It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 88 (v.1) - It's kind of a good-bye

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 Ashton's and Caylee's Pov: 
It's August 4th and Ashton and Caylee are throwing a going away party. Chelse and Caleb are leaving for Tampa tomorrow, Ashton and Caylee are leaving for New York tomorrow, Liam is leaving for home tomorrow. It's around eleven in the morning and they are setting things up so they could spend time with their family before the party. "I can't believe we leave tomorrow."  Caylee said "I know baby. But we will be back in November." Ashton said "November is so far away." Caylee said "Not that far away baby. Trust me." Ashton said and Caylee just rolled her eyes at him.
  Caylee's Pov:
After Ashton left to go spend some time with his family I came inside and Maddie was crawling around until she saw me and started to cry. "Don't cry baby girl. You're eleven months old today!" I said "Don't remind me." Sophia said and I held Maddie's hand she began taking a few steps "But she's going to learn to be walking soon! Talking soon!" I said "I know." Sophia said acting all sad. Lauren and Anderson moved into their place two days ago so they are already settled. Sam and Sassy are with them as well, saying good-bye was hard to do. "Are you all packed?" Sophia asked "Yeah." I said "This is something you don't want to worry about is it?" Sophia asked me "No, I mean we're leaving at three in the morning." I said and she looked at me "Good-byes are always the hardest part." Sophia said and I nodded in agreement. It will take us twenty hours or so to get to New York.
I glanced at Sophia and Maddie while I was getting something and I had a thought. This happens sometimes, I tell Ashton that I'm 100% fine when really I'm not. I'm doing my best to be strong through this. I imagine what it would be like, I would be pregnant. I would be a month or two months pregnant. But I would be having a child growing inside of me. But I'm not. I guess God knew what he was doing. I'm almost nineteen, not married, no education other than a high school diploma and dancing is my life so I honestly don't have time. "Your thinking about what it would have been, aren't you?" Sophia asked me "Yes." I said "It will be okay." Sophia said and I smiled at her "I know. Thanks." I said and Sophia smiled at me.
Ashton's Pov:
Once I got back to my house Abrianna and Lindsay came running up to me. "Ashy, why do you have to leave?" Abrianna asked "Because my college is so far away." I said "Are you going to come back?" Lindsay asked me "Yes I will. I promise." I said "Yay!" They said and I smiled at them. Uncle Carl came down "Do you want to go ahead and work on loading up your car? I know you will be leaving early morning." He said "Yes sir." I said and he smiled at me. We began  loading up my car and we had all my suitcases in by one. "Time to spend time with the family." He said and I nodded. The dinner/party started at five so we had four hours together. Hoss came up to me and I rubbed him. I took him on our  last jog this morning and I know I'm a man and all but I had to choke back the tears.
We spent the four hours playing games and then just talking as if this wasn't our last day together. Aunt Alice looked at me "Have you talked to your mother yet?" She asked me "No ma'am. I don't plan on it. Caylee is the love of my life and if she can't see that then it's her lost." I said and Aunt Alice nodded. Uncle Carl looked at me "Ashton, don't knock her up." He said "Yes sir. I won't." I said and he smiled at me "I regard you as a son." He said "You are like a father to me." I said and Uncle Carl nodded and he hugged me. "Are you ready for the party?" Savannah asked "Yes I am." I said "Alright let's go then." She said and I smiled at her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton and Caylee walked outside "Everything is ready. People are starting to come." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him. Ashton was wearing nice jeans and a nice polo, Caylee was wearing a cute white dress that showed off the tan she was working on all summer. Caylee's hair was all curly and down. Lauren and Anderson came over, Hope was in her stroller and Caylee smiled. "I am so glad that you came." Caylee said "I know you are." Lauren said and she hugged her. Ashton knew looking at them that it would be a very emotional night. They have only been away from each other when Lauren would go on family vacations over the summer not for a whole school year until the summer for the next four years.
Liam and Savannah went off to the swingset to spend some last minute time together alone. Abrianna and Lindsay ran up to Caylee "I'm going to miss you!" They said hugging Caylee "I'm going to miss you too!" Caylee said and they smiled at her. Jason came up "Ashton, you better take care of my little sister." Jason said "I will, I promise." Ashton said "Caylee, I know you don't need someone to look after you. But New York isn't any of the homes we have lived in. You won't have any family with you. Please be careful." Jason said "Oh Jason. "Caylee said wrapping her arms around him and hugging him. "I will be fine. I love you." Caylee said and Jason smiled at her.
The party went good, Alice said her good-byes to Caylee around eight and then she took the girls in for bed. Chelsea said her good-byes to both Ashton and Caylee. The party was ending around nine. Slowly people were saying their good-byes leaving just Ashton, Anderson, Lauren, and Caylee outside. The party was cleaned up, Sophia and Jason were in the house already. "I think we need to give the girls some privacy." Ashton said "I think you're right." Anderson said "I'm going to bring Hope inside their house." Anderson said "Alright. That's fine." Lauren said staring out at the stars.
Caylee's Pov:
After a wonderful party, the guys were going inside with Hope. Leaving Lauren and myself outside. We got off the porch and walked to the yard and laid on the grass. "Take care of my two babies." I said "I will." Lauren said "Send me updates on Miss Hope too." I said "I will." Lauren said. "You know, we have been friends for eleven years. We moved into the house when I was seven." I said "Tweleve years Cay." Lauren said "And we have only been apart during the summers when you would leave. We have been through so many things. So much heartbreak. So many guys on your end. My dad's death, my grandma's death, my miscarriage. I don't know how I'm going to handle college." I said and Lauren looked at me with tears in her eyes "The same way. I'm a Skype call away, a phone call away, a text away, a letter, email, plane ride away. Hope and I will come visit. You will visit. We will remain friends." Lauren said and I just looked at her. 
"Never forget me okay?" Lauren asked they were leaving because it was around eleven and I needed some sleep. "I won't. I will call the moment I get there." I said "Good. I love you." Lauren said "I love you too." I said and I hugged Lauren and then Anderson good-bye. "See you at four." Ashton said and I nodded. My car was all loaded up and a full tank of gas. I went to bed and when my alarm clock went off I got up and got ready. I put my last few items in my bag and then I walked downstairs. Jason and Sophia were up "Be careful. Call when you get there. Pull over if you get sleepy." Jason said "I will Jason." I said "Call." Sophia said and I nodded. "I love ya'll." I said "We love you too." Sophia said. And they followed me outside where Ashton was waiting.

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