It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 96 (v.1) - It's kind of a reunion

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Ashton's Pov:
Today is September 3rd, Caylee and I are leaving tomorrow at five o'clock and will be in West Palm at nine o'clock. We are leaving Sunday to head back up to school. I get to see my family and Hoss. Caylee gets to be there for Maddie's first birthday party. Caylee and I are still holding on, although we aren't as close as we were a month ago. No I haven't done anything to screw things up. It's all Caylee. Ever since her birthday weekend she has changed. She doesn't have much time for me. Always in class, always working on her dancing. While I'm in class. And when she has free time it's all on dance. Caylee's mood has changed dramatically towards me. I think she's letting her mother get to her mom and more each day. Lexie had to remind me that the email her mom sent is affecting her more than I thought. Caylee was the strong and tough one, independent. Now she's showing that again, not the I can let my boyfriend in.
I finished packing my duffel bag and then I worked on my homework that's due tomorrow. My phone rang and it was Aunt Alice "Hey Ash, are you busy?" She asked "No ma'am, just working on my work." I said "Are you still staying at home this weekend?" She asked me "Yes ma'am." I said "Good, we are all looking forward to seeing you! Especially Hoss!" Aunt Alice said "Good, can't wait!" I said "I will let you get back to your homework. I love you." Aunt Alice said "I love you too." I said hanging up on her. I haven't spoken to my mom since the beginning of the summer, when she trashed talked Caylee that was the end for me. Caylee is perfect to me, she has flaws but I'm man enough not to point them out to her and I don't let them bother me.
The following morning I got up at my normal time and went jogging then showered and got ready for class. Jake and Alex followed me out "Ready for your trip?" Jake asked "Yup. Got my bag at the door, I'm going to do the homework over the weekend sometime or wake up early Monday." I said "That's a plan." Jake said "How are you spending your weekend?" I asked "At Lexie's mom's. We are going to spend the weekend with Brooke." Jake said and I nodded. We walked to our first class of the day. After the lecture I went to the coffee kiosh and got a cup of coffee to kill time before my next class. I'm looking forward to the break from New York, it was starting to get chilly here now while it's still in the 80's in Florida it's in the low 70's now and 60's at night. This first winter will be harsh for myself, I'm not sure about Caylee.
It's now three o'clock and I'm out of my last class. I go back to the dorm room and I get my duffel bag and I call Caylee "Hey baby, I'm heading over to Juilliard now." I said leaving a message I knew she was still in class. I got a phone call from Savannah "Hey! Are you still coming? Mom won't let me go to the party if you are." Savannah said "That's her call Savannah. But I'm still coming. You're seventeen now but you still need to listen to your parents." I said "Since when did you become such a downer?" Savannah asked "College my sweet girl. College." I said and she laughed "I have missed you. See you tonight!" She said "See you then." I said and we hung up. I know I'm in shape, walking from college to college as much as I do.
Caylee's Pov:
It's the 3rd and Lexie, Colie, and myself are working on our dance Trio. It's to I won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. "I think we have it!" I said after our tenth attempt at this, we all have our different styles I'm better on Lyrical, Lexie does better on Jazz, and Colie does hip-hop better. So I decided to be smart and made it where all three are in the dance. "Are you all packed for your weekend away?" Lexie asked me "Yes I am, I can't wait to see my girls." I said smiling "Where are you staying at?" Colie asked me "With Jason." I said "nice, one night there and one night at Lauren's?" Lexie asked "Yes ma'am. Lauren is excited. I'm excited to see Miss Hope, my dog and cat." I said and they smiled at me "it is hard being away from home." Colie said "indeed it is." I said smiling at them.
I woke up at five and I went on my normal jog with Lexie, "I know you will have a great weekend! You deserve a great weekend!" Lexie said and I flashed her a smile "I sure hope so!" I said trying to be as real as I can be when I'm tired of saying I'm okay when I know deep down I'm not okay. I faked it all throughout the classed today, okay not fake it. I went through the motions I mean. I'm just looking forward to seeing Sam, Sassy, Lauren, and the rest of the gang. I wasn't in the mood of staying in New York any longer. After my last class today I went back to my dorm room and then while I was in the bathroom I got a call and then when I got out I heard my voicemail, Ashton was on his way. I grabbed my bag and texted him telling him to meet me at my car.
