It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 82 (v.1) - It's kind of a disagreement

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Caylee's and Ashton's Pov:
When the girls arrived the guys were already setting up their place under the cover area. Ashton walked over to the car and he got both of the strollers out and then he got Maddie's car seat and put Maddie in her stroller while Caylee put Hope in hers. "Are you ready?" Ashton asked Caylee "Sure. Do you mind watching them while I change real quick?" Caylee asked "Sure." Ashton said and Caylee grabbed her two piece bathing suit and went to change with Clairssa and then she came back and Ashton got his swimming trunk to go change. "Is there a fan that we will use?" Caylee asked "Yes, it's set up now along with the playpen." Anna said and Caylee smiled at her. Hope started getting fussy so Caylee got Hope's bottle fixed and then she got Hope out of the car seat and fed her. 
"Hey baby, does Maddie need fed?" Ashton asked "Yeah. Her bottle is right there." Caylee said and Ashton got Maddie out and the bottle and began feeding Maddie "This would be a Kodak moment." Anna said and Ashton smiled "Thanks mom." Ashton said and she laughed at him, Emma came up "Up!" Emma said "I'm feeding the baby right now." Ashton said "up!" Emma said and Clarissa came up and picked her up "No!" She screamed and Ashton handed Maddie over to Clarissa and then he took Emma who was finally pleased. "Emma really does love Ashton." Caylee said "She does, she talks about him all the time. Chelsea too." Anna said "Really?" Caylee asked "Yes." Anna said  flatly not thinking anything of it.
While dinner was cooking both of the girls were asleep in the playpen and Caylee was sitting out on the sand next to it with her sunglasses on. "You are a great girl Caylee." Anna said "Thank you." Caylee said "Emma likes you, but she is very fond of Chelsea." Anna said "How often has she been around Chelsea?" Caylee asked "A lot. Ashton always brings her and Kyle up. You know if you two werent together, they would make a cute couple." Anna said "Oh really?" Caylee asked, Ashton was kind of out of ear shot to really understand what was going on. "Yes. I really do like Chelsea and I think they would be a great match." Anna said "I mean Chelsea isn't stuck on herself like you are. Chelsea actually cares about other things than just dance." Anna said "She's pretty, smart, and very caring. She loves us. She's good with us." Anna said "Alright I get it." Caylee said "No hard feelings?" Anna asked "Yes. I mean at least you are bad mouthing me to my face. But I am who Ashton is with. I'm not a snob." Caylee said and she went up to Ashton.
"I"m leaving. I'm sorry. I'm not staying here being trash talked. Your mom and everybody wants you to be with Chelsea so stay with here. Be with Chelsea." Caylee said "Caylee, she didn't mean anything. Please stay." Ashton said "No, you aren't even defending me are you?" Caylee asked "Cay, I didn't hear anything." Ashton said "That's low. I'm your girlfriend." Caylee said and she just stared at Ashton. Caylee put her bag in the car along with the diaper bags and strollers and once she had both girls in their car seats she went up to Anna. "I may not be Chelsea. But I am the girl Ashton has decided to be with. And you are not scaring me off. I will be your future daughter-in law so you need to learn to accept that. I'm not going anywhere." Caylee said and with that she picked up both car seat and got them in the car.
Ashton's Pov:
I watched as Caylee drove off, I knew she was mad and I know I'm going to be in the dog house because I didn't stand up for her in front of my mom and step-dad. "Mom, did you really tell Caylee all of that?" I asked "Yes I did. I do believe that Chelsea is a better match for you. For one thing she wouldn't have gotten mad and stormed off like that." My mom said and I just stared at her. "Caylee is the girl I'm with. Chelsea is with Caleb. Caylee is the love of my life. If you can't accept her then you can't accept me in your life." I said "Ashton, don't pick her over your family." My mom said "Well you picked drugs and alochol over me." I said and my mom just stared at me. "I'm going." I said even though I was half an hour from home. 
