It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 81 (v.1) - It's kind of a long night

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Caylee's Pov:
My Maddie girl had a rough night which means I had a rough night. Maddie woke up at midnight, I wasn't asleep yet. I wasn't able to fall asleep, and now I knew I wasn't going to be. Maddie is teething, I gave Maddie a teething ring and then I held her until she fell asleep. Maddie woke me up at two am, she wanted to be fed. I fixed her bottle and after she ate it, she fell asleep in my arms. Maddie woke me up at four am, so I changed her diaper which is what she needed and I held her while she fell back asleep. Maddie woke me up crying at the top of her lungs at six am, "no more sleep." I said and I picked her up, Maddie didn't neex to be fed or changed, she just wanted attention. I was rocking Maddie and she didn't fall asleep so I put Maddie in her stroller, I put a blanket over her and changed into some work out clothes.
Maddie and I got home around seven thirty and Maddie was asleep finally. I made me a cup of coffee and then a bowl of cereal. I took a shower with Maddie in her seat and I kept peaking on her every couple of minutes to make sure she was still asleep. I changed into my denim shorts and then I wore my Dance tanktop, I brushed my hair and left it down. I applied my make up, and then I gently picked Maddie up. I changed her diaper and then I put her into a cute little dress with a headband. I sent Ashton a text to let him know I was up and he said we would be leaving around nine so I still an hour left. I fed Maddie which she loved her bottle and then I fed her some baby food. I put Maddie down on the floor so she could crawl around.
Lauren and Anderson came home "Hey, I hate to ask this. I know have plans, and you're baby-sitting. But can you baby-sit Hope? Anderson sister invited us to go somewhere and we can't take Hope." Lauren said "sure." I said it was June 16th so Hope is now three months old. "Thanks, I love you. I owe you." Lauren said and she left her diaper bag and stroller and then she left. I texted Ashton again: Hope is tagging along. Sorry. I love you. I smiled at Hope who was just hanging out in her little swing, Maddie was crawling around until she found Sam was content playing with Sam's tail. Maddie is now nine months old and I love her to death.
Ashton's Pov:
I slept good throughout the night and now it's six thirty, I went on a jog with Hoss and then I went back to the house. Before I got in the shower Caylee texted to let me know that she was up. I took a shower and then I changed into some decent clothes and then Caylee texted me saying Hope was tagging along. I went downstairs and Aunt Alice was up, actually everybody was up. "Morning Ash." Chelsea said "Morning. Morning Little Man." I said Kyle was waiting on Chelsea to fix his bottle. "What are you kids doing today?" Uncle Carl asked "Kyle and I are going over to Caleb's he's leaving tonight for the week. Connor is spending the week with his mom this coming up week. " Chelsea said and I smiled at her "Savannah?" Uncle Carl asked "Well daddy, dance class this morning. And then Liam and I are hanging out. If that's okay?" Savannah asked and he nodded.
"Caylee and I are going to mom's." I said "Isn't she baby-sitting?" Aunt Alice asked "Maddie and Hope." I said "I love Hope. She's adorable." Aunt Alice said "She is, what about you guys?" I asked "We're spending the day at the beach." Aunt Alice said "Sounds like fun." I said and Aunt Alice smiled at me "Yeah, girls let's go get ready." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at them "Bye girls." I said and they smiled "Bye Chels." I said "Bye Ash." She said and I walked outside and went over to Caylee's. "Hey baby." I said "Hey." Caylee said and I kissed her lips softly "I'm almost ready to go, can you put Maddie in her car seat?" Caylee asked "Yes." I said picking up Maddie who gigled at me, I put Maddie in her car seat and then I watched as Caylee put Hope in hers and grabbed the diaper bags. I put Maddie in her spot in the car and then I loaded up the strollers for her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee got in the passegner seat and Ashton got in the driver seat. "I love your car baby." Ashton said "It's been a pretty good car." Caylee said and Ashton smiled "Everybody is excited to see you." Ashton said "Good. I can't believe Emma is a year old now." Caylee said "I know. My little sister." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him. Caylee glanced back at the girls they were both sucking on their pacifier asleep. "How did you sleep?" Ashton asked  "Well Maddie woke me up every two hours." Caylee said "That has to suck." Ashton said "It does. I'm not looking forward to parenthood." Caylee said "But you will be a good mom." Ashton said "True. But i'm not ready for it." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her. "I love you baby." Caylee said "I love you too." Ashton said and he held her hand.