"Hey baby, you ready to head out now?" Ashton asked me "Yeah, you want to drive?" I asked "Sure." Ashton said and I kissed his lips softly "That's fine." I said putting my bag in the car. "Are you ready to see everyone?" Ashton asked me "Oh yeah. I miss everyone. I know Hoss will be excited." I said "I missed that guy." Ashton said "Do you regret New York?" I asked "Not at all, do you?" Ashton asked "Only when I think about how I'm missing out on Hope's and Maddie's important first few years." I said and Ashton smiled at me "I know when you are done with your dancing career ready to be a parent that things will go smoothly and you will be a great mom." Ashton said "I can't help but think about that. It happened in June, I would be three months pregnant now baby." I said softly and Ashton gently took my hand.
We parked the car in the extended parking lot and walked to the check in. I gave my ID and then I got my ticket, afterwards we walked to our gate and sat down. We both had our duffel bag and backpack as our carry ons. "Are you nervous about the plane?" Ashton asked me "No baby, I'm fine." I said holding his hand and he smiled at me.When we started to board we got in our seats, we were on the rows A and B. I had the window seat "Do you really want the window seat?" Ashton asked me "Yes I do baby." I said and Ashton winked at me. When we were switching planes I couldn't help but stare at all the little kids and the pregnant woman. I know people think I'm weird, that I have changed recently but it's not because of my mother's mess it's because I miss my baby. I should be over this by now. Ashton had the window seat this time and he was happy.
Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
When the plane landed in West Palm, Caylee and Ashton were holding hands. Caylee spotted Lauren in her scrubs and smiled. "Lauren!" Caylee said running up to her and hugging her. "How are you? I miss you! How was your flight?" Lauren said "I'm good, I miss you too! It was good!" Caylee said smiling "You look nice in scrubs." Ashton said "thanks, taking the CNA class this summer worked. I'm working as a CNA at the local Assisted Living Home." Lauren said and when they got in the car "How is college going for you?" Caylee asked "Good, this semester it's Biology, English, Math, Psychology." Lauren said and Caylee smiled at her. "I am so glad to be back in Florida. It feels so good." Caylee said and Lauren smiled "I can tell it's getting cool, both of you are in jeans." Lauren said and Caylee smiled at her.
Ashton's Pov:
We pulled up between both houses and I kissed Caylee good-bye I knew Lauren would walk her to the door and plus I missed Hoss so much. It was nine PM so I knew Abrianna and Lindsay were asleep by now. I put my back pack on my back and then I grabbed my duffel bag. I went up to the door and didn't know if I should knock or not. I went inside instead of knocking and Hoss started barking. "Hush boy." I said and as soon as I spoke he ran up to me and knocked me down putting all his weight on me. "I missed you too boy." I said "It's okay, It's just Ashton!" Uncle Carl said he has came in with a bat "Didn't know if I was supposed to knock or not." I said and Uncle Carl hugged me "I missed you." He said "I missed you too." I said and he led me into the living room, the girls were passed out on Aunt Alice's  lap. "They wanted to wait up for you." She said and I smiled, Savannah just came in the door and hugged me.
"Abrianna, it's Ashy-poo." I said and she opened her eyes and hugged me wrapping her arms around me and I carried her to bed "I will you see in the morning Abri" I said kissing her forehead and then I went to Lindsay "Lindsay! It's Ashy-poo." I said and she smiled at me and kissed my cheek and then fell asleep in my arms. "I will see you in the morning Linds." I said tucking her in and then going back to the living room "How was the flight?" Aunt Alice asked "it was good. We made it early and Lauren was already waiting." I said "Good, I'm glad to hear that. I'm glad to have you home." Aunt Alice said and I smiled at her "Did you go to the party?" I asked Savannah "Yeah. Thanks." She said smiling at me, Hoss was at my feet he wasn't leaving my side at all. It feels good to be home. Home sweet home.
Caylee's Pov:
I knocked on the door and Sophia answered it right away "Hey! How was your flight?" Sophia asked "it was good, how was the day?" I asked "Good. We didn't do much for Maddie today. But we made it special." Sophia said "Is Maddie asleep?" I asked "Yes." Sophia said and I smiled at her "Let's head into the living room." Sophia said and I could feel she was tensed "What's wrong?" I asked "I don't know the best way to word this so just come on." Sophia said "What do you mean?" I asked "Sophia and Caylee come on!" Jason said and I followed Sophia into the living room. "Hey Jason!" I said hugging him and he smiled at me "I missed you little sister." Jason said "I missed you too big brother." I said and he smiled at me. "Oh and I missed you too." A too familiar voice that sent shivers up my spine said. I spun around to stare at somebody on the couch. Locking faces with a person I don't even want to call my own flesh and blood was staring me in the face. 

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