It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 95 (v.1) - It's kind of a birthday girl

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Caylee's Pov:
"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!" I heard and I looked up putting my glasses on "Morning Colie." I said "Happy birthday girly!" Colie said "Thank you, why thank you." I said and she smiled at me, it was five o'clock "Girl it's too early." I said "You and Lexie always jog this early." Colie said "Well it's my birthday. Can I sleep in?" I asked "No!" Colie said "Care to jog with me then?" I asked getting up and putting my contacts in. "Yes!" Colie said and after the jog it was six thirty and I got an incoming call from Ashton "Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend!" Ashton said "Thank you baby. I love you." I said "I love you too. See you soon!" Ashton said "Yeah. Bye." I said and I took  a shower and wrapped myself in the towel and walked back to my room.
I put on my favorite bra and thong set and then while wearing just that I curled my hair and applied my makeup. I went to my closet and slipped on my favorite jeans and then found my black cami and then my peach see through Parker top from A & F I put on my black Toms and thought that was good enough. I took a look at myself in the mirror and smiled "Daddy, I know you would be proud of me." I said softly looking at my Dance necklace, I walked over to my jewerly box and smiled at a heart shape necklace, it was a locket that my dad gave me for my 7th birthday, it was a picture of me and my daddy. I was two years old in my first Tutu with my hair in a bun. I took off my dance necklace and put on my locket. I got an incoming call "Hello?" I asked "Caylee, get your booty over to the hotel." Jason said "Coming. No happy birthday?" I asked "Happy birthday sissy." He said and on my way over "Happy birthday sissy! About to head to class but I love you!" Liam said "I love you too." I said and we hung up.
"Happy birthday!" Lauren said when I  walked in "Thank you!" I said smiling at her "You look beautiful." Sophia said and I smiled "Thank you." I said "I love your locket." Sophia said "Thank you. It was a birthday gift." I said softly and she smiled at me. "Okay here's the deal. Jason has given me his credit cards, AKA mom's." Sophia said "So?" I asked "Ashton is coming over. They are watching the girls. We are going to New York City. All day." Sophia said "Both girls are staying?' I asked "Yes. It's too much trouble to take both girls in New York City. Let's go!" Sophia said and I smiled at her. My birthday will be spent shopping, spending Jack's money! What more could a girl ask for? It took us an hour to get to the city and then we began our shopping.
After shopping from eight to ten we went to a nail salon "Manicure and pedicure please. Do you do facials too?" Sophia asked "Yes." The worker said "That too." She said and the woman began working on us, I got a french tip done because with dancing you didn't really want to do too much. After that we shopped until noon and then we found a great cafe to eat for lunch. After lunch we went to the Coach store and bought new bags. Then one of the really well known hair salon "A trim and such couldn't hurt." Sophia said and I nodded, dancers do have short hair but I have always loved long hair. Sophia got her hair cut to her boobs and it looked really good. Lauren did the same thing, I just got my dead ends cut off. "Miss you sure you don't want any more? You hair is so beautiful. So long." He said touching my hair softly, my hair when straight was to my knees. I haven't cut my hair in well nineteen years. "No sir, this is plenty." I said and he smiled at me.
We shopped some more until three and then when we went into a dress store "Find any dress. We need to get ready for tonight, they sell shoes." Sophia said and I nodded. I found the perfect black spaghetti strap dress that fit my curves perfectly, I found the perfect  black wedges. After we bought them we changed into them "You look beautiful!" Lauren said  "Thank you. Where are we going?" I asked "You will see." Sophia said and I smiled at her. We got in a taxi and then when we pulled up I was amazed. We were going to watch a Broadway musical. I couldn't believe that. The guys and the girls were there all dressed up, including Lexie and Brooke and Jake. "This is so perfect." I said and they all smiled at me "You deserve a perfect day."Ashton said kissing my lips softly.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
After the Broadway show we went to a fancy dinner, okay not too fancy it was Denny's. "All dressed up Denny's." Ashton joked "Well it's my favorite place to eat." Caylee said they had to travel a little ways to find a Denny's near them. After the waitress took their orders Caylee looked at the group "I wanted to thank all of you for an amazing day." Caylee said smiling "You deserved it." Sophia said "I figured since I would be at Juilliard I wouldn't celebrate my birthday." Caylee said "Well you did. I know you won't make it for Maddie's first birthday." Sophia said "I will. Her party is on the  6th, I will leave on the 4th after classes, Ashton is coming too. We will then leave on the 7th so we can be back in time for class." Caylee said "You would do that for Maddie?" Sophia asked me "Of course." Caylee said smiling.
When dinner ended they all went walking back to the hotel. Lexie, Jake, and Brooke has already left for Lexie's parents house. "I will see you in the morning." Caylee said "Bright and early, don't forget." Jason said "Seven am, I will be knocking on your suite." Caylee said "Good. Or if we get up early we will be at your door." Sophia said and Caylee smiled "Goodnight." Caylee said "Night. Love you." They said "Love you too." Caylee said and then walking off she held Ashton's hand "This has been a wonderful day. Thank you." Caylee said "You're welcome. How was your day playing daddy?" Caylee asked "It felt good. I loved pretending to be a dad. It was with Hope who loves me." Ashton said and Caylee smiled at him. "I love you." Ashton said "I love you too." Caylee said. 
Caylee's Pov:
After Ashton walked me home I looked at my email and I had an email from Aunt Penny, since she didn't want to call because she wasn't sure when I would be home. And then one from my mother that I wasn't so sure about reading. "Cay, go read it." Lexie said "Really?" I askedIt's your birthday, she can't be mean to you." Lexie said and I smiled at her. So I clicked on the email: Well Caylee, today is your 19th birthday and since you won't speak to me I refuse to call you or send you anything. You don't want me in your life? You got it. No more money, no more being nice. Not only did you hurt me, but you hurt your little brothers. I just didn't want you to follow Mary's footsteps and waste your life away dancing. What are the odds of you going far? Very slim. Don't go throw your dad's name on me. He wasn't a better parent than I am. Your aunt and I begged him not to go out that night, we had a fight and I knew he was upset. But he wanted to go ride to the store to get you the juice you wanted for bed. He's the one who took his motorcycle instead of the car. He's the one not paying attention to the drunk driver who hit him. So in a way it's your fault your father is dead. Just thought you would want to hear the truth of what really happened. If you stay to be a dancer, then that's on you. But just know that if you do then you are no longer in the family. You are no longer considered my daughter. Like you wanted. Again Happy Birthday Caylee. "
After rereading it out loud to Lexie, Ashton, Jason, Sophia, and Lauren I was in my room just letting it sink in. Tomorrow is Saturday, I want to go to California and strangle her and I'm being serious. I can't believe she would tell me that on my birthday. The part of her not wanting anything to do with me didn't bother me, but the blaming me for my dad's death got to me. I didn't want to stay home alone, Lexie is at her home so I went over to the hotel. "Are you sure you're okay?" Lauren asked "Yes Lauren." I said "Don't listen to mom. She's psycho." Jason said "Is that the true reason?" I asked Jason,  I was eight then and he was twelve so he was somewhat old enough. "No, he went out from the fight yes. But to go visit  Ashton's father at a place to just talk it out. Never for you." Jason said and I smiled at him. "Thanks." I said I was holding Maddie the whole time until she was asleep.

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