When I walked up to the local diner I knew I couldn't call Caylee she wouldn't come back. "Hey Ash, everything okay?" Chelsea asked me "Can I have a ride. I'm at Champs." I said "I'm actually five minutes away so of course." Chelsea said and she pulled up shortly and I flashed her a smile "Thanks." I said "Fight with Caylee?" She asked me "Not really. She's upset at me. But no fight. My mom bad mouthed her to her face, saying that I should be with you not her. And I didn't really hear it so I didn't defend Caylee and now I'm in the dog house."  I said and Chelsea laughed "You are a brother to me. Caylee and I are friends. She's not upset about that. She's upset that your mom likes me and wants us to be together. I'm happy with Caleb and I know you are happy with Caylee. Let's go get you some flowers." Chelsea said and I smiled at her "You're the best." I said and she smiled at me.
Caylee's Pov:
After I drove off I went back to the house and I lugged everything in the house and then the girls into the house and I laid them in the playpen because they were still napping. Sassy got in the playpen with them and I just sat on the couch and just stared out the window. I'm not mad at Ashton, he loves me and I love him. I'm mad at his mother. Chelsea and I are now good friends and I don't feel threatend at all. I know she loves Caleb and she loves Ashton as a brother. I'm just not sure why his mother would act like she likes me and then all of a sudden become a two face. I know Ashton didn't hear her or he would have defended me and I know he probably went off on her when I left anyways but I just feel bad with how I acted towards Ashton.
I heard a knock and then foot steps "Caylee?" Ashton's voice asked "Living room. I'm coming." I said and I walk to him and greeted with flowers "I'm sorry." We both said and then I smiled at him "It wasn't you. It was your mother." I said and  Ashton smiled "These are for you and I know." Ashton said and I smiled at him and I put the flowers in a vase and then I curled up on the couch with him "Are you okay now?" Ashton asked me "I'm worn out baby." I said and he smiled "Part of motherhood." He said "I'm not even a mother." I said and he smiled at me which made me giggle "I love you." Ashton said "I love you too baby." I said and he kissed my lips softly "Dinner tonight with the gang at Lucky's?" Ashton asked me "Of course." I said and I kissed his lips softly. My phone went off: Lauren: Hey, we will be home at four. Dinner with gang at Lucky's? Or other plans? Me: Lucky's at four? And nope. Lauren: Good, see you then. After I put my phone up I got a text: Sophia: How is Maddie? Me:Maddie is good, she had a rough night but is much better. 
Ashton's Pov:
I left to go take a shower and to invite Savannah  and Chelsea along since Liam is home now. "Sure." They both said and I took a shower and while I got ready Caylee was texting me saying how sorry she was again so I was fine with it. After I got ready we walked over to their house. Caylee came out with both girls in their stroller, Chelsea had Kyle in his, we were going to walk to the diner since it was down the block. Liam and Savannah were walking ahead of us holding hand "Young love." I said and Caylee smiled at me. "This is nice, us friends hanging out." Chelsea said "Yeah, but back away from my man." Caylee said joking and Chelsea got closer to me joking "Girls there is plenty of me to go around." I said "You wish." Caylee said and I smiled at her. This is what I'm talking about.
Caylee's Pov:
When we showed up to Lucky's, Lauren smiled at me "My baby girl!" She said and I gigled "She has been so good." I said and Lauren smiled at me "I would hope so." Lauren said and Hope started fussing when she saw her mommy. I picked Maddie up when we sat down and I was fixing her bottle "How many more days with Maddie?" Lauren asked "Two more days." I said "How was your night?" Lauren asked me "Motherhood is going to suck." I said "It's worth the lack of sleep." Chelsea and Lauren both said at the same time. Liam and Savannah were sitting with us but they weren't really paying attention to us. "I know, but I want to at least be a dancer for four more years." I said "Come on Cay, you are going to take over the studio here anyways." Lauren said and I smiled at her "You are right, but I will be a good teacher." I said and she smiled at me. 

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