It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 90 (v.1) - It's kind of homesick

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Ashton's Pov:
Alex and Jake are in the common room so I sat down on the couch, they had a Xbox 360 hooked up "What game?" I asked "Black Ops." Jake said "Cool." I said "So your girlfriend is roommate with my girlfriend?" Jake asked "Yeah, I didn't know that." I said "Yeah. Lexie. We have a daughter together." Jake said "Oh cool." I said and Alex looked at me "You okay man?" He asked "Yeah. I'm going to go look around a bit." I said and I grabbed my keys and I walked outside. Without Caylee here, I will admit I'm already getting homesick for Florida, homesick for Hoss. I wonder how Caylee is taking the news of being friends with someone else who has a daughter. I know she isn't 100% fine that it's just an act but I didn't want to push it. I know this move will do good for her on forgetting her past.
I went home around nine and then instead of crashing I looked at the guys, they were still playing the game. "Do you want to split the cost of a pizza?" I asked "Yeah." They said "Dude, is that your high score?" I asked "Yeah, pretty awesome. Right?" Jake asked "No. I can do so much better than that." I said "Dude hand him the remote." Alex said and Jake handed me the remote by midnight I had beaten their high score. "You are an excellent game player." Jake said "Yeah, I have spent many of nights playing games." I said "Are you doing Football? You look like a Football player." Alex said "Yeah, I'm trying out." I said and Jake nodded. "Alright, let's do a three player game." I said "Good old fashion Mario cart?" Jake asked "You're on." I said and we stayed up until three in the morning playing games before we crashed.
I slowly moved to my bed and it felt weird. It's not my room in Florida, it's not my room. I don't have Hoss in here with me. I woke up at five and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore so I got up.I changed into my jogging clothes and I went on a jog around the place. It felt weird jogging without Hoss. But when I got back to the place around seven, the two guys were still crashed. I got my shower stuff and I went into the common bathroom where we will be sharing with the rest of the rooms in the wing. I got in a shower and after I got done showering I changed into my clothes for the day and then I went into the rooms and I sat down. I was going to go get breakfast soon. Caylee was going to spend the morning with Lexie so I was on my own.
Caylee's Pov:
I went into my room around nine and I got on my laptop and then I had an incoming Skype call from Lauren "Lauren-boo!" I said and Lauren smiled at me "How's your dorm room?" Lauren asked "Would you like to see?" I asked "Yes." Lauren said and I showed her my room "nice. Want to see your babies?" Lauren asked me "Yeah." I said and she showed me Sassy, Sam and Hope. Hope was laying on Sam and Sassy was laying there as well. "Aw I miss them all so much. I miss you too!" I said "I miss you too! Any new friends?" Lauren asked "Yeah a girl name Lexie. She's in all my classes. She has a daughter, Brooke." I said "Aw! Well I'm going to put Hope down. I love you!" Lauren said "I love you too!" I said and then we ended the call.
I woke up at six and I changed into my jogging clothes and I had my contacts in and then I put my shoes on. I walked outside and then Lexie was there "Are you going jogging?" Lexie asked me "Yes, do you want to come along?"  I asked "Yeah!" Lexie said and then we went jogging around Juillard. This was weird without Sam. "This is so beautiful." Lexie said "I agree. I love it here." I said. After we got done jogging around seven thirty we went home and then got our showering stuff and took a shower. "How weird was that?" Lexie asked "So weird." I said "Are you ready to go?" Lexie asked "Sure. How though?" I asked "Taxi. It's in Manhattan." Lexie said and I nodded at her, and a Taxi came and she gave the driver the address.
