It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 74 (v.1) - It's kind of graduation

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Ashton's Pov:
It is now June 8th, I'm up at five am unable to sleep anymore. I get in my jogging shorts and throw on my shoes and I put Hoss's harness on him and we go for a jog until about six thirty. My Graduation is at 5pm so we have all day pretty much. I have to pick my dad up at the airport around ten and that's pretty much it. I go back home and I shower and change into my shorts and a t-shirt with my flip-flops. Manly flip-flops.I walk downstairs and Chelsea is feeding Kyle baby food, Kyle is now five months old and Chelsea is trying to give him baby food.   "Hey little man. Try some." I said and Chelsea smiled at me"Couldn't sleep?"  I asked "Nope, it's seven. Ky let me sleep in a little bit." Chelsea said and I smiled at her. "We graduate today." I said "I know. You move on with your life." Chelsea said "You're doing summer classes at the community college for Nursing." I said and she just nods.
I go to pick my dad up at ten and then he's back at our house and he's talking with Carl. Caylee wasn't able to come to my graduation since she would have to fly back out tomorrow for hers and then drive out here on the 11th. I go to change into my suit and then I put my graduaion gown and cap on. I go down and Chelsea is standing there with one of Savannah's dresses on with her gown and cap on, she looked beautiful. "Ready to head out?" Chelsea asked me "Let's get this over with. See you guys there." I said they were taking Kyle since Chelsea couldn't have anything to do with him right now.  
"Can you believe that we're on our way to our graduation?" I asked "No, I can't believe I'm graduating on time. Having Kyle was a major setback." Chelsea said "but you are doing this. For yourself and your son." I said "Yeah, Caleb and Connor are going to be there." Chelsea said, she was moving in with Caleb and Connor over the summer they are moving up in the relationship zone to living together. I'm happy for her, I have gotten to know her over these past five months and Chelsea is a really great girl. "Are you nervous?" She asked me "I'm a guy. I don't get nervous." I said and she shot me a look "Very nervous." I said and Chelsea smiled at me "Good, I was hoping you would be." Chelsea said and I smiled at her.
We were told to line up in order, meaning I'm all the way in the back. The graduation begins, the speech, the national anthem, and so on. Now it's to the names being called. "Chelsea Campbell!" Was called and Chelsea went up and took her diploma and shook his hand. "Mackenzie McDonald." Mackenzie went up and took her diploma, and the list went on of all of my fellow classmates, my peers, my friends. I'm next finally and my palms start to shake and I knew I would be like this when I prose to Chelsea soon. I mean Caylee! Why did my mind just say Chelsea? "Ashton Wakefield." Was called and I didn't really go up, I don't have feelings for Chelsea. Just CAYLEE!! I don't know why I would even think of Chelsea. I finally feel numb enough to go walk across the stage to get my diploma.
It's later that night around 7:30 and we are back at the house having a huge cookout to celebrate mine and Chelsea's graduation, my mom and dad are both here. All of my friends are here. "We are so very proud of you Ashton!" My dad  said and I nod. He doesn't really have the right to say he''s proud. Sure he has stepped up this past year but he hasn't been there for me. "We are so very blessed and proud to call you our nephew. When you were in need we took you in and you have been here ever seen. We have seen you struggle, fall and get back up again. You will do great things. Most importantly we have seen you fall in love over the past school year. We love you Ashton." Uncle Carl said and I could see Aunt Alice all misty eyed. I went up and hugged her. Lindsay and Abrianna were in her lap. Savannah even hugged me "You are my brother. You're not my cousin." Savannah said and I smiled at her. 
Caylee's Pov:
Ever wish you could be two places at once? I was like that two days ago, on Ashton's Graduation but now it's my Graduation day. Lauren got laid off from her job, and she isn't beginning until the fall semester in college so  Lauren and Hope are coming with me. Anderson works for his dad, at his dad's company so Anderson is tagging along too in a couple of days in his own car. So Sam and Sassy are tagging along. I'm sitting on the couch with Hope in my arms, Lauren is making breakfast and Anderson is taking a shower. "I can't believe today is the day!" I told Hope who just looked at me with her baby blue eyes."Is your dress and everything ready?" Lauren asked me "Yes, I have everything I will need." I said "Good. Miss Hope is going to be looking beautiful." Lauren said and I giggled at her.
