It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 69 (v.1) - It's kind of a tour

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Caylee's Pov:
My alarm clock goes off at five and I roll my eyes, this is still too early to be getting up. "Ash, shower?" I whispered and he didn't budge so I went into the hotel's shower and I turned the water on warm. After showering I wrap a towel around my body and I go to my suitcase and I unzip it. I find my pantie and bra matching set and then my nice pair of jeans I got for Christmas and my top I got for Christmas. I go to the mirror and I put on my bra and pantie set and then my jeans and shirt. I blow dried my hair and then I straightened it and then I applied my makeup. I left my hair down and then I sprayed myself with my body mist and then I went over to the bed "Ashton are you coming with me?" I asked and Ashton slowly sits up "You should have told me." He said "Um I warned you." I said and Ashton gets up to go shower and get ready. I find my nice Hoodie and then my boots that I was going to wear.
After we got ready I got the key and then we went down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. "Good morning." The front desk said "Good morning ma'am." I said and we went to the dining room for breakfast. I was starving and I'm sure Ashton was too. I got some breakfast on my plate and then some Orange Juice and we sat down at a table it was six thirty now "We have to be there at eight." I  said "We will make it." Ashton said "You better eat." I said "Did I tell you about the adoption?" Ashton asked me "Yes you did. Are you excited?" I asked "Nervous. They are beautiful though, they have blonde hair and the brightest baby blue eyes." Ashton said and I smiled at him this week will be perfect I just know that. I mean we spend a day visiting our schools and then we can tour New York by ourselves or whatever else we want.
We were on our way to Juillard, and when we pulled up I was amazed by the beauty of Juillard. "Wow." I said when we stepped outside it was 7:50 so we had ten minutes. "I can't believe it." I said it was nothing like the pictures, it was better. My dad would joke with me about it as a little girl promising me the summer before my Senior year he would take me to visit Juillard. "Ready Cay?" Ashton asked me "Yeah." I said and Ashton held my hand as we walked to the front of the building. "Welcome! Are you here for one of the tours?" A woman asked me "Yes ma'am, the dance program." I said "You look like  a dancer." She said smiling at me "Right this way." She said leading us to a group of about ten other girls and either their parents or friends with them. "We will begin the tour shortly. Please wear a name tag." One of the directors said and I put my name tag on and Ashton wore his. He wasn't too impressed but I was.
All during the tour I was up front with Ashton trailing behind me, I turned back once and smiled at him. We asked some questions and then we were free to leave the tour. "Caylee Blevins?" The director asked me "Yes ma'am." I said and she smiled at me "I am looking forward to having you at Juillard." She said "Thank you ma'am." I said "Most dancers end up going on Broadway." She said and I smiled at her "Thank you, I hope to be one of those." I said and the woman smiled at me. I dragged Ashton to the bookstore and he rolled his eyes at me. I got a Juillard shirt, I didn't feel like spening more time here we had now an hour and a half for lunch before we had to be at Columbia but we needed to get in hat area first. 
Ashton's Pov:
I loved seeing Caylee so happy. It was like she was floating on air all throughout the tour today. Now we're heading to my area where we are going to get lunch before my tour. I'm not going to be happy as Caylee was but I will still be excited. We went to Columbia and Caylee held my hand the whole time. This tour was different than Cayleee's there was a huge group of students here with parents or friends. "It seems like a good school." Caylee said and at least we had our name tags on from Caylee's school so we didn't have to put on another one. I wasn't as excited as Caylee, so I stayed in the middle of the group not really asking questions. Until we got to the business area and then I started asking questions. Caylee smiled at me but she was keeping her distance with the others non-Columbia students.  After the tour Caylee and I went back to the hotel to change, we were going to a Broadway show. Caylee put on one of her fancy dress and she put her high heels shoes on and I looked at her "You are amazing." I said she was wearing a black dress which fit her curves perfectly and her body. "So do you in your nice dress suit." Caylee said smiling at me "Why thank you." I said 
  Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
After Caylee fixed Ashton's tie and then he whistled at Caylee and then they went downstairs for their fancy dinner that the hotel offers. After a nice long dinner they went to the Performing Arts center and it was crowded. "Are you ready?" Ashton asked Caylee and Caylee held Ashton's hand as they walked inside and gave their tickets and found their seats. "This is so exciting!" Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "I would hope you agree with this." Ashton said and Caylee kissed his cheek softly. The musical was to Cinderella, even Ashton got into the show. After it finished Caylee and Ashton went walking down the street. "I can see you living in a studio in New York City." Ashton told Caylee "I'm living on Campus though." Caylee said "But afterwards, being on Broadway." Ashton said "What about us?" Caylee asked "We will be a couple." Ashton said and Caylee smiled.
They ended up going to Central park all dressed up and sat on one of the benches "What about a family?" Caylee asked "We will still have our family." Ashton said "Not now right?" Caylee asked "Nope. You are on the pill right?" Ashton asked "I forgot to pack them." Caylee said "CRAP!" Ashton said and Caylee looked at him "the condom broke last night." Ashton said "no. No. NO." Caylee said and Ashton looked at her "Are you okay?" Ashton asked "yeah, I'm fine." Caylee said and they slowly went back to the hotel in silent. "Caylee, I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." Caylee said and Ashton opened the hotel lobby door for her and they went in together and the person at the front smiled at Caylee and Ashton and then they went up to their room.
Caylee took her shoes off when they got in "Go put some food or something." Caylee said and Ashton nodded, Caylee went to her suitcase and picked out her pajama bottoms and then she took off her dress and put on her pajama bottoms and kept her black tank top on. She pulled her hair up into a pony-tail and wiped her makeup off. "It's all yours." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her, he changed into his gym shorts and Caylee crawled up in the bed and snuggled up to him. "How long will it take for us to know?" Ashton asked Caylee "Not sure. A couple weeks." Caylee said and Ashton held her as she cried. Caylee wasn't ready to be a mom. "My dance career is important baby." Caylee said "I know it is. I'm sorry." Ashton said "Me too. But we will work it out." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. 

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