It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 91 (v.1) - It's kind of a new fling

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Ashton's Pov:
It's August 11th, 2014 my first day as a college student. And I stayed up last night way too late playing video games. Even after Aunt Alice called telling me to go to bed, I stayed up. Now I have hit the snoozed button at least three times and I'm getting an incoming call. "Hello?" I asked not bothering to look at caller ID "Get your butt out of bed! And get ready!" Aunt Alice ordered "Yes ma'am." I said bolting out of bed and getting ready. "Do you have all your books  in your bag?" Aunt Alice asked me "Yes ma'am. I don't have time for breakfast will eat later. Love you." I said "love you too." She said hanging up on me. I wonder if Caylee is up yet. It's Monday so I have my Public Speaking class 8:00-9:30, English 111 10-11:30, and Psychology 122 12:00-1:30. I got the move on and made it to class at 7:59, Jake and Alex were already sitting down "I tried waking you man." Alex said and I nodded.
The first day of Public speaking was good. We had a lot of notes and we already had an assignment due Wednesday that we had to work on. I focused on the notes and then our group walked to the coffee vendor outside to get a cup of coffee. "During the weekdays we can not stay up late." I said "Dude, you were crashed." Alex said "I know." I said "Who woke you up?" Jake asked "My aunt did." I said and Jake laughed. "I figured it was that or Caylee." Alex said "I didn't even bother to see if she was up." I admitted "Oh Caylee is up." Jake said "Lexie?" I asked "Yes." Jake said and I smiled at him. My English 111 class was good, but man are we going to be doing a ton of work this semester, a lot of term papers. One paper that we have due Wednesday. My Psychology class went really good too, and now I have all afternoon to work on my work since Caylee has classes until five.
Once back to the dormroom I went into mine and sat my desk. I called Aunt Alice "How did it go Ash?" She asked me "It went good. Things were good. I have a ton of work to do. Thank you for waking me up." I said "No problem. Now work on your assignment." Aunt Alice said and we hung up. I worked on my Public Speaking homework first and then my English assignment, and then my Psychology and I was done with my work by four o'clock. I have an hour before Caylee is home and then I know Caylee has homework to do. "Want to go to the gym?" I asked Jake and Alex "Sure. We are done with our homework too. College is not the time to slack off." Alex said and I nodded "I don't think so either." I said and we went to the gym.
Caylee's Pov:
My alarm clock went off at five, I have three hours to get to class. I went on a quick half hour jog with Lexie. And then we both took a shower. I was dressed in my jeans and my sparkly black tank top with my hair straight and my makeup on by seven AM. I texted Ashton to see if he was up and I didn't hear anything. We made a quick breakfast with all of the girls and then we all headed to our classes. Colie is in the same classes as us so we are all walking together. My phone rang "Hello?" I asked "Hey Cay, making sure you're up. Have a good first day!" Lauren said "Love you!" I said and that happened two more times by Sophia and Jason. We all sat at the same spot during Juill 101, where we took notes and  really paid attention during class. Hayden was even in our class as well since this was required for all of the majors.
Our next class was Dance 000 was about Ballet Technique which was where we learned more about Ballet. We were given the specific dance uniform to wear during classes that we are in where we have to dance. After we took the notes we were directed on how to do it. "Remember this is Juillard, not dancing in your bedroom. You have to dance excellent or we will belittle you until you can't do it no more. We will either make you or break you." My instructor said and I exchanged glances with Lexie and Colie. After class we changed back into our clothes but kept the tops on. We got a quick water before we headed to our next class, it was now Dance 001 which was modern dance technique, we did the study of Cunningham during class today and we were told to work on one of that pieces in a group of three.
It's now Dance 002 which is all about partnering, where they discussed how we would have to work with different partners. My partner for this semester will be Evan Farmer a very tall, lean cute guy. This semester will be on contemporary dance moves. "I'm Evan." He said as we were warming up together "I'm Caylee." I said "Good, can't wait to see how you do." Evan said and I smiled at him. We had to work on a piece by Wednesday so we agreed for tonight "Are you sure?" Evan asked "Yes, we can do it at my place around seven?" I asked "Sure, fine by me." Evan said and I smiled at him. After Dance 002 we went to DSDAN 101-2 my last class for my first day in college. We went over how we will be working with guest choreographers throughout the year and then how we need to take notes and focus.
