It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 71 (v.1) - It's kind of a break thing

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Caylee's Pov:
My alarm clock goes off and I hit snooze and then I slowly remember Lauren is back at school today! I get out of bed and I put on my denim short skirt and I didn't feel like wearing leggings so I didn't, I wore my pink sparkly shirt and I straightened my hair and I put my contacts in and did my makeup. I slipped on my sandals that have a black cloth like strap that goes up my ankle. I went downstairs and Jack took one look at me "Leggings." He ordered and I rolled my eyes but went upstairs and put my black leggings on. My skirt was the required length for school so I see no issues with it. Liam and the boys walk down and I smiled at them. Lauren shows up not long after with a sleeping Hope "I should have enough milk made for Hope." Lauren said and my mom smiled "Have a good first day back. Are you all caught up?" My mom asked her "Yes ma'am." Lauren  said, we were car pooling.
After school we were outside my house, Hope was in her bouncy chair that my has for when she comes over. I'm in my dance booty shorts basically with my sport bra on and a T-shirt on not to show anything. My hair was pulled into a bun. "Show me some tricks! Do some cartwheels!" Lauren said "I'm okay!" I said "No do it!!" Lauren said "alright. I have been slacking on any type of dance style." I said and Lauren smiled at me "I want to see how many cartwheels at a time I can do." I said "make up your own dance!" Lauren said and I smiled at her. I began to do my cartwheel, I did about ten in a row and then I was in mid front areial when I landed wrong and landed on my right ankle. Talk about stabbing instant pain. "Cay!! Are you okay?" Lauren asked me "I'm fine. I'm walking it off." I said trying to get up but not able to put any pain on my froot. "Sam!!!" I yelled and Sam ran up to me and I used her as support to get me to the porch. "It's swollen Cay."   Lauren said. "Liam?" I asked "Yeah?" He said he was coming out to jump on the trampoline. "I need you to take me to urgent care. I can't walk." I said "I'm coming too." Lauren said and she put Hope in her car seat. Liam gave me the support I needed.
Hope was asleep during the whole waiting time "Caylee Blevins?" Was finally called and Liam was my supporter again. My temperature and weight was taken along with my height. My blood pressure was taken when I was finally in the exam room. The doctor came in "What happened?" Doctor Shaw asked me "I was doing some dance moves in the yard and I landed wrong." I said "let's get some xrays taken." She said and I nodded I limped to the back. After xrays were taken I walked back to the exam room. "Hope is such a good baby!" I said "I know. She hasn't woken up at all." Lauren said and the doctor came back "Your ankle is broken. It will take you four to eight weeks to heal. We will give you a splint and crutches to use and pain killers." Dr. Shaw said and I nodded. After another twenty minutes we were leaving. I had my splint on my right ankle and I was learning to use crutches. 
When we got home Lauren had to go home so she could be home when Anderson got there. I was on the couch with a pillow to prop my ankle, Sassy was laying on my legs while I did my homework. My mom came home "What happened?" She asked me "Dance moves, landed wrong. 4-8 weeks." I said "Yikes." My mom said and I nodded. I might be using this on my Graduation day. Something I'm not looking forward too. I already sent a picture of Ashton and let him know what happened and he's all sorry. As long as I can still dance I'm okay, which it's just a broken ankle where once it heals I can dance. All dancers ends up in a dance accident one way or another. It was fun trying to walk up the steps in crutches. 
