It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 79 (v.1) - It's kind of a competition

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




Caylee's Pov:
I went home and I slowly went up to the breakfast table, I  knew I had to tell everybody about the bet. I mean my daddy gave me the necklace when I was four years old, I started doing little dance competitions when I was four, and this was my very first one. I was all dressed up, after I did my dance and before it was time to be announced my dad came back and he sat me on my knee. "Caylee-bear, you danced great. But not everybody can win. Either way you go, you did win in my eyes. I'm proud of you so I wanted to give this to you." My dad said and I stared at a gold necklace, it had the letter DANCE on it. And when they announced that I had won first place that made the night even more special... I looked at the group it was Lauren, Anderson, Ashton, Sophia, and Jason. "I'm in a competition today. Against Olivia, a girl who's a total brat. We have a bet going. If I lose then she gets my necklace." I said I know I kind of ran it together but that's all I could really get out.
"You did what?! Dad gave you that necklace." Jason said "I know, I got caught up in the moment. She's the type that will complain and thinks she knows better." I said "Cay, that's a part of growing up not scooping to somebody's else level." Anderson said and I looked at Sophia waiting for an answer from her "You didn't think that clearly, but you have to time to change her mind." Sophia said and I felt good about that being the only thing Sophia said about the situation. Lauren looked at me "Well Anderson can keep Hope and we can go work on the dance." Lauren said "I agree." Anderson said "or I can watch Hope. We're going to family today and I wouldn't mind having a little one again." Sophia said "You truly don't mind?" Lauren asked "Nope." Sophia said "I'm going to hang out with Ashton today then." Anderson said and Lauren giggled.
After Lauren changed into dance clothes we walked back up to the dance studio and  I saw Olivia working on her dance moves. Anna saw us and waved us into the room "Hey, Lauren would you like to enter as well? Morgan broke her ankle so we have another spot." Anna said "Sure, I would like that." Lauren said and Anna smiled at us. Olivia glared at me and she walked over to me "Man, is that a beautiful necklace." Olivia said "It will look even better on me." Olivia said and I looked at her "That's a necklace her dad gave her." Lauren said "Lauren, don't worry about it." I said "Your dad, huh? That makes it even more fun." Olivia said "Olivia, it's childish. Why make a bet?" I asked "Because we already did. I'm not backing out. I like seeing you squirm." Olivia said and I looked at her and I couldn't even speak. 
Ashton's Pov:
"What do you think of that little bet?" Anderson asked me we were on our way to go surfing. "I think it's chilidish. I mean I grew up with Olivia so I know how she is, and well she can be a major you-know-what but I know Caylee is mature or I thought so. Now she's just scooping to her level." I said and Anderson nodded "She seems to revolve around a lot of drama." Anderson said "I'm starting to see that and I'm not a major fan of drama." I said and Anderson nodded and I motioned toward the direction we needed to go. "I get that dancing is a big deal for her. But that necklace means more, and why agree to a deal when she could lose the competition?" I asked "Maybe she's a little cocky on that side thinking that since she got into Juillard then she can win the competition." Anderson said and I nodded.
After we spent a few hours catching the waves we ended up at the diner "How was it like growing up in Florida?"  Anderson asked me "Well once I finally settled into a place here with my Aunt and Uncle it ended up really good. Florida reminds me of Cali but I love Florida, it's home. The people are mostly friendly, but I'm looking forward to a new change." I said and Anderson nodded at me "I can imagine. I'm ready to leave though. To live in Florida. It seems like the best place to be." Anderson said "It will be. You will love it. And I know Lauren loves it." I said "Yeah she does, but I don't know how to handle this.Lauren and Caylee are going to be four years away from each other." Anderson said "I know, it's going to be a long time. Caylee is going to be talking about that for so long." I said and Anderson smiled at me. "Better head to the performing center." I said and Anderson smiled at me.