Ashton's Pov:
I got a text from Caylee telling me that she won't be able to see me tonight because she has a ton of homework and then an important dance she needs to work on. I said that was okay and that I understand. "Would you like to go out tonight?" Alex asked me "Sure. Where?" I asked "Not far. My mom's house." Alex said "Fine by me. Jake you coming?" I asked "yeah, I have to get my Brooke fixed." Jake said and I nodded "Is Lexie going to be coming?" I asked "Nope, she has too much homework." Jake said "Caylee said the same thing." I said and he nodded "It's busy." Jake said and I nodded in agreement I'm glad I'm not a dancer because I know it's a tough job. But Caylee loves doing this, it makes her happy.
Caylee's Pov:
We get to the dormroom at 5:45 and we plop down on the couch "Dinner?" Colie asked me "Has to be healthy." I said "salads ordered?" Lexie asked "Call." I said and so she did, we had salads and healthy water for dinner and then we worked on our homework until six thirty and we still had more to do. "Heading over to Lance's for the dance." Colie said "Have fun!" I said "Evan is pretty cute." Colie said "Is he? I'm taken so I didn't notice." I said "Yes you did, you were drooling over him." Colie said and I smiled at her "Okay I admit." I said "Chance is coming over for our rehearsal too. I told Jake about it. Did you tell Ashton?" Lexie asked "Not yet." I said and before we could discuss it even more we heard a knock. I got up and standing in the door was Evan in his dance clothes.
I got my Ipod touch and my Ipod dock and we went over to the private studio. "Where are you from?" Evan asked me while we were warming up before we began "California. You?" I asked "Tennessee." Evan said and I smiled at him. "I haven't really seen many male dancers." I said "Well my dream is to be on Broadway. Yes I'm straight." Evan said and I smiled at him. "Well we have to do a dance on Hometown Glory." I said "Okay let's begin on it." Evan said and I nodded at him. I was lucky enough to have that on my Ipod so I hit play. We came together and did the typical two hand hold. Dancing together, and then when the music got going more I did a dance where I slid under him with him holding my hand and he caught me and he lifted me over his head holding me there for a couple of minutes. Then I did my typical back aerial, and we both did the leg position where we held one of our legs up and spun around. I did then a leap and he caught me again and held me in the air. 
We worked on that dance until about ten o'clock "I think we have it down." Evan said "I think so too. You are a great dancer." I admitted "So are you." Evan said and we were literally so close we could be touching each other. "Care to do it one more time? This time slow motion?" Evan asked "Sure." I said and we did it and at the end Evan leaned in close enough to kiss me but my phone went off "Oh sorry." I said looking to see that it was Ashton "I have to take this. Sorry. See you tomorrow." I said "Yeah, I will show my way out." Evan said and I nodded. "Hello?" I asked "Hey baby. I just wanted to stay good-night. I love you." Ashton said "I love you too. Good-night baby." I said and we hung up. I quickly called Lauren before I told Lexie "My dance partner for the partnering class, is good looking. He's a great dancer too. He tried kissing me." I said "You need to tell Ashton, and tell Evan you're taken." Lauren said " I don't want Ashton to get upset." I said "Well you need to be honest Cay." Lauren said.
The following morning Ashton and I actually met at six Am, I was already dressed and had my supplies ready for my classes today. "I need to tell you about my dance partner." I  said "Alright." Ashton said "He's kind of attractive according to my friends. But he tried kissing me." I said "Tell him how you feel baby. I'm not mad at you. I know you're stuck with him all year. I trust you." Ashton said "Thank you baby." I said and I kissed him good-bye so he could go to his classes. And   Evan texted asking if he could meet me for coffee so I walked back to Juillard and met him. "Look, I know I don't know you. But just by dancing with you I could tell that we would be perfect for each other." Evan said "That's all sweet. But we need to be just partners, friends. I have a boyfriend who I am very happy with." I said "Oh, well friends is cool too. But just know that I like you and you give me passion. I  can feel the passion when we dance. And once you two break up I will make my move on you." Evan said and with that he leaned in and kissed me on the lips softly and then he left saying "I will see you in class Caylee." Oh man, what am I going to do? 

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