It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 70 (v.1) - It's kind of the time to tell

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Caylee's Pov:
After a wonderful time in New York, Ashton and I are saying our good-byes and I am trying not to cry. It's the following Sunday and class begins on Monday. "I will miss you so much." I told Ashton "I will miss you too. Promise me you will let me know?" Ashton asked me "Yes."  I said and I kissed his lips our plane leaves around the same time. "I love you." I said "I love you too." Ashton said and I went to go sit down at my gate while Ashton goes to his gate. I sat down at one seat and I pull my Ipod out I need to block out noise. I'm having a pregnancy scare,  I could be pregnant so I could be giving up dancing. A woman walks up to me "Hi, is this seat taken?" she asked me "No, by all means." I said and she sat down "Thank you." She said and I nodded. I am swearing off sex for a long, very long time. This did this for me, I love Lauren, I love my Hope but I can't afford to be pregnant.
Our flight was finally boarding so I went to the plane and I found my seat and of course I would be next to a pregnant woman and her husband, and on her husband lap is a little boy. "Congratulations." I said "Thank you." The woman said, I could tell she was beaming. "Daddy, I want sissy out now!" The little boy and I smiled at him, I look out the window while the plane was taking off and when I could finally play the music so I did just that during the flight. During the layover I looked at my texts, my mom and the boys are at an amusement park so it's just going to be when I get home.
When I landed in California I went to the luggage claim and I got my bag and then I walked to my car. Once I got in and I was driving out of the parking lot I called Lauren "Hey Lauren, can I come over?" I asked "Sure. Anderson is working, so it's just Miss Hope and I." Lauren said and we hung up. I drive to Lauren's and then I go right in not knocking because I don't want to wake Hope up. Alright I texted her to let her know I was coming up. Lauren was on the couch with Hope in her arms. Just looking at that I eneded up bawling. "Cay-bear what's wrong?' Lauren asked she gently put Hope in the bassinet by the couch and she hugged me. "We had sex, a lot. The condom broke. I haven't taken my birth control like I should have before I left. And then the condom broke. So it's possible I'm pregnant." I said "Oh Caylee. It's not the end of the world." Lauren said and I sniffled "I'm not ready." I said "And I was? You would be nineteen, out of high school." Lauren said and then I guess it dawned on her. "It's been a week you have about two more and then you can take a pregnancy test." Lauren said.
Ashton's Pov:
After Caylee and I say our good-byes I watch as Caylee go to her gate and then I walk to my gate. I sit down and I let the possibility of being a father sink in. I'm not ready to be a father and I know Caylee isn't ready to be a mother either. Caleb and Connor are at the gate "Hey guys." I said "How did it go?" Caleb asked me "My girlfriend might be pregnant." I said "Not cool." Caleb said and I nodded  Connor smiled at me though, he was a cute little guy. We talked about the pros and cons of this on both of the flights. "I get to go home and meet my two new little cousins." I said "Good luck man. We need to hang out often." Caleb said and I nodded. I want to hook him up with Chelsea I think they would do good well.
I go to my car and then I drive home, I see Chelsea's car there and then Aunt Alice's van there, Savannah's car is back. I take my bags and then I walk up the steps and I hear Hoss barking so I know he is home. I go inside and I'm greeted by Hoss who's wagging his tail and licking me. "I missed you too buddy." I said and then I'm greeted by Savannah who gave me a big bear hug. "They are in the living room." Savannah said and I smiled at her "I'm ready to meet my cousins. How do you feel about being a big sister?" I asked Savannah "It feels good." Savannah said and I smiled at her. I walk into the living room and I see two little girls, they are gorgeous with their baby blue eyes and blonde hair in matching pig tails. Aunt Alice was beaming "Lindsay and Abrianna this is your cousin Ashton." She said "Hi Lindsay and Abrianna." I said and they smiled at me. Chelsea was on the love seat with Kyle "We're going out tonight. There's a guy I want you to meet." I said and she smiled at me.