Ashton's Pov:
Graduation is in less than two months actually June 8th! I'm pumped! I get ready for school and then I go downstairs, Aunt Alice is fixing breakfast for the girls, Savannah is sitting down next to Uncle Carl trying to win her dad back. Chelsea comes out of her room with Kyle in her arms and their bags in another arm. Kyle is now three months old and he is still my buddy. I see Chelsea gulp down her breakfast "Breakfast was good. Thank you." Chelsea said and she gets Kyle in his car seat "Do you want me to drop the girls off?" Chelsea asked "It's fine, do you mind picking them up though?" Aunt Alice asked "not at all. I have the extra car seats in my car anyways." Chelsea said strapping Kyle in and waving good-bye. Sometimes I admire her. "Bye Abrianna, Bye Lindsay, bye Uncle Carl and Aunt Alice." I said "bye!!!" They said "Sav?" I asked "I'm driving myself." Savannah said "Alright." I said but she followed after kissing Uncle Carl on the cheek I knew she was still driving herself.
Once at school I see Mackenzie who smiled at me and came my way "Graduation soon!" She said and I smiled at her. Chelsea comes in and smiles at me "Kyle is such a good little man." She said and I smiled "Ready for Civics?" I asked and she nods. After a day of school I go with Chelsea so I  could pick up Abrianna and Lindsay so she could go to Caleb's instead since she has to pick Connor up as well. We pull up at the same time and I go in "I'm here to pick up Abrianna and Lindsay Henderson." I  said Uncle Carl's last name is Henderson. "Okay, relation?" She asked "I'm their cousin." I said and she nodded. "Ash!" They said running up to me and I smiled at them. "Ready to go home?" I asked "Yes!!" they said and I smiled. I lifted both of them up and we went home.
I was forced into tea party with the girls, something I'm starting to get used to. It does feel nice having two little girls in the house. We feel more lively. "Let's go outside. Hoss needs to go out." I said and they both wanted me to put their shoes on them. We go outside and I see  Caylee's Aunt Penny outside over at Mary's house. It still feels weird not being greeted by Mary every morning, or every afternoon after school for snacks. I can remember going over there to be her handy man fixing things and listening to her talk about her granddaughter who was a stranger to me. "Hey Penny." I said she had Riley on her hip now "Hey Ashton. How are things?" She asked me "things are going good. "I said "Yeah, we are thinking about selling the place." Penny said "I'm sure there will be a lucky buyer." I said "Yeah, it's just hard to clean it. I mean losing my brother first and then my mother." Penny said "I am sorry for your loss." I said "It's okay. I plan on calling Caylee soon inviting her over here the week after Graduation. I know she has a busy summer." Penny said and I smiled "She talks about you guys all the time." I said and Penny smiled at me.
It's seven thirty we have already ate dinner and we're on a family walk including Hoss and I get a text from Caylee: Don't want to worry you, but I broke my ankle. No dancing for 4-8 weeks. Love you. Me: Sorry baby. Take it easy. I love you honey. "No phone Ash." Uncle Carl said "Sorry. Caylee broke her ankle. She wanted to let me know." I said and they nodded. "Park!" Abri said "Yes, want to go?" Aunt Claire asked "Yes mommy!" She said and Savannah smiled "Kyle's first park trip." Chelsea said and we smiled. After we spent time at the park we went home and I'm in Chelsea's room on her bed and we are doing our civics homework "How is Caylee? " Chelsea asked me "She's out cold. She was hurting." I said and Chelsea smiled "Poor Caylee." Chelsea said "She isn't too pleased about hurting herself." I said "I wouldn't be too pleased either." Chelsea said.
I'm in my room later that night and I get a phone call from my mom "Hello?" I asked "Hey Ash, make sure you are free May 4th for Emma's first birthday party." My mom said "is that really so soon?" I asked "Yes and don't miss Emma's first birthday party. She loves you." My mom said "Mom, I wouldn't miss it for the world." I said "Good. Love you." She said "Love you too." I said and we hung up only so my dad could call me "hey dad." I said "Hey Ash, when is your graduation?" He asked me "June 8th. You can come right?" I asked "Yes, and I want you here the week of the 4th of July." My dad said "Alright, I plan on seeing you before I go up to New York anyways." I said "Good. How are things with you and Caylee?" He asked me "Things are good. We had a great time in New York. I have been busy or I would have called you before now to let you know." I said 

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