It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 76 (v.1) - It's kind of a good thingyyy

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Caylee's Pov:
So my first day back in Florida was spent kind of baby-sitting. Aunt Penny had a doctor's appointment and didn't want to take all of them. Riley wouldn't let  me put her down at all. We were all in the pool expect for Hope who was in one of her bouncy chairs asleep. Even Chelsea was holding Kyle, it wouldn't be for long so he could go to sleep. I had Riley in her little floats and her water float thing. Riley was adorable, she would go between Ashton and myself instead of trying to adventure out with her big brother and sister."Are you okay?" I asked Riley who only nodded at me. After awhile I got them all out of the pool and then changed. 
Aunt Penny came back about an hour later while we were eating Watermelon "Cay, can I speak to you?" Aunt Penny asked "Sure." I said getting up and following Aunt Penny to the cars. "How did your doctor's appointment go?" I  asked her "Well I have some good news." Aunt Penny said "What's that?" I asked "I'm on baby number four." Aunt Penny said "Congratulations!!" I said and I hugged her "I'm eight weeks." Aunt Penny said and I smiled "What are you hoping for?" I asked "Well Ryan wants another boy." Aunt Penny said "Kids, let's go! We have big things to dicuss!" Aunt Penny said and they all hugged me good-bye.
Now we're getting ready for dinner, Lauren and I. Chelsea, Ashton, Caleb, Lauren, Alexa, and myself are going out to a seafood restuarant tonight. "Is Hope all ready?" Lauren asked me "Hope is in her little dress with a bow on her head." I said "Thank you. Shower's free." Lauren said and I got in, Lauren will be in here with me until Anderson come and then they will sleep in Grandma Mary's room since it's a King size bed and I volunteered to keep Hope in here with me. After I got out of the shower I put on my white shorts and then wore my black sparkly shirt and I straightened my hair, applied my makeup and then I put on my sandals and I smiled at Lauren "You look beautiful." Lauren said "Well thank you." I said "You're welcome." Lauren said and I smiled at her. 
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee and Lauren came out of Mary's house and then they walked over to Ashton's house to see if they were ready. Alice opened the door and she hugged Caylee "We have missed you." Alice said "I missed you guys too." Caylee said and she smiled at Caylee. "Alright I have to see the baby." Alice said to Lauren who smiled "Here she is." Lauren said and Alice smiled, Hope is a mini-Lauren, her baby blue eyes and blonde hair. "She's beautiful just like her mommy. I'm looking forward to meeting Anderson." She said "Thank you." Lauren said "Are Ashton and Chelsea ready?" Caylee asked Alice who smiled at them "I believe so. Give them a few more minutes." Alice said and they nodded. Chelsea came in first with Kyle in his car seat "Hey girls." Chelsea said "hey." They said "I swear if I didn't know better I thought you two were twins." Chelsea said and they smiled at her. Ashton finally came down "Sorry for the wait." Ashton said "Not a problem." Caylee said. The place was in walking distant so they got their strollers out.
Ashton and Caylee held hands during the walk over "Cay, you look beautiful." Ashton said "Thank you. You don't look bad yourself either." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "If I didn't know better I would have thought that was a compliment." Ashton said and Caylee kissed his cheek softly. They went up and saw Caleb with Connor and they all went in. They had two of the car seats chair and then Connor was in a little booster seat. "Shrimp sounds good." Lauren said "it does." Caylee said in agreement. "When is Anderson coming in?" Chelsea asked "He will be in next Tuesday." Lauren said and they smiled "This seems like it will be a good last summer before we go off our own way." Alexa said "I think so. How have you been?" Caylee asked "I have been good, I knew you would have been busy today. But I'm glad you invited me." Alexa said "I am too. We are going to the dance studio tomorrow." Caylee said "I would love to see you dance!" Chelsea said "You want to come too? We are going tomorrow around nine." Caylee said "Sure. That's fine by me." Chelsea said and they smiled at each other.
