It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 93 (v.1) - It's kind of a mess

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Caylee's Pov:
Ashton left mad and upset so I just sulked into my room and got my pajam bottoms and my tank top and then my bathroom supplies with my towels. I went to the bathroom and turned my water on. I stripped and then I got in the shower. I was going to wash away my day even if I do have classes tomorrow morning. I'm not going to admit this to anybody else, especially my mother but I know this year is going to be hard on me. I mean it's August 12th, and I will be nineteen in three days but I don't even want to celebrate my birthday anymore. After the shower I changed into my pajama bottoms and my tank top, I wrapped my hair in the towel and then I went to the common room and sat on the couch. Lexie came in "I managed to put Brooke down before I left." Lexie said "Is it hard?" I asked "no, I mean being away from her yes. I'm anxious for Thursday to come because after I do my homework you won't see me until Sunday night." Lexie said "My birthday is the 15th." I said "Aww. You will see me then." Lexie said and I smiled at her.
I woke up at five o'clock and Lexie and I went on our jog and then we got back to the suite. I put on my denim skirt and then my Dance T-shirt with my sandals, I was going to enjoy the last few warm days. I pulled my hair up into the bun and then I didn't even bother to wear makeup. We went through the motions in class, then during the partner class I had to see Evan. "Hello beautiful." Evan said smiling at me. Okay he is really starting to get on my nerves. I am not losing my boyfriend over this. When it was our turn to do the dance we did it, and Evan made sure to hold me for an extra minute longer at the end and then he put me down. The dance instructor was silent with us, she was quick to tell the others what they did wrong and that made me nervous. "See. That is how you dance. These are two possible Broadway dancers." She said quickly and then went on with her business.  I can't believe she just said that!!!!!!!
After the last class at five-thirty I got a phone call from Lauren "Hey!! I have a secret!" Lauren said "What's that? You on baby number two?" I asked jokingly "No! Not for a while. But Miss Hope and I are coming up. I don't begin until the 20th so I'm flying up on Thursday and staying until Sunday. If that's okay?" Lauren asked "Where will you stay?" I asked "At a hotel close by." Lauren said "Of course that is fine!" I said "Good! See you then!" Lauren said and then we hung up. When we got back to the suites, I didn't even bother to text Ashton because I know he was still mad at me so I focused on my homework which we finished by six thirty and then we went to the cafe for some healthy food and then we came back home to relax all anxious for tomorrow.
Ashton's Pov:
I went to my dorm room and straight to my room. I wasn't in the mood for anybody's crap. I wasn't mad at Caylee I was just mad at Evan. I focused on a little bit of homework I haven't done yet and then I crashed. I knew I had to go get Caylee's birthday present tomorrow. I had honestly forgotten all about Friday being her birthday because I was caught up in the first week of school. I know next semester will be different, I know I will have some Friday classes but for now I'm enjoying the no classes on Friday because it feels so nice. I went to bed early for once since I have been here. I miss Hoss, I miss Aunt Alice, I miss the girls, I miss Uncle Carl I just want to go home for a weekend. 
I woke up at five and I went for my morning jog which felt different without Hoss but I will adjust to it, it's only the third day of class. I took a shower when I got back and then I changed into some decent clothes. I went through all my classes during the day and I was done around 1:30 and then I did my homework for the rest of the day before four o'clock. I got done studying and then I put my bookbag in my dorm room and changed into workout clothes, Alex and I headed to the gym. Jake was visiting with Brooke so it was going to be just us two. "How do you like Colubmia so far?" I asked "It's great. Better than high school. Are you still mad at Cay?" Alex asked me "I wasn't mad at her. I just don't like Evan. I was upset at him. He has a thing for Caylee." I said "Um dude, Caylee is beautiful. Every guy will try to flirt with her.  Until you ruin her body. Every guy will flirt with her." Alex said "Ruin her body how?" I asked amused by his charms.  "By getting her pregnant. That's what Jake did to Lex." Alex said "I wouldn't do that to Caylee." I said and he just looked at me.
