It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 73 (v.1) - It's kind of a boring thingy

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Ashton's Pov:
It is now May 2nd now, I'm getting ready for Emma's first birthday party. Chelsea and Kyle were tagging along, Kyle is now four months old. It has been two weeks since Caylee has broken her ankle and she is managing to get by. "Are you ready to go?" I asked Chelsea "Yeah. Kyle is ready too." Chelsea said and I smiled at her. We got in the car and then we pulled up to my mom's house not long after. I got the gifts out and Chelsea got Kyle's car seat and diaper bag. Clarissa ran up to us "Chels! Ash!" She said and I smiled at her, she walked with us up the steps. "Glad you guys could make it." My mom said and I smiled Jon looked at me and nodded. "Happy birthday sweet girl." I said Emma was crawling around Emma saw me and instantly wanted me to pick her up.
"Are you and Chelsea a couple?" Clarissa asked we were in the backyard, I had Emma on my lap and Chelsea was next to me wih Kyle on hers. "No we aren't. We are just really good friends." I said and Clarissa nodded "You two would make a good couple." Clarissa said "He's with Caylee and I'm with a guy." Chelsea said "Oh. Still." Clarissa said "Are you ready for summer? " Chelsea asked trying to change the subject "Oh yeah. I get to visit my mom in Arizona." Clarissa said and I smiled at her "I know you are excited." I said "Yeah, I want to see you before you go to New York." Clarissa said "You will. Are you excited about starting high school in the fall?" Iasked "not really."  Clarissa said and I smiled at her. "It's not as bad as it seems." Chelsea said and Clairssa smiled at her.
Today is May 16th and we are at our Senior picnic is today with our whole family, Chelsea's has her own tickets but she will still be with us since she is part of our family afterall.I have Abrianna on my hip, Aunt Alice has Lindsay, Savannah and Uncle Carl are carrying the food that we were required to bring. Chelsea has Kyle's car seat and diaper bag. We take our spots at the table, I hand Abri over to Uncle Carl and Savannah rolls her eyes at that but then she asks to hold Kyle and is content with holding Kyle. The director goes on about the last minute information about graduation, about the number of tickets we are limited to have and about Graduation, the last week of school. Now we're eating out lunch, after we finish we were playing some games with the fellow families, Kyle was getting a ton of attention from everybody.
Afterwards I went over to the beach and just sat down letting everything stink in. In a few short weeks I will be a high school graduate, Caylee will be moving in next door to me. Then we are off to New York for college the end of the fall. I can't remember any of my childhood memories with my dad since he left when I was a baby and I didn't hear anything from him until last summer. But I can remember childhood memories from my mom. We lived a few blocks from Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl. We never moved around, something I was grateful for. So I stayed in the same school system all my life. Then during the summers my mom and I would go off traveling the U.S, she would bring whichever boyfriend she had at the time. Or it was just me and we would spend time together enjoying our company getting to know our history.
Caylee's Pov:
It's May 16th now! Prom has gone and went, Lauren and I went to our prom together and we had fun just us two. Now it's time to prepare more for our Graduation since it is June 10th which is less than a month away, Hope is now two months old and she is just precious. Hope goes to daycare now so neither parents watch her while Lauren is at school. Lauren has started working again part-time as money has gotten tight. I help out, I give money every two week. I have had this cast on for a month and I go for my checkup today. Hopefully I can get it off today. During my check up the doctor examined my ankle and then she looked at me "You are good to walk on your foot. But take it easy. If it hurts then prop it. I don't recommend dancing just yet." Dr. Shaw said "Yes ma'am. Thank you." I said and Lauren smiled at me.
"How does it feel to be walking on your own?" My mom asked, it was later that night and I was eating dinner over there. "It feels good. I can't dance yet, she said to give it another two weeks." I said "But walking on your own is better than anything." My mom said "It is. I didn't want to have crutches when I walk across the stage anyways." I said and my mom smiled at me "When do you drive out to Florida?" My mom asked me "June 11th." I said "Are you bringing Sam and Sassy?" She asked me "no ma'am Lauren is going to take care of them for a year. I have to be on campus my first year and then I can move out." I said and my mom nodded "You will call and write right?" Liam asked   "Yes I will. I have to hear how my little brother is." I said and he smiled at me. 
I was asked to baby-sit Maddie this weekend so after school on the 17th instead of driving home I went to Sophia's and Jason's. "Hey Cay! You are a life saver! Jason has this thing for work all weekend and it's hard to go with Maddie, to San Francisco." Sophia said "No problem." I said and Jason went and loaded the car for me and then he came in. "My little sister, my baby sister is graduating from high school in less than a month." Jason said and I smiled "I know." I said "And our built in baby-sitter is moving!" Sophia said "That's what my mom is for!" I said and Sophia smiled "You are so good to Maddie. You have our number. Call if you need anything." Sophia said "Will do. Say bye." I told Maddie who was just a smiling away. Maddie is now eight months old, so she is more of an active little baby. She crawls more now. 
It's Saturday and Anderson is working all day, Lauren is working 6-12 so I'm up at seven with Maddie and Hope. "I say let's go walking. Mommy left your stroller." I said actually for times like this we have a double stroller. I get both diaper bags ready and I put Hope in her spot first and gave her the pacifier and then I put Maddie in her spot and gave her the pacifier. I grabbed my phone and then we set go. There's a farmer market two blocks away so we went there. We stayed there until ten and then we went back to the apartment area but went to my mom's instead "Hope! Maddie!" She said and I smiled at her. We stayed there until 12 and then we went back to the apartment and Lauren showed up. "Let's go to the mall. We both need to get out." Lauren said and I nodded. But this time we were taking two separate strollers because it would be easier on us. 

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