It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - It's kind of a boring thing

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Caylee's Pov:
I went inside after my conversation with Ashton and changed into my moose pajama bottoms and tank top. I sat out on the porch and I was texting Lauren it was ten here and seven over there. Me: I have my first re-over date tomorrow. Lauren: Don't screw it up. Be yourself, the self you are with me. Me: I will I'm nervous though. Lauren: That's normal Cay. I have a date tonight with Nick, I will talk to you later. I put my phone up and Liam and Savannnah walked up "I will see you tomorrow." Liam said "Okay." Savannah said and Liam kissed her good-night and walked up the porch "How long have you been here?" He asked "long enough." I said and he smiled "have you and Ashton kissed?" Liam asked "nope." I said "Caylee." Liam said shaking his head and I slapped him. Grandma Mary walked up "let's go in." She said and I made us three drinks "Tomorrow I'm going to the studios, will you be fine?" Grandma asked Liam "Yes ma'am." He said "I feel bad, we're here to spend time with you and the rest of the family." I said "Caylee, I want you guys to be happy. And if you're happy playing with Ashton's heart then go for it. But a guy won't wait around forever." Grandma Mary said "I know." I said and then after they discussed their day we all went to bed.
I got up at five and I got my dance clothes in the bag and then Grandma Mary walked down and smiled at me "You ready to go?" She asked me and I smiled "Yes ma'am." I said and Grandma Mary actually let me drive. I changed into my dance clothes and I did my warm up. "You're the first one here, so let's work on your solo." Abby said and I did "Keep your leg up higher. Straight." "Move like this!" "Keep your head straight. Smile. Keep your emotions right." Abby said "Do the leap right. Not like you're doing." Abby said and I took her comments to heart, I'm an excellent dancer. "Okay, that's a wrap. You have a ways to go." Abby said and I nodded. Allie came up and smiled at me "I thought you did good." Allie said and I nodded. We did the group routine and she kept calling us all on our moves.
We finally finished around two and we were told to go home. It was Tuesday now and we had until Saturday. "I'm going to stay longer." Grandma Mary said "I will walk." I said "Okay, I love you dear." She said "I love you too." I said and I grabbed my bag and walked out. "She thinks she special. Getting special treatment." Aubrey said "I know. She comes earlier to get a private session." Casey said and this time I didn't feel Allie speak up "She wants to date Ashton." Allie said "Ashton? Amber's Ashton?" Casey said "Yes." Allie said "That's it. She's gone." Aubrey said. And I stepped out and they all shot me a dirty look "that's okay." I said and didn't even bother to turn around "What you think you're something speical because your Grandma runs the studio?" Aubrey asked "No, I just won't stoop to the childish level." I said "Stay away from Ashton." Allie said "I don't think so." I said and I didn't bother staying to hear more come backs, I went the way home.
I got home and Ashton was in the yard playing fetch with Hoss, I set my bag on the steps and walked over to Ashton "I'm supposed to stay away from you. So let me shower and then we can go?" I asked and Ashton stared at me "Okay." He said and a smiled formed on his face. I took my bag and went into the house and took a shower and wore my favorite denim shorts and my black sparkly shirt and I curled my hair and applied my makeup and grabbed my flip-flops. "I"m ready when you are." I said coming back outside, I had already called Grandma and let her know I wasn't going to be home that I was going out with Ashton. "There's a carnvial at the boardwalk, do you want to walk to it?" Ashton asked me "Sure. Let's go." I said and he smiled at me.
I walked slowly beside him and this time I grabbed his hand first and Ashton smiled at me "Are you sure?" Ashton asked "I am." I said and Ashton smiled at me and he didn't complain. "How was dance?" Ashton asked me "It was horrible. I wasn't doing my dance right, I'm not as good of a dancer as I thought." I said and he squeezed my hand "And because my grandma owns it, I'm getting special treatment." I said "That isn't true." Ashton said "I know but they don't care." I said and Ashton smiled at me. "Oh and lastly that I better stay away from you because you are off limits." I said "You're not listening." Ashton said "I see no need in listening to them." I said and Ashton smiled "You made a couple enemies you know." Ashton said "Yeah I know." I said and I looked ahead and saw some rides so I knew we were getting closer. "Liam and Savannah are here." Ashton said "They really like each other." I said "Yeah they do. They're a cute couple too." Ashton said and I smiled.

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