It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 67 (v.1) - It's kind of the results and baby time!

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Caylee's Pov:
It is now March 15th, today we had a half day at school so I'm home outside on the porch with Sam outside and Lauren is next to me. Lauren is thirty-nine weeks, her due date is in five days. So Miss Hope could be born any day now. And still nothing from Juillard's yet so I'm thinking I didn't get in so I'm bummed out about that. "How are you feeling?" I asked Lauren I ask her this every day "I'm okay. I feel like I have a few contractions here and there." Lauren said "How much dilated are you?" I asked "I'm 2cm which is good." Lauren said and I smiled at her. "Miss Hope will be here soon!" I said and Lauren smiled at me "I can't wait either." Lauren said "I know it's more uncomfortable." I said "You have no idea, I can't fit in the desk at school anymore, I can't sleep at all anymore, unless I'm on the couch." Lauren said and I flashed her a smile.
The mailman came up and Sam looked at him wagging her tail "maybe so baby." I told Sam when he put the mail in the box I got up and looked at the mail "No, no, no,no. Yes!" I said and Lauren looked at me "Do we have to wait for anybody?" Lauren asked me "No but call Ashton!" I said and Lauren took my phone and hit speed dial number two. "Hey Ash!  Cay got a letter!" Lauren said and I ran up to the desk and Lauren smiled at me "Okay Cay! Read!" Ashton said and I rolled my eyes I tore off the letter, Lauren was video taping it. I read it silently first and then "Dear Miss Blevins we are pleased and would be honored to have you enrolled!!!" I read "Congratulations baby!!!" Ashton said   "I love you." I said "I love you too." Ashton said and I looked at Lauren who seemed to be in pain "they are getting closer." Lauren said and when she stood up "Hospital now." Lauren said I saw the liquid from her water gushing. As I was driving as fast as I could to the hospital I called Anderson to let him know but they won't let him get off. The doctor came in right after Lauren was in the hospital bed "You are at 5cm." The doctor said and I held Lauren's hand "Anderson will be here soon. Hold on baby." I said and Lauren smiled at me even though I could tell otherwise.
Lauren's Pov:
After Caylee read her acceptance letter my contractions got closer and worse and then my water broke. Now I'm at the hospital and I'm 5cm, Hope is coming early. I'm ready but I'm not ready. Anderson isn't even here yet.  I'm worried, I don't want Anderson to miss this. Caylee is being a supportive best friend though,  she's coaching me through it. "It hurts Cay." I said "More ice." Caylee said feeding me more ice chips, "You have this. Squeeze my hand." Caylee said and during my next contraction I  did just that. It's 2:30 now. Around 4:30 I'm still stuck at 5cm and my contractions are getting worse. I actually want my mom but I know she won't be here for me. Anderson came at 6:30 and I'm still 5cm dilated. Caylee is staying by my side she didn't want to miss this.
7:30 I was 6cm with the worse contractions, 9:30 7cm, 11:30 8cm, 1:30 9cm and then at 3:30 in the morning I was finally 10 cm. The contractions were killer when I was finally pushing, Caylee was on one side and Anderson was on the other. "You can do this baby. You can push." Anderson said and at 3:35 Miss Hope was born, Hope Lynn Dainels weighing 6.5 pounds being 18 inches. She has my baby blues and my dirty blonde hair, she has my nose, my eyes, my mouth.Hope is a mini-me, you can't even see Nate in her. Nate didn't even come by the two days I was at the hospital with Hope.My mom didn't even come by, Anderson's mom did and Caylee's mom did but that was it. Caylee had to leave my side to go home but she didn't want to.
 Caylee's Pov:
It's now the 17th and I have finally been able to tell my mom the news about getting in. I'm at Lauren's house getting her house prepared for Hope. My last day of class is 21st at 12:30 and then my flight for New York is at 1:30 and then I come home the 31st. Anderson and Lauren walked in finally, Lauren was carrying Hope's car seat and Anderson had the bags. "Ready to hold Miss Hope? The love of my life? I never knew I could love something this much." Lauren said as she put the car seat on the coffee table and sat down. "Hey." Anderson said and Lauren smiled "I knew what you meant."  Anderson said and Lauren kissed his lips. "I want to hold Miss Hope." I said and I was handed Hope who was so tiny "She's so small."  I said and Lauren smiled at me "She's perfect though." Lauren said "Makes me want to go mess with Maddie since she's old enough."  I said "how old is she now?" Anderson asked me "Maddie is now six months old so she is more playful." I said and Lauren smiled at me. Lauren took a picture of me and Hope on my phone "Thank you." I said.
Ashton's Pov:
It's the 17th and I'm packing my bag "Where are you spending your spring break?" I asked Chelsea "My Aunt's who is in Coco Beach." Chelsea said, Kyle is now two months old and he is still just as handsome. "I'm going to miss my little buddy." I said "But you get to be with the love of your life." Chelsea said and I smiled at her "She sent me a picture of her and Hope." I said "I want to see." Chelsea said "Aw! She's beautiful!" Chelsea said and I smiled at her. "I know. Caylee is so happy. She's a proud god-mother." I said "You seem happy" Chelsea said "because I am." I said and Chelsea smiled at me. "Kyle!" I said because Chelsea was holding him and he was looking at me now with his gorgeous green eyes.
Aunt Alice came in "Are you ready? You have four more days." Aunt Alice said "I'm pumped." I said and she smiled at Chelsea "it's going to be weird a week without you and Kyle." Aunt Alice said "Where is Savannah going?'" I asked "Savannah is going with a group of her friends to Miami for the week." Aunt Alice said "uh-oh!" Chelsea and I both said and she smiled at me. "It won't be the same." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her "Alright." I said and she left leaving Chelsea and myself alone again. "Let's go downstairs?" I asked "Sure." Chelsea said and I took Kyle from her and he was happy to be with me although he does love his mommy. He likes me too. 
"Family meeting! Chelsea that includes you too!" Aunt Alice said and we all went downstairs. Savannah smiled at me and Chelsea. "Yes ma'am?" We all asked "Well we have been trying to expand our family more. And taking Chelsea in we decided to look into adoption, it's been a year process and we are adopting not just one but two girls." Aunt Alice said "And you kept it a secret?" I asked and they nodded "How old are they?" Savannah asked I could tell she didn't care much for this idea "They are two years old. Twins. Lindsay and Abrianna." Aunt Alice said "So that's where you will be." I said "Exactly. Your mom is going to get their room set up while I we go to Texas to get them." Aunt Alice said and we all nodded.  "Can't wait to meet them!" We all said and Uncle Carl even smiled at that.

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