It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 94 (v.1) - It's kind of a perfect night

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Ashton's Pov:
After class today, after I got my homework done I got in my car. Something I haven't driven all week. I got into the city and found Caylee the perfect leather jacket for her birthday. After I got her gifts wrapped (A bracelet) I went to the JFK and I smiled when I saw the people. "She still doesn't know does she?" Jason asked me "Nope, not at all." I said and he smiled at me "We're sharing the hotelroom with Lauren and Hope." Sophia said and I smiled at her. Sophia, and Jason decided to surprise Caylee for her birthday by coming up here for a visit. Caylee has no clue. We got back in the car and then I dropped them off at the hotel. I smiled at them and then I went home and wasn't really paying attention I was waiting for the phone call. We were going to go out to dinner tonight, China town. This weekend Caylee was cheating on her diet.
Caylee's Pov:
After a long day of class when it was really until three PM, so two hours shorter than Monday and Wednesdays. I get to the student parking lot and I got my bag in the car and then I drove to the JFK airport, I have really missed my baby. I arrive at the airport early so I wait. I see Lauren and a stroller pushing their way through the crowd. "Lauren!" I said waving my hand this way "Caylee!" Lauren said and she rushed over to me and she hugged me. "I've missed you!" We said at the same time smiling. "Any bags?" I asked "Just my carry on." Lauren said and I smiled at her "Well let's get going." I said and Lauren smiled at me. We went to the car and then I turned the radio down, I had it blasting on the way here. "How was your flight?" I asked "It was good, can you believe you will be nineteen?" Lauren asked me and I smiled at her.
We drove up to the hotel "Park and come in please?" Lauren asked me "Sure. I don't want to head back anyways. My one good roommate is gone." I said and Lauren smiled. I got Hope out, my little buddy. I have missed her so much. Lauren went ahead and checked in while I got the stroller out. "Okay right this way." Lauren said and I smiled at her. When we got up in I heard noise "Is this your room?" I asked "Yeah." Lauren said and she opened the door and I went inside after Lauren did and saw a little girl crawl over to me. "Maddie Girl?" I asked and she giggled at me. "Sophia?" I asked "Happy early birthday!" Sophia said and I smiled at her "This is so good." I said "Go show us your suite before dinner!" Sophia said "It's walking distant." I said and she smiled at me.
I decided to push Maddie's stroller "I have missed this so much." I said "So tell us little sis how is school going so far?" Jason asked me "It's going good. The instructor said that I'm possibly good enough to be on Broadway." I said "That's wonderful!" Sophia said and I smiled at her. We walked up to Juillard "Think if Hope would have waited a few years I would be walking this with you every day." Lauren said and I kind of felt guilty about showing her. We went on the elevator and then we got to my suite "This is my place." I said "It looks nice. What's your room?" Jason asked "right over there." I said and they all went in to look. I heard a baby cry which wasn't theirs.
"Sorry." Lexie said stepping out with Brooke, "This is my roommate Lexie and her daughter Brooke." I said "This is my brother Jason, sister in-law Sophia, niece Maddie, my best friend Lauren and her daughter Hope." I said "It's nice to meet all of you. Caylee has told me all about you guys." Lexie said and I smiled at her "We were just leaving. We will see you tomorrow." Lexie said "bye." They all said and then I showed them the private sound proof studios "Are you ready for dinner? Ashton is meeting us at china town." Jason said "Of course." I said and they smiled at me. "Oh have you talked to mom any?" Jason asked me "Mom and I are no longer talking. I'm supposed to be like Lauren. I'm wasting my life away."  I said and Jason shook his head, "LIam is doing his best to get out of there." Jason said "He's a senior now." I said and Jason smiled at me, I'm nineteen now, so Jason is twenty-two and Liam is almost eighteen. 
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Ashton was already sitting down when the gang showed up "Ashton this is incredible. Did you do this?" Caylee asked "Some of this. It was all of our ideas." Ashton said and Caylee kissed Ashton's lips softly. Caylee sat beside Ashton and Lauren who had Hope in her stroller, Maddie was in a high chair. "Maddie girl!" I said and she smiled at me. We got our order taken and then we started talking. "This will be a good birthday." Caylee admitted "That's what we were trying for." Jason said "who's watching my babies?" Caylee asked "Anderson. Sassy loves Anderson, actually she loves Hope. They all love Hope, Sam loves me." Lauren said "How's Hoss?" Ashton asked "Hoss is fine. He's misses you." Jason said and Ashton smiled at him. 
The food came "I love Chinatown!" Caylee said "It is amazing!" Ashton said "I need to come to New York a lot." Lauren said and Caylee flashed her a smile. "This is a really good place." Sophia said and Caylee smiled at them. After they got down eating they went back to the street. "New York never sleeps!" Lauren said and Caylee smiled "Frozen Yogurt?" Ashton asked "Love to!" Sophia said and Caylee smiled "I want to push Maddie still!" Caylee said smiling "Maddie has missed you. She has been looking around the house for you." Sophia said "I have missed her too." Caylee said "I can't believe Hope will be five months old Saturday." Caylee said "Please don't remind me." Lauren said joking. They got their yogurt and then walked around town some more.
"We will see you tomorrow! Bright and early in the morning!" Jason said "Got it!" Caylee said and she hugged them good-bye. "I will walk you home." Ashton said "Just to the gate." Caylee said and Ashton nodded. They walked in silent for a couple of minutes "I can't believe this!" Caylee said and then Ashton wrapped his arms around Caylee's waist "I love you so much." Caylee said and Ashton smiled at Caylee "I love you so much." Ashton said and Caylee smiled and kissed his lips. "This will be the best birthday. In a couple of hours, I will be nineteen." Caylee said "Yes you will." Ashton said kissing her lips softly "See you tomorrow. I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." Caylee said kissing his lips softly and watching him leave.

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