After we worked out which we finished around five thirty, I didn't text Caylee because I went to the local store and brought a dozen roses for Caylee. I was going to romance her. I got her a stuffed I love New York shirt and then a stuffed Juillard bear from the bookstore before I headed up to Caylee's suite. I spotted Evan with a girl and I sighed "Hey man!" He said "hey." I said "I realized Caylee was taken so I moved on." He said "That's good." I said "Keep her. She's a good girl. An excellent dancer." Evan said "Yeah, she's amazing." I admitted "She does love you." Evan said "Thanks man." I said and Evan nodded at me like it was no big deal at all.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee was about to head out to clear her mind when she opened the door to see Ashton standing at the door with his arms full. "Caylee, I'm sorry. I got jealous. I saw how good looking he was. And how you two have something in common and I got jealous." Ashton said and before he could say anything else Caylee kissed his lips softly. "Ashton Jacob Wakefield you are the only guy I will ever fully love. My first and last. You are not getting rid of me that easily." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at her "These are for you." Ashton said "Did you forget my birthday?" Caylee asked joking "Nope, it's Friday." Ashton said proudly "Why yes it is. Do you want a cookie or a medal?" Caylee asked "You." Ashton said "Come on in. Let me get my vase." Caylee said and Ashton smiled.
When they sat down outside at a frozen yogurt place, it was already getting chilly at night something neither of them are really used to. "Sometimes I sit out here, I know three days. But I think what am I doing in New York." Caylee admitted "You are following your dream baby." Ashton said "But New York. Freezing. I'm just a simple dancer." Caylee said "No you aren't." Ashton said "The instructor bashed every duet this morning but ours. She said that we are possible Broadway dancers. That's my dream." Caylee said and Ashton smiled "Alex told me that in order to get guys to quit flirting with you is to ruin your awesome body." Ashton said "By knocking me up?" Caylee asked "Yes. But I could NEVER do that to you on purpose right now. Dancing is your life." Ashton said and Caylee flashed him her perfect smile.
"When I dance I feel like I'm making my dad proud of me still. I know he would be so proud of his baby girl." Caylee said "He would be proud of you no matter what way you went." Ashton said "You think so?" Caylee asked "Yeah. What are you doing for your birthday?" Ashton asked "I"m not sure. Lauren and Hope are coming up!" Caylee said "Good. Have you heard from Chelsea?" Ashton asked "Yeah, they settled in good. She loves it. Kyle loves daycare." Caylee said "Abri and Linds miss you." Ashton said "They miss you too. Do you miss home?" Caylee asked softly "I do. Do you miss home?" Ashton asked "I do. As in Florida. I miss Lauren, Hope, your family, Jason, Maddie, Sophia. Sam and Sassy." Caylee said "It's weird not having Hoss around." Ashton said "I love you." Caylee said changing the subject because she knew she would cry "I love you too." Ashton said kissing her lips softly.
Ashton's Pov:
I walked Caylee back to her suite and then I kissed her lips softly. "I love you." I  said "I love you too." Caylee said and then I walked back to Columbia, it was ten o'clock now. Jake and Alex were playing video games. "We're almost done." They said "Oh." I said "You want to play?" Alex asked "nah, I'm going to crash." I said "Night." They said and I went into my room and I got a phone call "Hello?" I asked "I miss you Ash."  Savannah said "I miss you too Savannah. How is everything?" I asked "Fine. Hoss is like a loss puppy. Can I put you on speaker?" Savannah asked "Sure." I said and then "Hey Hoss. I miss you buddy. Be good. Don't make Savannah go crazy." I said "He's looking. Cocking his head." Savannah said "Are you enjoying the last few days of summer?" I asked "Yeah, Liam already left. Oh Sophia and Jason are coming up to surprise Caylee." Savannah said "Good. She needs that." I said "I know. Good-night Ash. I love you." Savannah said "I love you too." I said hanging up on her.
Caylee's Pov:
After Ashton left I went and changed into my pajamas and was sitting in the common room on my laptop when Lexie came in "How was it?" I asked "Good. Jake was there so it was nice to spend some family time." Lexie said "Do you ever regret here?" I asked "It's a once in a lifetime chance. I don't. Missing on Brooke's daily life is the worse part." Lexie said "Don't listen to Alex. Don't get knocked up." Lexie said "Oh I won't." I said and she smiled at me. "Did you two make up yet?" Lexie asked "Yeah. Oh my friend and her daughter are coming up." I said "Cool. Maybe we can do a playdate?" Lexie asked "of course. Hope will be five months on the 16th." I said and Lexie smiled at me. "You are home sick aren't you?" Lexie asked "Yeah. It's only been three days." I said "You will be there in two months." Lexie said and I smiled at her and then for a couple of weeks in December before the new semester begins, then spring break and then summer. "No dorm room next year." I said and Lexie nodded "we need to live in the same apartment building." Lexie said "Agreed." I said. Maybe being in New York won't be so bad. 

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