It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 78 (v.1) - It's kind of getting there

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Caylee's Pov:
It's now four thirty and I'm going crazy, tonight is the big cook out that we are having. Anderson's sister will be here, Alexa and the gang will be here, Ashton's family will be here, Aunt Penny and them will be here, Jason and Sophia of course. "Do you have everything?" Jason asked me "Yeah,  I just need to get dressed now." I said "Good. Look at you sissy, living on your own basically." Jason said and I smiled at him "I know. I feel so proud." I said "And you should." Jason said and I smiled at him. I hugged him good-bye and I went up to my room and I got into the shower really quick. I then got dressed into my denim shorts and then my white lacy see through shirt, it covered my upper body but it showed my stomach. I had my black sandals on with the straps that had to be tied. I crunched my hair and added hairspray, then I applied my make up and then I went downstairs. 
"Maddie Grace!" I said to Maddie who was in a bouncing chair sitting there playing with a toy. She giggled at me, she had on a cute dress and a bow in her hair with cute shoes. Next thing I know I'm greeted by a big hug from Riley "Riley-bear!" I  said and she smiled at me "Baby!" She said "Yes, your cousin Maddie." I said "Hi." Riley said to Maddie who just stared at her. "There's two little girls your age who would love to play with you!" I said "Hold me!" Riley said "Okay." I said and I picked her up and I kissed her cheek and smiled at her. The men decided they were going to cook dinner so us girls were sitting outside. The little girls, Bailey, Lindsay, Abrianna, and Riley were in the yard playing. Maddie and Hope were getting all the attention, Jacob was trying to play with the boys who were throwing footballs. 
"This was such a great idea!" Alexa said and I smiled at her "I have something to say!" I said and everybody looked at me.  Man I do not care for all eyes on me unless I'm dancing. "I wanted to thank all of you for coming. It means a lot to me." I said and they all smiled at me "Now let's get this party going!"  I said and everybody clapped and smiled at me. I went up to Aunt Penny with Maddie on my hip, I was shuffling from group to group trying to make sure everybody had what they needed. "How are you feeling?" I asked "I'm feeling good. Everybody is taking the pregnancy well." Aunt Penny said and I smiled at her "Good to hear. I'm glad." I said and then I went over to the teenagers again. Chelsea had Kyle, Lauren had Hope in her arm, "Join the club." Lauren said "It's so tempting. But my niece is enough." I said and they giggled at me. 
 Ashton's Pov:
I'm sitting with the guys or more throwing the football and I keep glancing at Caylee. How well she is, how she can shuffle from one of the groups to the others and still fit in. But most importantly right now, she's sitting with Lauren and Chelsea who both have their infants with them and she's holding Maddie. I can't help but be amazed at how good she is with Maddie and any little kid for that matter. Caylee does look good with a baby on her hip. "Ash, man where's your mind?" Anderson asked me "Oh no where." I said "Uh-huh. I'm married and I still have that look." Anderson said and I smiled at him. "I'm just amazed that's all." I said "I am too. But we will always be amazed by women." Anderson said and I smiled at him. "Cay, want to play football?" I yelled and Jason even yelled "Come on sis show them what you're made of!" He said 
Caylee ran inside real quick and than came back out in a t-shirt and a different pair of shorts. That's my girl. "I'm on this team." Caylee said and they nodded. Most of the guys, including Anderson even laughed Caylee off. A little dancer couldn't play football. Caylee proved them wrong though, she ended up getting dirty a little bit but she still made our team the winning team. "Don't question  a girl who grew up with brothers. Baseball anyone?" Caylee asked "No." All the guys said and I laughed "That's my Caylee." I said kissing her lips softly really quick "Dinner is served." The men said and the ones with kids went first and then it was everybody else's turn. Caylee sat beside Riley and myself, across from Alexa, Lauren, and Anderson. "You did a great game." Lauren said "Thanks. You should have played." Caylee said "Later?" Lauren asked "You're on." Caylee said and I smiled at her.
