It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 68 (v.1) - It's kind of just the beginning of Spring Break

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Caylee's Pov:
It's the 21st!! And I will admit all morning I didn't focus in any of my classes. Not only because Lauren wasn't here to help keep me company but because my plane leaves soon for New York! After school ended I drove home and I got my bag and then I went to Lauren's. "How are you?" I asked her "Good. I hope you're okay. I'm going to miss you." Lauren said "I know. I want to kiss Hope good-bye." I said and Lauren nodded and Lauren let me hold Hope "I will leave now. I love you. Hope things will work!" Lauren said and I smiled at her "thank you very much." I said and she smiled at me. I waved good-bye to Lauren and then I got in my car and went to the airport. I went ahead and went to the secuirty line and then I texted my mom to let her know that I was on my way.
I got on the plane and it went to the Palm Springs airport and then I went to my gate and I saw a woman with a little girl and I smiled at her. When we went to board she sat next to me. "Hi I'm Caylee." I said I didn't want to go through another flight of blaring my music. "I'm Abby and this is my daughter Marissa." Abby said "How old is Marissa?" I asked "She's almost two." Abby said "Hi Marissa." I said and she clung to her mommy instead. They both had brown hair and baby blue eyes. "How old are you Caylee?" Abby asked me "I'm 18." I said "I'm twenty." Abby said and I smiled at her. "What are you going to New York for?" Abby asked me "To visit Juillard." I said "That's a nice school. I live in New York. I was just visiting my parents so they could spend time with Marissa." Abby said "Are you a single parent?" I asked "Yes and no." Abby said and I looked at her "Marissa's father, my finace is in the Army. He's overseas." Abby said "I'm sorry." I said and she smiled at me.
My flight landed and now it's my time to wait for Ashton's flight which will be here in half an hour and then we are going to our hotel room. Our parents don't know that we are sharing a hotel for the week but it's the best way to save on money. I called my mom "Hey mom, I'm here in New York." I said "Good I'm glad. Have fun." She said and that was it, you would think since I'm her little girl she would be more careful and want to be nice. I called Lauren now instead "Hey. Hope's sleeping. Anderson is working. I'm done with my work. I'm bored." Lauren said and I laughed "I'm waiting for Ashton." I said "Remember. Condoms. No pregnancy. You can't afford that." Lauren said and I giggled "Condoms exactly. I'm on the pill too." I said "Stay on the pill." Lauren said and I giggled. They announced Ashton's plane so I had to get off the phone with Lauren to be waiting.
Ashton's Pov:
Today is the 21st, Savannah is already gone with her friends, Chelsea is gone as well now, Aunt Claire and Uncle Carl were on their way to Texas now as well. After school which was a few hours I went to the house and got my bag, Hoss was at my mom's house this week. I went to the airport and got my ticket and then went through the security line. I was excited, I get to see Caylee. I get to spend time with Caylee. I get to tour my college. Caylee and I are staying in the same hotel room but of course we will be using protection if we go anywhere. I found my gate and sat down. "Where are you heading for Spring Break?" A guy asked me he had his son or little brother with him "New York." I said "Have fun. I'm heading there too. Joint custody with my son." He said "I'm Ashton." I said "I'm Caleb." He said "This is Connor too." Caleb said and I smiled at Connor. 
During our layover on our second flight I hung out with Caleb and Connor, Connor is two years old. "Are you excited to see your girlfriend?" Caleb asked me "Yeah, I haven't seen her since Christmas time." I said "I remember those days. Just be careful." Caleb said "I will. Caylee and I both agree no kids right now. Caylee is a dancer." I said "Ah dancers. Connor's mom was a dancer until she got knocked up." Caleb said and I nodded "I don't want to do anything to Caylee like that. Plus I'm not ready to be a dad yet myself." I said "I wasn't either. But I adjusted to it. I"m a full-time dad so Ashley can work on her dancing career, I just have to bring him up to her often especially when she has time off." Caleb said and I actually felt bad for him.
The second flight I didn't sit next to Caleb and Connor I'm next to a married couple. "How long have you been married for?" I asked they were an elderly couple so it was okay to ask them that or so I hope. "We have been married for sixty years." The man said "We got married young. We got married when we were twenty. We have five kids, and many grandkids, and great-grandkids." His wife said and I smiled at them "Congratulations on your long lasting wedding. What's the secret?" I asked "love. No matter what we have stayed together. We have been through many rough times. But as a family we have stuck by each other." He said "I battled breast cancer around our 40th and he never once left my side." She said "I went and served our country for ten years and we made it work. We wrote letters daily." He said and I smiled at them. "Don't worry. It can happen to you too. You are young." she said and I smiled at her "Thank you ma'am." I said and our plane was now landing.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton steps out of the terminal into the airport he went searching for Caylee but was greeted by Caylee's hugging Ashton. "I missed you." Caylee said "I missed you too." Ashton said and they got Ashton's suitcase and then they got a taxi. After they got in the taxi Caylee snuggled up to Ashton "I go to tour it tomorrow 8-12." Caylee said "I tour mine 2-6. Can I come to yours?" Ashton asked and Caylee nodded "Of course." Caylee said and she smiled at him.They pulled up to the hotel and Ashton paid the driver and then they went up to the lobby. "Ready?" Ashton asked Caylee "Of course I am." Caylee said and they stepped up to the front desk together "How may I help you?" The lady asked "Reservation for two. Under Wakefield." Ashton said "Why yes. Room 104." She said and Ashton paid and then they went up to the elevator, it was a fancy type of hotel.
They got to their room and Caylee laid on the bed "Are you okay?" Ashton asked and then he looked at Caylee. He got on the bed and ontop of Caylee. They made out and then making out lead to more which lead to the real thing. "Let's get something to eat." Caylee said while they were cuddling afterwards. "Are you sure baby?" Ashton asked Caylee "Yeah. I'm starving." Caylee said "China town?" Ashton asked Caylee "Sure. Let's get dressed." Caylee said and Ashton handed Caylee her clothes and then he got dressed. Caylee slipped on her jeans and then her dance shirt and Ashton's hoodie. It was still cool up in New York so they needed to warm up a little bit. They decided to walk to  China town and Ashton held Caylee close to her during the whole time they were outside.
After dinner they spent more time doing some things and then they were watching TV in the bed cuddling. "This is so nice baby." Caylee said and Ashton kissed Caylee's lips softly "It is nice babe." Caylee said and she kissed Ashton's lips softly again. "I love you so much baby." Ashton said "I love you too honey." Caylee said "Shall we get some shut eye?" Ashton asked Caylee and Caylee smiled "Sure." Caylee said. This was the first time each one of them were sleeping with the other person all night. Ashton snuggled close to Caylee and wrapped her arms around her and held her close to him. Caylee woke up around one and rolled over to see Ashton staring at her "I couldn't sleep either." Ashton said and Caylee kissed his lips softly. "There's something else we can do then." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee "Okay baby." He said and then the rest is you know. 

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