"This is where I grew up." Lexie said I was standing in front of a huge beautiful house. We walked inside and I instantly heard a baby cry. "Lexie, is that you?" I heard a woman voice ask "Yes mom, I brought a friend too." Lexie said "Come get Brooke." She said "Come on." Lexie said, Brooke is three months old. Brooke was a mini-Lexie, the same baby blue eyes and curly brown hair. "Mom, this is Caylee." Lexie said "It's nice to meet you ma'am." I said "You too." She said "I will leave you two alone. Are you going to take Brooke on the tour?" Lexie's mom asked "Yes mom. I will bring her home before bed. She needs to see Jake too." Lexie said "That's fine." Lexie's mom said. "Are you ready to go?" Lexie asked me "Yes." I  said and she fixed Brooke's diaper bag.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee and Lexie showed up at Columbia around nine am, Brooke was in her stroller. The girls made their way up to Ashton's dormroom. "Brooke is adorable." I said "Thank you." Lexie said smiling at me. Ashton answered the door, "Hey the guys are still crashed out." Ashton said "Not for long." Lexie said rolling Brooke in and heading into their room. "Hey baby, how was your first night?" Ashton asked "it will take some getting used to. Did you stay up most of the night playing games?" Caylee asked "Yes." Ashton admitted "Would you like to view the town? I want to ride the subway." Caylee admitted "Sure, what about Lexie?" Ashton asked "Lex?" Caylee asked "Yeah?" Lexie asked "We are going to tour the town, ride the Subway. Want to meet me at the bookstore around three?" Caylee asked "Yes, Brooke will still be with me." Lexie said "Good. See you then." Caylee said.
Ashton and Caylee held hands as they walked "Are you ready for the first day?" Ashton asked "let's see, it's in three days and I don't even have my textbook. I mean I don't need many, since it's mostly dance classes." Caylee said "Do you have your books?" Caylee asked "no, I'm getting that later with the guys." Ashton said and Caylee nodded. They walked to the subways and then they paid, they ended up getting off at the 9/11 spot and they toured that. "I still get chills over remembering that day." Caylee said "I do too. I guess we need to head back. We will go to Juillard and say good-bye." Ashton said "That's fine." Caylee said and then she kissed his lips softly.
Ashton and Caylee managed to steal the last two seats available. But at one stop a very pregnant woman with two little kids came in "You can have our seats." Caylee said "Thank you very much." She said and Caylee held on to the railing. "Are you having fun yet?" Ashton asked "I am. Are you?" Caylee asked me "Yes." Ashton said and Ashton leaned in and kissed Caylee's lips softly. Once they got off Ashton held Caylee's hand again and they walked over to Juillard. They made it right on time "There's Lexie and Brooke. Call me." Caylee said "Always. I love you baby." Ashton said "I love you too." Caylee said kissing his lips softly.
Caylee's Pov:
After we got the books, Lexie's mom came and got Brooke and then we changed into our dance clothes. "I can't believe we're trying out the studio!" Lexie said "I know it's very exciting!" I said and she smiled at me. "Have you meet our other roommates yet?" Lexie asked me "Nope." I said and we have six other roommates and we have three showers and two sinks in our room. But once we walked in I saw all six "Okay, we need to get to know each other." One said. Lexie and I sat down in the group "Caylee Blevins, California girl. Dancer." I said "Alexis Burton, New Yorker, dancer." Alexis said "Freshmen." We added. "Rory Walkers, Texas, Sophomore, Music." One girl said "Cayla Easter, Ohio, Junior, Music." Another said, "Amy Williams. South Carolina. Senior. Drama." She said "Hayden Lyons, Alabama, drama, freshmen." "Colie Johnson, New York, Freshmen,Dancer." "Megan Woods, Nebraska, senior drama." She said.
After we all talked and became friends Lexie and I went into the studio "Let me show you the dance that got me in." I said "Yay!" Lexie said and I pressed play and the "Give Me Love." Began playing and I did my normal routine that got me in here. I did it flawless. "Wonderful! I see how you got in. Want to see mine?" Lexie asked "Of course!" I said and she did it to "You & I by Ingrid Michaelson" Lexie is an excellent dancer "I love it!" I said "Thank you. I'm ready to begin my four years here." Lexie said "Me too! This has always been my dream." I said "I agree! I'm just glad I can do this even after I got pregnant." Lexie said and I smiled at her.
Ashton's Pov:
After saying good-bye to Caylee I met the guys at the bookstore, and we got all the books I would need this semester. I'm in my Public Speaking class, English 111, Psychology 122, Math 151, Communications 166, and then a History class that I would need. When we got back we saw our other roommates, altogether there are five of us guys here. Mike Johnson is a senior, and then Jak Woods is a Junior. I don't get why they would be living in a dorm room but I guess it might be cheaper. "I think we need to go find our classes." Jake said "Agreed and then order pizza since we never did do that." I said and after we found all of our classes, yes same classes. We ordered pizza and then stayed up all night again playing video games. I know I will be spending a lot of my time in the common room playing video games. But I still miss home, New York will never be my permanent home. Just temporary. 

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