It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 97 (v.1) - It's kind of a terrible thing

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Ashton's Pov:
Hoss wouldn't stop licking my face once we were back up in my room. Savannah was on my bed "How does it feel to be back home?" Savannah asked "It feels good. I missed all of you." I said "Oh really, not just Hoss?" Savannah asked me and I smiled at her "Oh I missed you a little bit." I said and Savannah threw a pillow at me and Hoss got in the middle of us. "He missed you." Savannah said "I would think so." I said "Can we do a quick run to the store?" Savannah asked "I just got in." I said pretending to complain "Please? Pretty please?" Savannah asked "I have to use your car." I said "Let's go." Savannah said and we went downstairs "we are running to the store." I said "Have fun." Uncle Carl said and I smiled at him. 
I got in Savannah's car and smiled it was a Malibu and it was silver "Publix?" I asked "Yes." Savannah said and she turned on the music to the mixed station and I smiled at her "I missed this." Savannah said and I smiled at her. From the time I was 16 until I left for New York. We would do late night runs to the grocery store for snacks. I parked and Savannah smiled at me "Let's go in." She said and I smiled, I saw my old friend Jon "hey Jon." I said "Wow Ash. How's New York?" He asked "Great man." I said and he smiled at me. "Let's go." Savannah said and we went over to the freezer section "Pizza rolls!" Savannah said "Sure." I said putting some in the cart, along with Hot Pockets, then we got a ton of chips, and then soda. "For a girl you eat a lot." I said and Savannah shot me a look.
"Can I drive?" Savannah asked "Sure. You got your license on you?" I asked "Yeah. Always." Savannah said "Alright let's put the music on low." I said "Oh come on Ash. I'm a good driver." Savannah said flashing me a smile. She got in the car cranking the music up louder turning the beat on. A good song came on and she started singing along, and I started messing with her. I know not so good, it's never good messing with someone who is driving behind the wheel. We pull up to an intersection and Savannah starts easing her way out. And then I messed with her again and she pressed the gas, and then a car was honking it's horn and before Savannah could react too well to it two cars on both sides of us came crashing into us.
After the hit happened I tried turning my head to look at Savannah "Vannah?" I asked "Savannah?!!" I asked again "I'm sorry." She said softly "Don't move!!" We heard someone say and I just kept my head, my half-stare on Savannah until we got pulled out. "Ash I'm so sorry." Savannah said softly "Savannah I'm sorry." I said softly "Worry about that in the hospital. You need help now." The guy said and I started freaking out. I felt fine, I really did. But Savannah looked worse. We arrived at the hospital and after I got checked out and the cast got put on my arm. All I had was a broken wrist. I didn't care what they said I was in the waiting room for Savannah. She was hurt worse than I am. Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl came into the waiting room "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." I said and Aunt Alice hugged me "It was an accident." Uncle Carl said "She's in surgery now honey. Everything will be okay." Aunt Alice said and I just nodded. I needed Caylee more than anything now.
Caylee's Pov:
I was staring death in the face. No not literally but I was staring at evil. "Sophia, why didn't you warn me?" I asked I knew I was giving her the evil look. "She was invited before. We told her not to. She came. I didn't have time to text you." Sophia said "Just settle it." Jason said "I don't have anything to say to you." I said staring at her "What's the matter? Can't take the heat in person?" My mother said "You don't want me in your life, so why speak to you?" I asked staring at her giving her the worse look I could ever imagine giving someone. "No need to be so cold." My mother said "When it comes to you I'm heartless. Cold. Heartless." I said and she just laughed at me in the face. "Do that all you want, I'm here for Maddie. I'm not here for you." I said "I'm going to my room." I said "Sit down." My mother said.
"I"m nineteen years old, you don't have any control over me." I said "I'm the reason you are alive today." My mother said   "No. Just stop. You don't approve of my life style. What's next? You don't approve of Ashton?" I asked "As a matter of a fact no I don't. You can do better." She said "Just stop. You can't run my life. You can't control it anymore. I know I'm not Jack's daughter, I'm not in your new little family. Jason started speaing to you so Liam and I could be in his life. Not because he wants you in his life. Liam has already told me he's getting out as soon as he finishes high school. I'm out, and I'm never returning. I don't care what happens. You are not my mother. You are just the woman who gave birth to me." I said and she just stared at me.
"No matter what happens, you are only daughter." She said "You shouldn't focus on just dancing, that career won't get you so far. You aren't that good of a dancer. You won't make it in Broadway. You don't have what it takes. You're settling for just one guy. The only guy you have ever been with. You need to try more than just one. Don't sell yourself short because you think you are in love. Focusing on dancing and Ashton will never get you far. You will never amount to much. You will remain a loser." My mother said "I don't care what you have to say. I'm an amazing dancer, I will amount to something. Ashton is a great guy, we will get married one day. We are great together." I said and before my mother could speak "Mother, you are not coming in my house and trash talking my little sister." Jason said.
Before my mother could speak we had a knock on the door Sophia got it "What happened? Yes, bring them in. Go." Sophia said Jason got up and he helped Sophia and then he came in with Abrianna and Lindsay. "What happened?" I asked  once they laid the girls on the couch "there was an accident with Ashton and Savannah." Jason said "I'm going to the hospital." I said "Caylee, we aren't done." My mother said "Yes we are. Ashton needs me. I'm going." I said and Sophia just smiled  "Keep us updated." Sophia said "I will." I said "I need a ride." I said quickly "here." Sophia said handing me her keys and I smiled at her. I went to the hospital and went into the waiting room. "Ash?" I asked going up to him and wrapping my arms around his waist. This will be a long night.

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