It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 77 (v.1) - It's kind of a good day

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Ashton's Pov:
I'm in the yard with Hoss and Sam and the girls finally walk up in the yard around lunch time. "I have plenty of food for all of you!" Aunt Alice said when she saw them "thank you ma'am." Lauren said and I smiled at them. Caylee walked up to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. "I missed you." I said "I missed you too. But I'm hungry." Caylee said and I smiled at her "Okay come on." I said taking Caylee's hand in mine and led her into the house where we were greeted by Lindsay and Abrianna. "Caylee!" They both said "Hey girls!" Caylee said smiling at them getting down on their levels "Can you eat with us?" Lindsay asked looking up at her with her baby blue eyes pleading "Yes I can." Caylee said smiling at them. I couldn't help but stare at how good Caylee is with kids, they really seem to like Caylee a lot. 
After lunch Lauren looked at Caylee "I'm going to go put Hope down for her nap and then I'm going to talk to Anderson on Skype. I'm letting you off the hook." Lauren said and Caylee smiled "You can keep the car if you need to go anywhere." Caylee said and Lauren smiled at her. "That's my cue too. Kyle needs his nap and I need to clean the room." Chelsea said and I smiled at them, Caylee looked at me. "Let me change into something more decent and then we can go somewhere." Caylee said and I nodded. She quickly left following Lauren and then she returned five minutes later in her denim shorts and a tank top. "Can we go?" Abrianna asked "Girls, it's your nap time." Aunt Alice said and I could hear a sigh from them. "Later, I promise." Caylee said and that was enough for the girls.
I held Caylee's hand as we walked to the downtown part of town. Where with my luck we ran into Mackenzie, I haven't really talked to her since graduation "Hey Ash! Hey Cay!" She said all bubbly "Hi Mackenzie, how are you?" Caylee asked "I'm good. It's good to see you two! See you around!" Mackenzie said and she went back to her sister, it felt good not getting into argument or anything. Caylee was still holding my hand too, "Where are we heading?" I asked "Just looking around. I needed away from there." Caylee said "How are you handling it?" I asked "Not so good. It helps that Lauren is there. But it's different. I mean all of Grandma's personal stuff is out of there but I can still feel her there. I can still see her clearly sitting on the couch or making Liam and myself breakfast." Caylee said "When is he coming?" I asked "When Anderson does. He's fine with going back with them too." Caylee said "Savannah is going to be happy." I said and Caylee smiled at me.
Caylee's Pov:
After Ashton's and my walk around downtown when we came back to the house I went back inside for a little bit and I got an incoming Skype call from Sophia. I clicked answer and I saw Sophia, Maddie and Jason. "Hey sis." Jason said "Hey! I miss you guys!" I said "We missed you so much, we're coming to visit." Jason said "Good. I miss my Maddie girl!" I said and Maddie giggled because she heard her name. "When? How long?" I asked "We leave tonight and for two weeks." Jason said "Good! Can't wait to see you guys!" I said and we hung up. Lauren came down into the living room with Hope in her arms. Sassy was curled up in my lap. "So I heard the good news." Lauren said and I smiled "I know. I'm excited." I said "You missed them didn't you?" Lauren asked "Yes, and I don't know how I'm going to handle being across the country for four years." I said and Lauren smiled at me. It's the 16th now so Hope is three months old, Liam and Anderson will be here in two days.
"We need to get some groceries if we are going to have so many people here." I said "Yeah, shall we leave now?" Lauren asked me "Yeah. Do you need to feed Hope?" I asked "No." Lauren said and she got Hope in her car seat and a diaper bag ready. "Sam you be good." I said and Sam wagged her tail at me. I got in the front seat while Lauren got Hope in her spot and then she got in. I backed up and we went to Publix "Ready?" I asked "I wish I knew where things were like you do." Lauren said and I smiled at her "It's easy." I said and she laughed at me. We got to Publix and we pulled into a parking space when we got out Lauren put Hope in her carrying pouch and grabbed her diaper bag. "Do we have a list of what we want?" I asked as we walked in and Lauren pulled out the list.
After we got our groceries and we pulled back up to the house I sent out a text to all of the friends that I made last summer and invited them over for dinner tomorrow. A cook out. Jason will be here then. And apparently so will Liam and Anderson, Anderson doesn't always follow the speed limit and they left a day before what we thought. "What would you like for dinner tonight?" I asked Lauren had Hope in her swing so she was content "I would like shrimp alferdo?" Lauren asked "I can make that. Garlic bread too." I said "Yes! Invite Ashton and Chelsea?" Lauren asked "Sure." I said and I went to find my phone and I called Ashton "You and Chelsea want to come over for dinner?" I asked "Sure!" Ashton said "Be over in an hour." I said and then we hung up.
They came over for dinner and after dinner we all went to the pool, they had a playpen outside with a sleeping Hope and Kyle in it. "What type of pool tricks can you do?" Chelsea asked me "Almost anything." I said and she smiled at me I did a flip into the pool and then a underwater hand stand. "That's all I feel like doing, I'm getting dizzy." I said and Chelsea smiled at me. "Savannah doesn't know does she?" I asked "Nope, I'm keeping it a secret." Ashton said "Good." I said and Ashton swam up to me and he put his arms around my waist. It felt good, it felt natural being this close to Ashton "I love you." I said "I love you too." Ashton said kissing my neck but I wiggled away in the water and I swam away from him.
Ashton's Pov:
It's the following morning and I'm up and I see Liam, Anderson, Lauren, and Caylee outside on their front porch and I wave at them. "Savannah?" I asked "Yeah?" She mumbled "there's something I want to show you." I said "where?" Savannah asked "Outside." I said "uh." Savannah said "Come on." I said and I led her by the hand outside and as soon as she saw Liam  she gave me the death glare and ran back inside. Liam stared at me because I guess Caylee told him Savannah was coming and then she isn't here. But by the time I walked over there to tell him Savannah was back out in clothes with her hair neatly pinned up. "Liam!" She said hugging him "Hey Savannah." Liam said kissing her and I smiled at Caylee. 
"Hey Anderson." I said "Hey man." Anderson said he was holding Hope "You excited for the big bash tonight?" I asked "Yeah man." He said and I nodded. I looked at Caylee "Jason, and Sophia are sleeping." Caylee said and I nodded, Mary's house is big like ours, five bedroom. Caylee is in her room, Liam is in the same room he slept in, Lauren and Anderson are in Mary's room, and then they are in the guest room. I noticed that Caylee was holding Maddie. Maddie is now nine months old so she is easier to play with. "Any plans for today?" I asked "I'm spending time with my family, along with Liam." Caylee said "We're going to visit Anderson's sister who lives here." Lauren said and I nodded "I guess I will be lonely today." I said "Not all day, there's tonight!" Caylee said and I smiled at her.

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