I took a shower after breakfast and then I put my baby blue summer dress on with my high heals and then I curled my hair and applied my makeup and then I put my cap on, Lauren was wearing her hair curly as well. "You two both look beautiful." Anderson said and I smiled at him, he had Hope in her little dress with her bow on her head. "See you girls there. Love you." He told Lauren kissing her lips softly. "My car?"  I asked and Lauren nodded since she has Hope's car seat in her car and Anderson was taking Hope. We got in my car and Lauren smiled at me "So in a couple of hours we will be high school graduates." Lauren said "Do not remind me. I can still remember our first day of high school." I said and Lauren giggled at me "I do too." Lauren said "We were wearing our ripped jeans, our dance shirts with our hair down. We were like twins, but different eye and hair color. We had the same classes and we were both nervous wrecks. But the moment we went to Dance we let go and the troubles of that day just left us." I said and Lauren smiled at me remebering the day.
We pulled up to the school and then we got out. Sure we had other friends in high school but none that we really important enough to share this day with."Do you think my parents will come?" Lauren asked me as we were going to find our spots in line. "They might be here." I said  I didn't really want to talk about parents coming or not. I am still upset at my mom kind of and I know my dad won't be here. "Cay?" Lauren asked "Yeah?"  I asked "Your daddy is here in spirit." Lauren said and I smiled at her and hugged her. "Alright everybody, let's line up so we can begin!" Coach Woods said and I smiled at Lauren as we walked to the front. I'm a B and she is now a D. We followed to the front of the gym and we all took our spots. It went through the speech, national anthem, the pledge and now name calling. I was shaking so bad, I couldn't stand. I slowly got up and followed the crowd. When it was supposed to be me next I started shaking I couldn't believe it. "Caylee Marie Blevins." I went up and got my diploma and then went back to the group. "Lauren Nicole Daniels." Lauren went up and got her diploma.
It's now afterwards and Lauren sees her mom, step-dad, and then her dad and stepmom. I smiled as she makes her way to them with Anderson and Hope following. My way I see Jason and them. I see little Maddie in her cute dress and bow and smiling at me. Of course my mom had to take pictures. Lauren was drawn back to us for pictures and then I took Maddie "cook out to celebrate!" I said and they all nodded. Jason looked at me and smiled I could tell something was on his mind. This wasn't just a cook out for graduation, but a going away party as well. We got back to the house and all we took off was the gowns and we kept our dresses on. I was holding Maddie out by the pool and Jason came up and sat beside me. "Dad would have been proud Caylee-bug." Jason said "You think so?" I asked "Let's see, his daughter, baby girl graduating from high school the top of her class, going to Juillard. I'm proud of you." Jason said and I hugged him even though I was holding his daughter.
As the party went on more and more people were saying how proud my dad would be of me. It was finally Liam's turn to speak. My baby brother's turn to give me a toast. "So this isn't just Caylee's graduation party, but her growing away party. She will be heading out into the world on her own. I am so proud of you Caylee. No matter what happens out there I am always going to be your biggest fan." Liam said and I smiled at him and even hugged him. He was coming to spend the end of June with me.After a night full of partying with the family (Night being 4-8) I went home with Lauren and Anderson and after Hope was put down for the night, Hope came in and sat on the couch with me  "Once we say good-bye this August, I don't know what I'm going to do Cay." She said "What do you mean?" I asked "You are always here to bail me out. No matter what happens you have been by my side since we were eight years old. From the moment I met you. Now we will be on different sides of the country. I just know you are going to find new friends and forget all about me." Lauren said.
"Lauren Nicole, you know me better than I know myself. You know all my deep darkest secrets. You have been there for me no matter what. My daddy's death? You were there. My grandma's death? You were there. My playing hard to get with Ash? You were there. You have been there for me. We have each other's back. We will skype, write, email, I will visit. You will visit. You haven't seen the last of me. I will never replace you. You are my best friend." I said "Best friends don't do that." I said and Lauren had tears in her eyes which made me cry. "If we are this emotional over not even a good-bye how are we going to be for the actual one?'" I said which made Lauren giggle "not so good. I know where we need to go." Lauren said and I read her mind. We spent our last night at the place where it all began, the dance studio.

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