After dinner Caylee and Ashton went away from the group, Chelsea went with Caleb, Alexa went home, Lauren went back to the house. "Are you okay?" Ashton asked Caylee "Yes I am." Caylee said and Ashton kissed Caylee's lips "Are you ready to move to New York?" Ashton asked "Not really. I'm ready for the summer to begin more." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "Are you ready to head back to the houses?" Ashton asked Caylee "How about we do one lap around and then we go home?" Caylee asked and Ashton kissed Caylee's lips softly before picking up their pace again.
Ashton's Pov:
I'm smiling at Caylee while we are walking back to the houses. I'm holding Caylee's hand and it doesn't feel we haven't seen each others in awhile. When we got back to the house Savannah was out in the yard with Hoss and Sam. They have seen to have gotten along great. They love playing with each other. "Hey Cay, is Sam fixed?" I asked "Yes she is." Caylee said and I smiled at her. "Hoss I'm home!" I said and Hoss only looked up and went back to playing. "Watch this." Caylee said "Sam!! Come now." Caylee said and Sam quit playing and went up to Caylee looking at her with the "What-did-I-do?" look and I smiled "Sam house!" Caylee said and Sam went up to Mary's house and waited at the door. "Good night baby." Caylee said "good night. I love you." I said "I love you too." I said kissing her good-night. Hoss just stared at the door when Sam went inside.
I went inside and Chelsea was feeding Kyle "He's hungry." Chelsea said and I sat down "What do you honestly think of Caylee?" I asked "She seems nice. If you love her then I like her." Chelsea said and I smiled at her "Are you really going tomorrow?" I asked "Yes. I want to see her dance. I danced when I was younger unil my parents split and then I just quit." Chelsea said and I looked at her "Caylee's father died when she was eight, and she hasn't given up dancing." Ashton said "She's been through a lot. She is smart, she didn't get pregnant." Chelsea said "she also swore off sex until she's married." I said "Poor baby! How will he survive?" Chelsea asked picking on me and I just rolled my eyes at her "I'm offended." I said and she laughed at me.
Chelsea's Pov:
I'm up at eight am dressed in my senior shorts and a tank top with my hair pulled up in a ponytail, I have Kyle fed and changed. I go outside with Kyle in my little carying pouch and I'm pushing his stroller with his diaper bag in it. I walk up to Caylee's place and I knock. Caylee answers in her dance shorts and a dance bra with her hair in a bun. "Hey Kyle! Hi Chelsea!" Caylee said smiling at me and I smiled at her "Is Lauren ready?" I asked and Caylee nodded "She's finishing getting Hope ready." Caylee said and I smiled at her "That's fine. I know how it is." I said and Caylee smiled at me. Lauren came down with Hope in her carrying pouch with her stroller and diaper bag "I'm ready to go!" Lauren said and I smiled at her "I'm ready to go too." I said "I will take the strollers." Caylee said and I nodded at her.
  The Girls' Pov:
They arrive at the dance studio at Caylee went to last summer and they smiled at Madam Casey "You are free to use room 02." Casey said "Thank you." Caylee said and they went into the studio. "Can you do the dance that you did in your audition?" Chelsea asked Caylee "Laur?" Caylee asked and Lauren hit the play button. Caylee begins her dance to Give Me Love and both of the babies and the girls are staring at Caylee. "No wonder you made it!" Alexa said when Caylee had finished "You are wonderful." Chelsea said "Thank you. Let's see you dance." Caylee said "I have Ky." Chelsea said "Give him to me." Caylee said and Chelsea smiled at her "Fine." Chelsea said and Caylee took Kyle "Are you ready?  Go easy." Caylee said and even though Chelsea hasn't danced in a while she still did good. "You did good!" Caylee said "Lauren's turn!" Chelsea said and Caylee handed Kyle back to Chelsea who put him in his car seat and then Lauren handed  Hope over to Caylee. They did that all morning taking turns dancing until the babies were getting cranky.

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