It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 83 (v.1) - It's kind of a buzz

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Ashton's Pov:
I'm walking home with Caylee, Lauren, Anderson and Chelsea and of course the babies. "That was a very good dinner." I said "Care to head to the beach?" I asked again "Parenthood calls." They all said and I nodded. We went to the house and I kissed Caylee goodnight. I went back to the  beach where my old group was. "Are you going to drink man?" One guy asked me "His tight wad of a girlfriend won't let him." Another said "My girlfriend does not control me. I just don't want to drink." I said "Well you should." He said "No. I'm just here for some fun." I said "Drink is some fun." He said "I don't drink anymore man." I said and they just rolled their eyes at me. I saw Mackenzie though "Hey Ash! Where's your chick?" She asked "Oh she's home." I said "Well try this." Mackenzie said and she had something in her hand which appeared to be a joint."No Mac." I said "It's not bad." She said "Just one?" I said and she nodded.
One led to more and I texted Aunt Alice that I was spending the night at Jake's a place I haven't been in over a year. "Drink too?" Mackenzie added "No drinks." I said and she nodded. I went to Caylee's instead and I climbed up her window and I smiled at Caylee "Hey baby." I said "Ash, you stink." Caylee said "No I don't." I said and I looked at Caylee  "Can I kiss you?" I asked "Sure." Caylee said and I could tell she was starting to wonder about me. But I kissed her and kissing led to more and before Caylee could protest I was on top of her and we did it. I knew I didn't had anything protection on but I had a major buzz going on and I didn't want to tell Caylee that. "Ashton you're buzzed." Caylee said "I had a joint or two." I said "Get OUT!" Caylee said "OUT!" She said and I didn't protest. I actually did go to Jake's where I worked on my buzz some more, I wanted to stay on this buzz because I knew I was in trouble with Caylee. 
Caylee's Pov:
After dinner I came home with Lauren and Anderson. Anderson went to take a shower and Lauren and I were sitting on the couch with the girls in our lap "My Maddie girl!" I said and I kissed Maddie's cheek who giggled "I love this little girl." I said "I love my baby girl too." Lauren said and I giggled at her. After awhile Lauren wanted some icecream so they went out to go some icecream for all of us. I put Maddie in her playpen with the baby monitor on, because she was already asleep I didn't want to move her just yet. When I went to my room Ashton had climbed up the window and I knew something was up.
"  Hey baby." He said giving me a creepy smile "Ash, you stink."I said "No I don't." He said and he looked at me getting closer "Can I kiss you?" He asked "Sure." I said unsure but he kissed me anyways and with a bit of force he laid me on the bed and I could tell he was in a mood. I tried pushing him off of me but he wouldn't listen and wouldn't move. All I could smell on him was smoke, he didn't drink but he has a buzz going on. Once he finished "Ashton you're buzz." I said "I had a joint or two." He said "Get OUT!" I said "OUT!" I said and Ashton didn't protest he walked out the front door and I changed into my night clothes and I felt violated. I knew Ashton was going to apologize tomorrow, but saying I'm sorry doesn't cut it. I don't want him to be like this. Drinking is something I disagree with since my dad died but I don't want him doing drugs either.
I'm feeding Maddie her final bottle before bed when Lauren and Anderson came in "How was ice cream?" I asked "Good. Was Ashton here?" Lauren asked me "Yes. Lauren can I speak to you?" I asked "Yeah, Anderson honey. Go feed Hope in the bedroom please?" Lauren asked and Anderson nodded "I'm here for you Cay." He said "Thanks." I said and he walked upstairs with Hope. I'm still feeding Maddie "Ashton, came in. He's buzzed. He pushed his way on me, and we had sex." I said "How do you feel about that?" Lauren asked me "I don't care for it. I don't like Ashton when he's like this. I don't like that. I can't be honest right now." I said and Lauren nodded "You need to be honest with him. I know it's scary and hard." Lauren said and I smiled at her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
The following morning while Caylee was up after Maddie woke her up and Maddie was down again Ashton came over. Caylee stepped outside on the porch with the baby monitor beside her. "We need to talk." Caylee said "I'm sorry." Ashton said "Sorry won't cut it. You used me, you basically raped me. I protested and told you to get off. You wouldn't. I don't like you drunk or high. My father died because of a drunk. Your mother is a drunk and a drug addict. Recovering but still. I love you and I don't want to see you head down the same road baby. It scares me." Caylee said and Ashton looked at her "I'm sorry Caylee. I didn't mean nothing." Ashton said "That's the thing, you never mean it. But you do. You're not nice when you are drunk or high." Caylee said "I"m sorry won't fix it, will it?" Ashton said.
"Saying I'm sorry will never fix it. You were buzz baby. It's scary." Caylee said and Ashton looked at Caylee"Are we still together?" Ashton asked "I just need my space right now. You hurt me worse than you could imagine." Caylee said "I understand Caylee." Ashton said "I sure hope so." Caylee said "Can I kiss you good-bye?" Ashton said and Caylee softly kissed Ashton's on the lips softly "Go, your Aunt knows. So go." Caylee said "I'm sorry honey." Ashton said and Caylee watched as Ashton walked off the front porch. Caylee stared at him as he walked away. Caylee knew she was going to work on her dancing today.
Ashton's Pov:
Aunt Alice met me outside "I'm not even going to tell your Uncle Carl. I'm the only one who knows. As long as you are in my house this summer you will be drugged tested now. You will not be coming home drunk or buzzed. I'm glad you didn't. But no drugs. You don't want to end up like your mother. Now you will be doing yard work today. I am disappointed in you Ashton." Aunt Alice said and that hurt worse than anything "I'm sorry." I said "I'm sorry won't cut it. You could have hurt yourself or worse somebody else." Aunt Alice said "I really am."  I said "Ashton, you are a respected man. Don't ruin that. Don't end up like your mom." Aunt Alice said and with that she walked inside and I knew it would take awhile to win her back. Even longer than Caylee I believe.
While I'm picking up the yard, I let Hoss out and we're cleaning up the yard. I don't even noticed Caylee, Lauren, and   Chelsea leave out. I'm just focusing on the yard. Anderson walks up to me "Not cool man." Anderson said "I know man. I'm not proud of myself either." I said "You hurt Caylee man." Anderson said and with that I didn't see it coming but Anderson punched me hard in the face. "What the heck?" I asked "Don't hurt Caylee." Anderson said and he didn't even help me up but he walked away. I could feel the blood gushing from my nose. I went inside and cleaned my face "What happened?!" Savannah asked me "I hit a tree." I said "Ah nice." Savannah said I knew she didn't believe me at all. "Ashton, are you done yet?" Aunt Alice asked "Cutting grass now." I said and she nodded.
Around seven I noticed Caylee, Anderson and Lauren walk up with the two girls. "GO ON." Lauren told Anderson, she was twisting his arm "I'm sorry." Anderson said "Not a problem man." I said "Come on." Lauren said and I looked at  Caylee "Cay?" I asked but Caylee didn't respond to me. "We can talk when you get back from your dad." Caylee said and I nodded at her. She was walking back to the house, she was holding Maddie in her arms now. I knew I hurt Caylee beyond words. I could tell Caylee has been dancing today, she had the dance look on her face and that just made me feel bad that I hurt her. I went inside and went into my room with Hoss following me, I was leaving tomorrow for my week trip to my dad's. 

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