It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - It's kind of a fight

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013




Ashton’s Pov:
All day my mind was on Caylee, when I did chores and then while I waited for her to return. I was told to take Hoss out so I took him out and I saw Caylee pull up and I smiled at her. “Hey Caylee!” I said when she stepped out and she blew me off. “What happened? What did I do?” I asked not sure of what happened again “Just stay away. I don’t need to get my heart broken, you’re the typical heart-breaker.” Caylee said and before I could speak to justify myself she turned around and went inside. She talked to somebody, I could tell she went to dance. Who would ruined my rep? I sat on the step and pulled out my phone and called Allie, Amber’s best friend, Amber is my ex-girlfriend. “Hello?” Allie asked “What did you say to Caylee?” I asked “Ashton.” She said making my name sound like a disease. “What did you say?” I asked “Just the truth.” Allie said “Amber broke up with me.” I said “Because you’re a cheater, and liar.” Allie said “I didn’t cheat or lie to Amber.” I said “You did too.” Allie said “Caylee is a good girl.” I said “I know that’s why I don’t want her to get hurt.”  Ashton said “I wouldn’t hurt her.”I said “Yeah right.” Allie said and she hung up on me. 
Aunt Alice walked out and looked at me “You okay kiddo?” She asked me “I don’t understand girls.” I said “You never will my dear.” Alice said and I smiled at her  “How can I fix it with Caylee?” I asked “You really like him, don’t you?” Aunt Alice asked “I do. “I said and she smiled at me “Work hard. Prove to her you’re not like they are telling her.” Alice said and I smiled at her “You will do it.” Aunt Alice said and I nodded at her and Mary walked out “Ashton, dear can I speak to you?” Mary asked “Yes ma’am.” I said walking over to her “What happened with Caylee?” She asked “I’m not sure I thought things were fine last night and now today she hates my guts.” I said “She’s a teenager. She will come around.” Mary said and I nodded “thank you.” I said and she smiled at me “I will work on her.” Mary said and I smiled at her. 
Ashton’s and Caylee’s Pov:
Caylee walked out about half an hour later “I don’t like you, okay? I don’t have time to date.” Caylee said “Who said anything about dating?” Ashton asked “Oh yeah. I’m sorry.” Caylee said feeling herself blush. “I’m fine with just being freinds.” Ashton said calmly “Okay, I’m a dancer though. My schedule is pretty full.” Caylee said “That’s okay.” Ashton said feeling pleased with how things are. “Can you promise me something though?” Ashton asked “Sure.” Caylee said “When you get upset at me, come to me don’t get upset before hand.” Ashton said and Caylee turned beat red “I will.” Caylee stammered out. “Do you want to catch a movie as friends?” Ashton asked “I have to get up early.” Caylee said “Want to just sit out here and stare at the stars?” Ashton asked “Okay.” Caylee said and Ashton smiled. His phone rang so he answered it “Hello?” Ashton said and then “Sure, I will pick you up around eight.” Ashton said “Sorry Caylee.” Ashton said “No problem. You have plans?” Caylee asked “Yeah, with Mackenzie.” Ashton said “oh okay. Have fun.” Caylee said feeling like an idiot. 
Caylee’s Pov:
After Ashton said he had plans with Mackenzie “I will let you go get ready.” I said casually and Ashton nodded. I went inside and then up to my room and I called Lauren “He’s seeing one of his friends.” I said “Caylee?” Lauren asked “Yes.” I said “It’s your fault. You played with his heart. You’re the heart breaker.” Lauren said giving me the cold hard truth. “You’re right. What do I do?” I asked “You just be happy for him.” Lauren said “How do I fake it?” I asked “Just put on a smile and act it.” Lauren said and I nodded “I can do that.” I said and after we hung up I went downstairs and my grandma smiled at me “Are you going out tonight?” Grandma Mary asked “No ma’am, I’m staying in with you.” I said “Correction dear, I have a date.” Grandma Mary said. Great, even my own Grandma is going out. It was four o’clock too.  I still had hours of being home alone. I changed into my black shorts and my Dance T-shirt and I left my hair alone and put on my pumas. 
I headed out the door and put my headphones in and I headed down the street and started jogging. I want to jog away the memories and jog away today. After a few miles of running I turned around and when I got home I got some water and then I went outside in the yard. I had a yoga mat and I  started doing my yoga and then Ashton's car pulled up and I didn't look up but I heard one door open and close and then another one. When I came back up I saw Mackenzie and Ashton today and I  felt something in my heart break. I see a hand waving and I  look up and I pause my music, "Do you remember Caylee?" Ashton asked Mackenzie "Hi, were you doing yoga?" Mackenzie asked me "Yeah." I said "That's cool." Mackenzie said "We're going to get ice cream, do you want to come?" Ashton asked me "No thanks." I said "Okay I will be a minute." Ashton said leaving us and Mackenzie and I stared at each other "You dance?" She asked "Yeah." Is said "Watch out for Allie. She will run her mouth." Mackenzie said "Okay."  I said and she nodded at me. Ashton came out "Sorry I had to talk to Alice. Shall we go?" Ashton asked "Yeah. See you around." Mackenzie said and I nodded.

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