After we had family lunch together, the girls were napping in the room and Chelsea was putting Kyle down for his nap as well so I'm in her room. Chelsea sits up on the bed with me, she's wearing shorts and a tanktop since it's hot out. "How was your trip?" Chelsea asked me "Okay. Not like I planned." I said "Why?" Chelsea asked me "Caylee might be pregnant." I said "Ashton!" Chelsea said "I know. It was a careless mistake." I said "You think?!" Chelsea asked me and I smiled at her. "Who am I meeting?" Chelsea asked me "This guy name Caleb, he's a father." I said "Ah, is he cute?" Chelsea asked me "I guess so. I'm not a girl." I said and Chelsea smiled at me. "I'm taking Kyle though." Chelsea said "I know. He's taking Connor." I said and Chelsea smiled at me.
We go to meet Caleb and Connor around six and Connor loves Chelsea "Hey Connor. I'm Chelsea." She said after she introduced herself to Caleb. I excused myself so they could bond, but I was keeping the guys until Kyle needs  to be fed. "Do you like Chelsea?" I asked Connor and he smiled at me. After awhile they found us and they were holding hand "Thank you for keeping Connor and Kyle." Chelsea and Caleb said "no problem." I said and I heard that they were agreeing to see each other again. On the way home Chelsea was going on about how much she likes Caleb already and she can't wait to go out with him again and we promised to watch Kyle when they do. 
Two weeks later:
Caylee's Pov:
It's the 14th, Hope will be one month in two days. I have been stressing over this pregnancy scare. I woke up around four thirty in the morning and went to the bathroom. I found out some good news, I'm not pregnant!!! I texted Ashton: Period came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went back to bed and then Sam and Sassy curled up to me. I was relieved, I'm glad I'm not pregnant. I want to be a mother some day, but not any time soon. I have really learned my lesson and I won't do anything that stupid again. I woke up at eight thirty and I had a text back from Ashton: Good baby!!!!!! I love you!!! I texted Lauren: Not pregnant!!! I can't believe Miss Hope will be one month old in two days! Lauren will be back at school tomorrow. I mom will be watching Hope while she is in school. Ashton has sent me pictures of Lindsay and Abrianna and they are beautiful and really well behaved kids. Maddie is seven months old, so she's crawling a little bit so it's fun to baby-sit her.
Sophia and Jason arrived at nine thirty, I was wearing my denim shorts and then my Juillard shirt I got with my hair in a pony tail. "Do you mind baby-sitting Maddie?" Sophia asked "Not at all. I'm heading over to Lauren's though. Anderson is working all day." I said "Maddie can go if you don't mind?" Sophia asked "Not at all." I said and Sophia smiled "Thanks." Sophia aid and I smiled at her. I picked Maddie up and I spun around with her and she giggled at me "Let's go to Lauren's." I said and I put her in her car seat and then her diaper bag came with me. I got to Lauren's in no time and I got Maddie's diaper bag and then I placed Maddie on my hip and we walked up the apartment steps and Lauren opened the door. Maddie was crawling around "Do you mind baby-sitting Maddie?" Lauren asked me "Not at all. Do you mind her crawling around?" I asked "No. Hope will be doing this one day." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I can't believe that." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
Ashton's Pov:
It's the 14th and I'm baby-sitting Lindsay and Abrianna and Kyle right now. "What do you two wan to do?" I asked Lindsay and Abrianna "Tea party!!" They said and I smiled at them. Savannah came down "Hey you get to play tea party!!" I said and Savannah looked at me "no way."  Savannah said "Yes!" I said and she smiled "You have to do it too." Savannah said and I smiled at her. Chelsea wasn't feeling good so I'm having to take care of Kyle. Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl are also busy at work today for something important so I'm needed to baby-sit them. "Are you jealous or something?" I asked Savannah "No I'm not." Savannah said "You aren't daddy's little girl anymore!" I said and Savannah rolled her eyes at me. 

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