It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 75 (v.1) - It's kind of a road trip!!!

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Submitted: April 11, 2013




Ashton's Pov:
Caylee is leaving at 4 in the morning and will be here in about three days at the latest. Saying I am excited is an understatement. "Ash come on!" Chelsea said we were taking the kids to the park."I'm coming." I said and I put both of the girls in their wagon, Kyle was in his stroller. I put Hoss's harness and leash on him. Savannah was coming too."Let's go." I said and I push the wagon while Chelsea pushed Kyle, and Savannah had Hoss. We were meeting Caleb and Connor there. So more than likely Savannah had some of her friends lined up to hang out with instead of us. When we arrived to the park I was on right, Savannah saw some of her friends so she waved me off and went with her friends after she gave me Hoss. I saw Caleb and Connor coming "You girls want to go play?" I asked Lindsay and Abrianna and they both nodded "Go on. Connor is coming too." I said and they smiled at him. 
"How does it feel to be a built in baby-sitter?" Caleb asked me and I smiled "it's fine. I enjoy them. It will be easier when Caylee gets here." I said "I can't wait to meet her." Chelsea said and I smiled at her "She sounds like a good girl. Isn't her friend coming too?" Caleb asked "Yeah, Lauren and her daughter Hope." I said and they smiled "Kyle do you want out?" Chelsea asked Kyle who was playing with a toy attached to his stroller so he was pretty much content. We stayed at the park until about noon and then we went home for lunch. I fixed the kids a Peanut Butter sandwiches and their juice boxes, Chelsea fed and put Kyle in his playpen for a nap. "How excited are you?" Chelsea asked me "I'm very excited." I said and she smiled at me.
Caylee's Pov:
It's four am and after the car was loaded up and the little Uhaul trailer was attached with the remaining of my stuff I'm taking to college was in it we were on our way to Florida. Of course we were going to take our time getting there, after all it was a 44 hour trip without any stops, so it's a two day trip for us if we don't spend too much time looking at things. "Alright off we go!" I said Sassy was in her carrying case and Sam was on her bed on the floor keeping an eye on Hope. Lauren changed the music station and I smiled at her "I figured we could take turn driving." I said and Lauren smiled at me. We are now in Arizonia when we had to get gas and I took Sam on a quick potty run while Lauren changed Hope. Hope has been good so far this trip she hasn't been fussy at all. When we went through New Mexico we stopped and got breakfast and then we got back on the road.
When we got to Texas I decided to let Lauren drive so I could have some rest of driving for a bit. We were taking pictures of every welcome sign we saw to document this trip. "Can you imagine when you go to New York?" Lauren asked me "No, I'm not going to have anybody but myself." I said and she got quiet "I should be going with you." She said softly "You are a great mom. Don't kick yourself." I said and Lauren smiled. "It's just won't be the same. Miss Hope growing up without her godmother." Lauren said and I even felt bad about that because I know I won't be there, I'm going to be there for her the best I can. "Are you ready to meet Chelsea?" Lauren asked me "Not really. I'm nervous. But I'm ready to see Ashton and my family." I said and Lauren smiled at me. We got into Louisiana and we stopped to get gas and then Lauren fed Hope real quick and I took over because Hope needed her mommy.
Mississippi was a good state that we passed through, by the time we got to Alabama we were both ready to get to Florida and get to my temporary home.  We are finally in Florida and it's still late at night. After a hard road we made it to Grandma Mary's house at four in the morning. The key was under the mat. "Ready?" Lauren asked me. I nodded, I get Sassy's carrying bag and cat box and then Sam follows me on her leash while Lauren came with Hope in her car seat and her diaper bag. We weren't going to change, we haven't slept in two days so we were exhausted. Aunt Penny had put up Riley's old playpen in my room that I slept in so we could go to sleep right away. We were too exhausted to even care what we were wearing. I knew somebody would be knocking on the door early morning anyways. 
Ashton's Pov:
I'm up at seven am and I take Hoss out and I look out at Mary's house and I realize Caylee is here! I knew she was asleep so I wasn't going to wake her up I would wait until she came to me. Hoss and I go back in and Aunt Alice smiles at me "I see Caylee's car." She said "I'm not waking her up." I said quickly and Aunt Alice smiled at me "They have a baby in there. Somebody is going to be up soon." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her. Lindsay and Abrianna came down "You don't mind baby-sitting today do you?" Aunt Alice asked "Not at all." I said "maybe Caylee will let you use her pool." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her, I was really excited to see Caylee. Hopefully soon.
