It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 72 (v.1) - It's kind of a fight thingy

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Caylee's Pov:
It's the following morning and I have an important test so I can't miss school even if my ankle is hurting me really bad. I slid on my senior stretchy shorts and then my senior shirt and I brushed my hair and wore my hair in a side braid. I had my backpack on and I went down the steps slowly. I got to the table and set my backpack down. "Where do you think you are going?" My mom asked me "School." I said "You need to take one day off." She said "I can't miss this test." I said "You need to take a day off. It's not good for your ankle." My mom said "I'm going to school." I said "You know since you started dating Ashton you have changed. You are a total spoiled selfish brat." My mom said "I haven't changed. You just haven't paid much attention to me. I'm not one of the boys or Jack. I'm from your first marriage. I'm your daughter. I'm not that important to you." I said "Caylee." She said "Since I'm just such a burden on you I'm gone. I'm moving out." I said "And where are you going miss sassy?" She asked me "I don't know. I will be gone by the weekend." I said and with that Lauren walked in with Hope. 
"I didn't think you would be going today." Lauren said when she set Hope gently down in the playpen "Well I am." I said "Need a ride?" I asked "Yeah." I said "Caylee we aren't done." My mom said "Yes we are." I said and I grab my backpack and I go to Lauren's car. "What did I walk into?" Lauren asked me as she was driving down the road. "First a fight over school and then how I have changed since I started dating Ashton. I told her I'm moving out." I said "You don't have a place to live Caylee." Lauren pointed out "Who side are you on?" I asked "I can ask Ashton if you can stay with us until after graduation." Lauren said "Then I can call my aunt and see if I can stay at Grandma Mary's house until August." I said and Lauren nodded.
During lunch we were eating outside and I had my foot prop up and I decided to call Aunt Penny. "Hey Caylee! How are things?" She asked me "not so good." I said "I'm sorry." She said "I have a question. Are you planning on selling Grandma's house?" I asked "We were thinking about it. You need a place to stay?" She asked me "Just for the summer until I go to Juillard." I said "You are more than welcome to stay here. I hope things look up for you." She said "Thank you." I said and we hung up. "I have Hope's month check up. You want to come?" Lauren asked me "Yeah." I said "Oh and Anderson said it's fine. Just start packing." Lauren said "Want to stay and help?" I asked "Nah, I have to go home and make things ready for you after the appointment." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
After Hope's first month check up I get dropped off and I go to my room and I pack the boxes I'm taking to college and then I call Lauren. Anderson come and he loads everything up including Sassy and Sam, I was going to figure that out when it happens. My uncle gave me Sam, so Sam is my dog. Sam is two years old, but she's my dog. "Did you let your mom know?" Lauren asked me "Not really."  I said "Well I'm taking Hope to Anderson's mom now I don't want it to get weird." Lauren said "it won't." I said "How do you think the boys will react?" Lauren asked me "Well Landon is young, Sean and Bryson won't care. Liam I'm not sure. I'm finding him at school tomorrow." I said and Lauren smiles at me "Just to warn you Hope gets up during the night." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
My mom calls me around eight o'clock "Are you just going to stay in your room and ignore me all night?" She asks sounding very upset "I moved out. Like I said. I'm at Lauren's." I said "Can we talk?" My mom asked "I have nothing left to say to you." I said "Caylee Marie Blevins, no matter how mad you are I am still your mother." She said "I don't want to speak to you right now." I said and I hung up on her. Liam called me "Caylee, what happened?" He asked me "Big fight. I can't take it. We're second place Liam. Not first." I said "Can't blame you. I love you sissy." He said, we barely call each other any nicknames like that unless something is going on. Now Sophia calls and I fill her in and then I fill Ashton in when he finally calls me.
On the 20th I finally caved in and agreed to meet my mom for lunch to talk. Of course Lauren has to drive me but she was going over to her dad's who lives near Jace. I sit down across from my mother, somebody I don't really know. She used to support me, she would go to everything related to dance. Now we are so different. "Hello Caylee." My mother said "hello mother." I said and once we ordered she looked at me "You look nice." She said "So do you." I said the normal small talk. "Landon misses you." She said, not even an I miss you. "He will live. I will be on the other side of the country in June." I said and my mother simply nodded "I want to be on speaking terms with my daughter." She said "Why mom? You don't even care. You focus more on the boys than us." I said "Because they are young, they need me. You don't need me. You have proven that." My mom said 
"Mom we always need you. And since you married Jack and had Sean, Bryson, and Landon you have really ignored us. I mean I was still struggling with losing my dad and you move on so quickly. It's like we are now second place because you care more about them. I thought we would at least have a closer bond since I'm your only daughter." I said "Oh Caylee. It's not like that. I'm sorry if I made you feel like that." She said "That's the thing, things will go back to normal. I mean you're spending more time with Maddie than me, the damage is already done. But don't skip out on your granddaughter's life." I said and my mom nodded. We both began eating our lunch. "I also feel like you have replaced me since you are busy dating Ashton and all. It seems like you have changed." My mom said. 
After a very emotional lunch my mom got up and hugged me "I know you won't move back in. But just can visit. Never leave California without saying good-bye." My mom said "I won't." I said and we got in her car and then we went home and Lauren was going to pick me up later. "What will happen to Sam and Sassy when you go to New York?" My mom asked me "I'm not sure. Lauren said she will keep them, they both love them." I said and my mom nodded "They are always welcome to stay here until you can move off campus and can come and get them." My mom said and I nodded. I can't believe that I will be on my own in college soon. Or that I'm graduating high school very soon. It seems like just yesterday both of my parents were taking me to my first day of kindergarten. 

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