It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 92 (v.1) - It's kind of a disagreement

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Ashton's Pov:
After Caylee and I met for a cup of coffee I was ready to go and punch Evan in the face. But I had to go to class. My first morning class today was Math 151. I sat down with Jake and Alex and they both glanced at me. "There's a guy who has a crush on my girl. He's a dancer." I said and Alex stared at me "You trust Caylee don't you?" Jake asked "I do. I really do." I said and then we focused on the math for the rest of class time and I took my notes and then I copied down the homework assignment and then we went to get some breakfast before our next class.
The next class was communications and we all focused on that and then I took the notes, it was 11:30 when we got out of class and then I called Caylee "Hey baby." Caylee said "how did it go?" I asked "Well he will respect me. We are just dance partners." Caylee said "Good. I want to see you tonight." I said "Evan is coming back over tonight. Would you like to come?" Caylee asked "Yes I would." I said "Alright then I will see you when you come. I will be home at 5:45." Caylee said "Okay, I love you." I said "I love you too." Caylee said and we hung up the phone. Do I really trust Caylee? I do. It's Evan I don't trust. Caylee is my girlfriend, not his.
My last class for the day was a History class. I am not looking forward to History. It's not one of my best classes but I know it is needed. I am going to have a little talk with Evan tonight that is for sure. After History which was at 1:30 I went to my dorm room and I did my homework. After I finished my homework I just went to the gym and worked out for a bit and then I changed into decent clothes and then I went to China town and got chinese food for the girls, I figured they would like that. And then I realized they need to eat healthy so I ate the chinese for myself and then went to a local health freak place and got nothing but healthy food for them. Something that I knew they would like.
Caylee's Pov:
After the talked with Ashton, I went to my class. My mind wasn't on the classwork but this was day two. The first class was DSDAN 161-2  which was about Elements Of Performing, which we will learn the difference between displaying  movement and communcating it with the audience. And we had no homework for this class, just watch a video about both styles and write a paragraph about it. We went to get a bottle of water afterward "I have never been on a health kick until now." Lexie admitted "I haven't either. I'm not into the healthy food." I said "It's just gross." Colie said "I agree." I said and they smiled at me "how did Ashton take the news?" Colie asked me "Not so good. He trusts me but I know he doesn't like Evan." I said and they smiled at me "He is such an understanding boyfriend." Colie said "I agree."  Lexie said and I smiled at them.
The following class was DSDAN 111-2 which was about Dance composition, where we are learning about how a dance is made more about that. I took my notes and then I focused on that. We didn't have any work due Thursday so  I was glad for that. My next class was THUMS 111-2D where we discussed Music studies for dance about how it affect dancing. There was a glitch when my schedule for Tuesdays is 161-2 is 8-9:30, 111-2 was from 10-11:30, and then THUMS was from 12-1:30. We had some homework for this but it wasn't much for this class. My last class was LARTS 112 which was from 2:00-3:00. The class was about is about Ethics- consience and the good life. This seems to be a very interesting class.
After class my phone rang and I looked at the caller ID: MOM I hit answer even though after the day I had I thought about not answering it but I slid my phone to hit answer. "Hello mom." I said and "Hello Caylee. How is Juillard?" My mom asked me "Juillard is good. I'm having fun. I've made new friends." I said "Are you learning anything?" she asked me "Yes ma'am. The dance instructor is very strict." I said and my mom was silent "Mom?" I asked "I think you should have went to a regular college. Like Lauren." My mom said "What do you mean?" I  asked "Lauren is going to school to be a Nurse." My mom said "Yeah, and?" I asked "What are you going to school for? To work on your dancing career." My mom said "Yes, and?" I asked "You have a slim  chance of going far with that career while Nurses are needed everywhere." My mom said "Well I'm sorry I'm not perfect mom. I'm not Lauren, who's a mom." I said "She's done a lot even if she did become pregnant her senior year." My mom said.
"I know you're not daddy. But you can at least be a little bit supportive. Daddy would have been proud. But no, I'm your only daughter. And you don't really give a flip. I'm not Landon, Bryan or Sean, I'm Caylee. I know I get treated differently. But daddy was at every dance recital, every compeition. You don't go unless your dragged to it. I'm an excellent dancer mom. Even if I don't make it on Broadway I do have a dance studio to fall on. Dancing is my life and daddy supported me. I know you could care less about supporting me. So how about since I'm not the perfect daughter when people ask you if you have a daughter you tell them you don't." I said "Caylee don't be so cold." My mom said "You don't love my choice of life. Daddy would have beeen behind me 1000% and you aren't even there for me." I said and with that I hung up on her.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton met Caylee outside of Juillard when he pulled up and Ashton could see the tears running down Caylee's face. "Caylee, what happened?" Ashton asked "My mom and I had a huge fight." Caylee said "My mom doesn't understand why I'm not like Lauen." Caylee said and Ashton just hugged Caylee "It's okay baby. I have some nice health food for all of us." Ashton said "You smell like chinese." Caylee admitted "Well I had chinese food." Ashton said and Caylee rolled her eyes. They walk into Caylee's suite and Lexie and Colie were already waiting "Homework is done!" They said "Mine is too." Caylee admitted "Oh you brought food!" Lexie said looking at him."Yes. Here you girls go." He said handing them some of the food. "Yuck!" All three girls said "I know a great pizza place." Ashton said "Healthy food." Caylee said "One night?" Lexie asked "Agreed." Caylee said.
Caylee and Ashton went into Caylee's room and Caylee changed into her dance clothes and then she pulled her hair into a bun. "Caylee, things will be okay. You are an amazing dancer." Asthon said "I am?" Caylee asked "Yes baby. I'm proud of you." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him kissing his lips softly. They were having a makeout session but then there was a knock at the door "Pizza is here!" Colie said "Coming!" Caylee said and they went into the living room and they ate their pizza. "We are going to burn off the calories anyways!" Colie said "Yeah, I gotta go see my dance partner." Colie said "have fun!" Caylee said and then Colie left and Lexie's partner showed up.
Evan showed up at six "Hey Caylee." Evan said looking at Caylee not even glancing at Ashton "This is Ashton my boyfriend." Caylee said "Nice to meet you Ashton. Caylee is a wonderful girl." Evan said "Nice to meet you too. I'm a lucky guy." Ashton said "Becareful or I might try to steal him from you." Evan said "Yeah." Ashton said keeping his eye on Caylee. "Let's begin on our dance. Ashton is going to sit in and watch." Caylee said and Evan nodded "Fine by me. But dude you know you can trust Cayleee." Evan said "I know. I want to see my girlfriend's dance." Ashton said and Evan nodded. They worked on their dance and Ashton kept his eye on Caylee to make sure that things were okay. You could tell that Ashton didn't care too much for Evan. 
Ashton's Pov:
Right at the end I realized it was time to go home "I'm heading home. Great dance." I said "Alright. I love you." Caylee said going to kiss my lips softly. "Nice to meet you again Ian." I said "It's Evan." He said "Oh yeah. Sorry." I said "Seriously what's your deal?" Evan asked me "I don't trust you. I don't like you" I said "I'm Caylee's dancer for the semester and maybe even year. You have to like me. I will be spending more time with your girlfriend than you will." Evan said "Stop it!" Caylee said and Evan looked at her "I will see you tomorrow in class." Evan said taking his bag and leaving. After Evan left I looked at Caylee "I'm sorry baby." I said "Don't be. You had every right. But now that you did it, I don't think it's wise if you stay during the time we practice." Caylee said "I understand. I'm sorry about things.I love you baby." I said "I love you too." Caylee said and I smiled at her before I left. 

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