They pulled up to Ashton's mom's house and Ashton got Maddie's car seat out and then her diaper bag. Caylee got out and got Hope's car seat out and her diaper bag and they held each other's hand as they walked up to the front door. Tyler answered the door "Ashton! Caylee!" Tyler said and they smiled at each other. They walked into the living room where Clarissa, Emma, and Ashton's mom were sitting down. "Hey you guys! Two babies?" Ashton's mom asked "Maddie, my niece and then this is Hope, Lauren's daughter." Caylee said "They are both adorable." She said "Thank you." I said "Ash?" Emma asked holding her arms up "Hey Emma girl!" Ashton said picking Emma up and kissing her cheek. "Can I hold Maddie?" Clarissa asked "Yes." Caylee said and she got Maddie out and then she waned to hold Hope.
Ashton's Pov:
"Hey Ash, we need your help getting some stuff for the cook out. Can you come?" Tyler asked and I looked at Caylee "Can I?" I asked and Caylee smiled "You don't have to ask permission." Caylee said and I smiled at her "Mom, is that okay?" I asked "Sure. I would love to get to talk to Caylee some." My mom said and I smiled at her. I followed Tyler to the truck where Jon was already waiting "Hey Ash. I heard your girlfriend is here too." Jon said "Yes sir. And her niece and her friend's daughter." I said "Sounds like this will be fun." He said "Yeah." I said and we talked about Colubmia during the ride to the store. 
Once we were there we got the cook out supplies we would need and then we just sat in the truck talking. "We're going to meet them at the beach with all this stuff, that way we don't have to make a double trip." Jon said "Alright, that's fine." I said "How does it feel since you're playing daddy for these few days?" Jon asked me "It showed me that I am not ready to become a father anytime soon." I said "Very good lesson to learn." Jon said "College is important. I do love Caylee, and I know dance is important to her." I said "That is always important. Knowing what is more important." Jon said and I nodded, Tyler is 17 now, and Clarissa is 15 years old. "Helping out with Kyle and then the twins all the time I know I don't want this. Hoss is enough." I said and he smiled at me.
Caylee's Pov:
"Maddie looks a lot like you." Ashton's mom Anna said "Thank you, I guess because Jason and I are brother and sister." I said "How are you feeling about Juillard?" Clarissa asked me she was still holding Maddie but playing with her now. I could tell Emma was getting jealous over Anna holding Hope. "I'm feeling good about it. I'm ready. But I know the day I'm leaving here I'm going to  be a nervous wreck." I said "You will do great. Ashton really does love you." Anna said "Thank you ma'am." I said "Did you bring the stroller?" Anna asked "Yup, both of theirs." I said "Well I guess we need to load up both cars and then head out." Anna said and I nodded, I put Hope in her car seat while Clarissa helped with Maddie and we walked to the car. Emma was following Anna, Clarissa put Emma in her car seat and then we helped load up their Jeep. "Can I ride with you?" Clarissa asked "Sure." I said and we got in.
"How much do you like my brother?" Clarissa asked me "Well I do love him a lot. He's a great guy." I said "He's cute too, right?" Clarissa asked me "Yes he is. I don't like discussing this though." I said and Clarissa smiled "It's fine." She said and I smiled "How do you like baby-sitting Maddie and Hope?" She asked "I love baby-sitting my niece, and Hope is adorable. I love helping Lauren out as much as I can." I said and she smiled at me. "How long have you two been friends for?" Clarissa asked me "Well for ten years almost eleven." I said and Clarissa smiled at me "We are good friends, I don't even know how I'm going to handle four years in New York. I'm going to miss the important parts of this little one life." I said and Clarissa smiled at me "Hope is pretty beautiful." She said and I smiled. 

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