Caylee's Pov:
Hope decided she wasn't in a car anymore so she didn't have to be a good little baby anymore. Hope woke us up at seven thirty. "Hope." Lauren mumbled but I got up and picked her up "Mommy's job." I said "Fed?" Lauren asked "yeah. Diaper I would do." I said and Lauren smiled at me "time to go unload a bag." I said "Yes, we need to shower before meeting anymore." Lauren said and I giggled I went into the car and got the dance bag which had our shower stuff and clothes, then the dog and cat food. Sam and Sassy both went straight to the food I could tell they were happy. "You shower first." Lauren said and I nodded I texted Ashton really quick: Me: Showering real quick, then coming over? Love you.  I get in the shower and I after I smell all good I put on my favorite denim shorts and a cute tank top and I straightened my hair really quick and left it down with my rainbows on and my makeup.  Lauren was next and then she ut Hope in her carrying pouch and grabbed her diaper bag. I put Sam's harness on her and got her leash.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee walks outside with Sam and then Lauren and Hope walked out next. They walked across the yard and then they went up to the door of Ashton's house. Right away Hoss was at the door and alert at another dog his size in the yard. Ashton opened the door and before he could introduce the dogs he kissed Caylee's lips softly. "Let's go in." Ashton said and Caylee smiled, Caylee knew Sam was great with other pets but she wanted to be safe. Of course Hoss and Sam hit it off so they were let outside since the gate was close. "Hope is beautiful Lauren." Ashton said and Lauren smiled "Thank you." She said and they smiled at her. Abrianna and Lindsay came in "I would like you girls to meet Caylee." Ashton said "Hi." Lindsay and Abrianna said at the same time. "Hi." Caylee said "baby!" Abrianna said slowly approaching the baby "This is Hope." Lauren said and Abrianna smiled at her. After awhile they heard some noise and then a baby's cry so Caylee knew she was meeting Chelsea soon.
Chelsea's Pov:
Kyle wakes me up at eight so I get up and I pick up Kyle, I'm in my short shorts and a tank top with my brown hair down and I slowly walk into the kitchen as a half-awake mother of a baby boy. Then I see two new people, that I have only seen from Facebook and realized that Caylee and Lauren have arrived. I'm dressed a tramp basically too. Great. I begin fixing Kyle's bottle and then I realize I haven't even said good morning or anything yet. Caylee is going to hate me. "Good morning, I'm Chelsea and this is Kyle." I said "Good morning, I'm Caylee." The brown hair, icy blue eyed girl said. She wasn't sizing me up like most people was she was just smiling at me. "I'm Lauren and this is Hope." The blonde hair, baby blue eyed girl said smiling at me. "Kyle is adorable." Caylee said "Thank you. And Lauren, Hope is adorable." I said and Lauren smiled at me. 
Caylee's Pov:
walked in wearing her night clothes and she was holding Kyle who is an adorable baby, brown hair and green eyes. After we did the introduction and she was feeding Kyle we slowly got to know each other. "How old is Kyle?'" I asked "Kyle is five months old." Chelsea said and I smiled at her."Let's say we go walking downtown?" I asked trying to break the ice "I have a wagon for the girls." Ashton said and I smiled "I have Hope's stroller." Lauren said "Kyle's stroller." Chelsea said and then Savannah came down "Vannah!"I said and she smiled at me and hugged me. "The dogs!" Ashton and I said at the same time and we both went outside to get them. "I love you." I said and then I kissed Ashton's lips for the first time. "Afterwards we can go to the pool and the girls can meet Sassy." I said and they smiled at me. I put both dogs in the house. 
Ashton's Pov:
I t's now noon and we are back at the house making lunch. We have all had fun on our outing. Caleb and Connor showed up so they got to meet each other and now we're making lunch. We're helping them unload the car when all of he kids are napping. Hope and Kyle are in the same play pen asleep. After lunch Savannah stays in the house to put the kids down for their naps. After we unloaded their things into the house, Caylee's Aunt came by with the kids so Caylee had to excuse herself to go talk to them. Little Riley has grown up so much, she's now two and still adorable. "I'm baby-sitting them!" Caylee said and I nodded. Jacob is now ten, Bailey is six and Riley is two. Jacob smiled when he saw me "Hi Ash!" He said "hi!" I said and he smiled at me. 

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