Anderson and I go back to the houses and change quickly and then we head to the center, Savannah is still a dancer here so she's in the dance as well. We see the group, Aunt Alice, Uncle Carl, Lindsay, Abrianna, Liam , Chelsea, Kyle, Jason and Sophia and the girls. "Over here guys." Jason said and we went over and sat down. Anderson took Hope from Sophia "How was she?" Anderson asked "An angel. I miss Maddie at that age." Sophia said and he smiled. "Have you seen the girls yet?" I asked "Yeah. Caylee isn't too happy with how Olivia won't change her mind."  Jason said and I just shook my head.
The dance competition began and I slowly watched as dancers began dancing. Savannah went up and did her solo which turned out really good, I love seeing Savannah dancing. They did the group dance which Caylee and Lauren were not a part of so I figured they were working on their dances in the back. Olivia went up first and since I have lived with Aunt Alice I have went to every dance competition because of Savannah and even under the pressure Olivia did not dance good at all. Lauren was next, Lauren is a rusty dancer since she had Hope but Lauren still did good, she danced better than Olivia did. Caylee was next, and Caylee danced next and Caylee did it perfectly. I love how Caylee dance, not also because she's my girlfriend but she catches your attention. 
Caylee's Pov:
The dance competition began, they did the younger dancers first so Lauren and I had some time to work on our dance first. "Too bad we didn't do a duet." I said and Lauren giggled at me. Olivia did her makeup and she glared at me but I didn't speak to her. Alexa came up to me "I'm sorry Cay." Alexa said and I smiled at her "It's okay." I said and Alexa smiled at me. They did their group dance and then Alexa went up and she did her dance which she did really good. Olivia was next and she looked at me "Be prepared to watch perfection." Olivia said "Hardly." I said and she rolled her eyes at me and she took a deep breath and began her dance. I couldn't help but stare at her, not in the she's amazing dancer, but she did such a poorly job. She didn't keep her legs straight. Her expressions were just bland and it wasn't good enough.
Lauren went up next and even though Lauren hasn't danced since last May she did really good. Lauren did better than Olivia that's for sure. Lauren did make one mistake but Lauren still did good, it wasn't that hard to miss. It was my turn now and I could hear the beginning of "Give Me Love." I took a deep breath and I started out. I did the same routine I did as when I did my audition and I felt like I did it really good. I ended the dance with a hand spring and then I smiled at everybody and went into the back. "You did good!" Savannah, Lauren, and Alexa said "Thank you." I said "You could feel the emotions in your dance." Alexa said and I nodded. Olivia walked up to me "I'm not saying you won, but seeing you dance, feeling the emotion I changed my mind. If I win then I get your Ipod. Your necklace is important to you." Olivia said and I smiled at her, my Ipod isn't that important to me.
"Fifth place Alexa Johnson." Alexa went up, "fourth place is Olivia Jackson." Olivia went up, "Third place is Savannah Summerland." Savannah went up "Second place is Lauren Daniels." Lauren went up "First place is Caylee Blevins." And I went up and then I smiled at everybody. Afterwards I went up to the group and smiled at Maddie who was giggling at me. When we got home Jason and Sophia looked at me "Caylee, I have a group of friends we're seeing for the next three days, do you mind watching Maddie?" Sophia asked "Not a problem. I don't mind." I said and Sophia smiled at me, Lauren and Anderson were going to be with Anderson's sister tonight, Liam was going to be at one of our uncles tonight so it will be just me and Maddie. 
Ashton's Pov:
"Caylee, do you want me to come over and help for a bit?" I asked Caylee and she nodded "Sure, I would love the help. I mean Maddie isn't much of a handful but it will be fine." Caylee said and I smiled at her "I will come over." I said and I kissed Caylee's on the lips and she smiled at me. I went home real quick so I could change first. Lindsay and Abrianna were clinging to me "I need you to baby-sit them." Aunt Alice said "I promised Caylee I would help her baby-sit." I said "Caylee can bring Maddie over here. Savannah is going to be at a friend's. Chelsea will be at Caleb's." Aunt Alice said "Sure not a problem." I said and Aunt Alice smiled at me. It was one o'clock now and I knew they wouldn't be home until late tonight.  "Cay, when are you coming over?" I asked we were on the phone "At two? I'm cleaning up really quick. Can Sam come?" Caylee asked "Sure baby. Not a problem." I said "Good. See you soon. I love you." Caylee said "I love you too." I said and we hung up "So girls we have an hour, what do you want to do?" I asked "Doll house!" Abrianna said and I smiled.

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