." Lauren said and I smiled at her "Have you heard from Nate any?" I asked him "No I haven't heard from him. I figured I would have, but I don't care. Anderson will be put down on the paper work as her father." Lauren said and I smiled at her. "I can't wait to spoil Miss Hope." I said "You will be her godmother." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I hope so." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
"Ready to work on Latin now?" I asked and Lauren rolled her eyes "Who is ever ready for Latin?" Lauren asks and I giggled at her "come on." I said pulling out my textbook and handing Lauren hers. After studying for a few minutes Lauren looks up at me "What is your opinion on Chelsea? Do you trust her?" Lauren asked me and I looked at her "I trust Chelsea, I trust Ashton." I said and Chelsea looked at me "She seems like a nice girl. And beside she has a baby so I don't see why Ashton would have a fling for her." I said and Lauren looked at me I knew she didn't believe me. "Oh come on Cay." Lauren said "Alright I'm not that trust worthy but I don't want to lose things with Ashton." I said "Tell him how you feel Cay, you can't keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself." Lauren said and I smiled at her "geeze thanks." I said and Lauren laughed at me.  "Are you staying dor dinner?" I asked "Nope, Anderson is cooking a nice dinner." Lauren said "Alright, I will see you tomorrow at school." I said and Lauren smiled at me. "I love you." Lauren said "I love you too." I said and she smiled at me.
After dinner Ashton and I were on Skype "I'm really worried." I said "About your results?" Ashton asked me "No. I feel bad for saying this. But I'm worried about us. It's uneasy to me having Chelsea at your house. But I know there's nothing I can do." I said "Honey, baby. Don't worry. You are the love of my life. Chelsea is more like a sister to me. It will all  feel better when we see each other in March." Ashton said and I looked at him "I want to be with you now." I admitted "Don't worry. You might miss your accepted letter." Ashton said and I rolled my eyes at him "You are right." I said and Ashton laughed "When aren't I?" Ashton asked me "Not always." I said and Ashton laughed at me "baby you're mean to me." Ashton said "I'm not that mean." I said and Ashton laughed at me "Don't worry." Ashton said and I smiled at him. 

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