The party was in full kick up until nine and then the parents started turning in, Aunt Alice turned in with two sleeping little girls. Caleb and Connor left, her Aunt Penny and Uncle Blake left, the girls infant were in the playpen and then Kyle was in a baby chair asleep. Liam  and Savannah were on the porch. We had Hoss and Sam outside, it was only us so it was fine. "This was such a great party." Sophia said "It was. Caylee knows how to throw a party." I said and they smiled at me   "Thanks you babe." Caylee said "Florida is such a lovely state." Lauren said "That's why I call it home." I said "Cali is a lovely state too." Caylee said and I smiled at her I could tell we would have issues deciding where to live. "Hey. we're thinking of taking over Grandma's house." Jason said "You are?" Caylee asked "Yeah, Liam is the only one we really have." Jason said and Caylee nodded.
Caylee's Pov:
It's now later that night around midnight, everybody left around 11. I'm in my room kind of, out on the balacony with my knees brought up to my chest. I'm in my pajamas, my zebra stripped shorts with my black tank top and my hair in two braids. Sam is laying next to me and Sassy is on the table out here. I just couldn't believe Jason and Sophia are going to live in Florida, Liam has already let it be known that once he graduates he's not going anywhere back near home. Because Cali isn't really our home, we were from Florida. He loved Florida so he's moving to Florida. I just don't want to move away from Lauren and them. Lauren came out "Why are you up still?" I asked "Hope woke me up. But I need to talk to you." Lauren said "Shoot." I said.
"Well Anderson and I have been talking and there's nothing at home for me. Anderson's parents are moving to Stuart to be near his sister, and I want to move out here too." Lauren said "So you're moving to Florida?" I asked "Yes. You should too." Lauren said and I smiled at her "I love my mom, dearly. But this seems more like home." I said and Lauren smiled at me "Get some sleep." Lauren said and I smiled. I tried getting sleep but I just couldn't, I kept tossing and turning. I was nervous about starting school in New York,  about a dancing school. I'm a good dancer but will I be good enough to survive? I finally gave up on sleep around three thirty and I put on some shorts and a sport bra and I pulled my hair up into a pony-tail and I put Sam's harness on her and we went jogging around town until five thirty.
After jogging instead of changing into regular clothes I left a note and went to the dance studio, I had Anna's permission to go into the studio any time I wanted since well it was Grandma's full business and Grandma left it to me. I went into a room and I turned the music on. Since I was already warmed up from jogging I started with the typical move, lifting my leg up keeping it straight. I then just told myself to forget it and I started doing the dance moves. Leaps, areials, handspring, back flips. "You still need to improve." I heard a voice say and I spun around to see Olivia staring at me "Yeah. Like you can do better." I said which she couldn't when she tried "What school did you get into?" She asked and I felt good "Juillard." I said and she stared at me "They offered but I turned them down." She said and I just nodded.  "In your dreams. You can't dance." I said "I can too. You are the non-dancer." Olivia said "says the girl who isn't going to a great dancing school, who hasn't won a ton of medals and awards, national first place dancer." I said "You are not." Olivia said "I am too. I'm sure Mary had bragged about it too." I said I felt bad using that line.
"I can be a better dancer than you any day." Olivia said and then we heard somebody "Caylee, you up for a dance compeition today with us?" Anna asked "Yes ma'am." I said "Do your audition dance there." She said and I nodded then she turned around to leave. "May the best dancer win." I said "You're on." Olivia said "Let's make it interesting." I said  "How so?" Olivia asked "If I win you can never bad mouth my dancing." Olivia said "If I win?" Olivia ask "I will give you free pointers." I said "Not happening." Olivia said "If I win then I want your dancer necklace." Olivia said "You're on." I said, even though my dad gave me this necklace when I was four. Alexa came in "Hey girls, what's up?" Alexa asked "I'm leaving." I said and I stormed out.

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