It's kind of a love story(2)

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Chapter 98 (v.1) - It's kind of a better thing

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Ashton's and Caylee's Pov:
Caylee showed up at the hospital and saw Ashton right away. "Ash, how is Savannah?" Caylee asked "Not sure. In surgery now. So, so sorry." Ashton said "no need to say you are sorry. It was an accident." Caylee said "I don't feel like it was an accident. I feel like it was my fault." Ashton said "You aren't at fault." Caylee said and she held his hand. "I am no leaving your side no matter what." Caylee said "Promise?" Ashton asked and Caylee sat down next to him. It was around eleven when the doctor came out. "How is Savannah?" Alice asked "She's in recovery." The doctor said "What all was done?" Ashton asked "She has to had knee surgery. She has a torn ligment in her leg. It was worse than we thought, some damage to the nerve." The doctor said "Will she be able to dance again?" Ashton asked "We aren't sure. The knee issue was pretty serious." The doctor said "When can we see her?" Carl asked "They are bringing her in now to the recovery room." The doctor said.
But the doctor was wrong. Savannah's heart rate ended up dropping so low, she couldn't breathe on her own. They has missed something in the MRI. Savannah has went head first into the dashboard, she has a mild concusion and other than that no brain issue. But it looks like she having issues breathing on her own. "I want Savannah to be okay. She will be okay, right?" Ashton asked Caylee, he was pacing around the waiting room it was now two in the morning and they were still working on her. "She will be just fine. Be calm." Caylee said, Savannah also had a broken arm, broken ribs. "She's going to hate me when she wakes up." Ashton said "No she won't, she will love you. You are like her big brother. It was an accident." Caylee said and Ashton just smiled at her "I hope you're right baby." Ashton said softly.
Caylee had her head on Ashton's chest when he finally sat down. It was around four in the morning when the doctor finally came out "Savannah had an allergeric reaction to one of the things we gave her, that caused the problems. With her Ashtma it didn't help. She's breathing on her own, and is doing better. You can go see her now. Two at a time for right now." The doctor said "We will come right back out." Alice said and Ashton nodded. "What if Savannah doesn't dance again?" Ashton asked "She will be able to dance again." Caylee said "What's go you so quiet beside Savannah?" Ashton asked "My mother showed up. Huge cat fight. Not important now." Caylee said "baby?" Ashton asked "Yeah?" Caylee asked "Your mother isn't worth your time." Ashton said and Caylee leaned in to kiss his lips.
 Ashton's Pov:
Around five, Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl came out. "Savannah wants you and Caylee." Aunt Alice said and I nodded. I held Caylee's hand and led her inside, it's Friday and I know Caylee is going to leave to get some rest. "Hey Savannah-Bananna." I said and I heard her chuckle "How are you feeling?" I asked "Probably as bad as I look." She said softly "I'm sorry." I said "No, it was an accident. We both were acting up when we shouldn't have been." Savannah said "How are you so calm?" I asked "It was an accident. I'm alive and so are you. Hi Caylee." Savannah said "You look beauitful. Before long you will be dancing on the dance floor." Caylee said and Savannah smiled "Not for awhile. I'm in here for a couple of days but I know it won't be easy." Savannah said "Hang in there little cuz." I said "Will do. Quit beating yourself up over this." Savannah said and I smiled. "Caylee, go get some sleep." Savannah said "Sure. Will come up later. Love you." Caylee said and then she kissed my cheek softly.
After Caylee left I sat down, Aunt Alice and Uncle Carl were back in now. "Ash go home." Aunt Alice said. "Are you sure?" I asked "Yes. You need rest." Aunt Alice said and I smiled "I'm going. Be better Savannah. I'm coming after I sleep." I said and she smiled at me. I got in the car and then I went home. I got home and I let Hoss out real quick and then he followed me to the room. "Yeah boy, I'm ready for bed." I said and he curled up on the bed with me. I knew he missed me. And tonight is our last night in bed together until Thanksgiving and it's only September now. Weekend trips here isn't long enough to spend time with all my family here. I knew I would have to get Lindsay and Abrianna soon so Sophia and them could have their  party and I could get the girls ready.
I got up at eight and I changed into some different clothes and I walked over to Jason's house, it felt weird calling it that instead of Mary's. Sophia saw me so she spoke "Come in." She said "Are they up?" I asked "Yes, they are playing with Maddie. Can you come by at noon to help set up?" Sophia asked "Yeah. I'm going to take the girls to see Savannah." I said "How is she?" Sophia asked "She's improving. She might not be able to dance again but she's improving." I said "I can wake Caylee up so she can help you." Sophia said "It's fine." I said and I go the girls and got them changed and then we went to see Savannah. They loved seeing their big sister, but they weren't too thrilled about being in the hospital. I could tell it creep them out too.
Caylee's Pov:
I woke up at eight thirty, right after Ashton left. I changed into my denim shorts and a t-shirt. I left my hair down and went downstairs. "Maddie! My Maddie!" I said and Maddie giggled at me "I missed you so much!" I said lifting her up and spinning around causing her to giggle."Your mother left, no worry." Sophia said she could tell I was on edge "I'm sorry about that." I said "No don't be. We should have warned you. But your mother has no right, and no reason to be talking to you like that. You haven't done anything." Sophia said and I smiled at her "Thank you. Do you want me to take Maddie out today?" I asked "If you don't mind? Come back around noon?" Sophia asked "Of course, we're going to see Hope and them." I said "You miss Sam and Sassy, don't you?" Sophia asked me "Yes." I said and she smiled.
After getting Maddie ready in her stroller we went on the walk to Lauren's. Lauren answered the door "The first day I'm off in weeks." Lauren said and I smiled at her, Hope is now almost six months old. "I have missed you so much!" I said hugging her and then we went in. "Savannah is in the hospital. She's doing better now." I said "Something else is going on." Lauren said "My mother was there. We had a huge fight." I said "Oh Caylee." Lauren said "It's fine. I'm just happy to see all of you." I said "Anderson is working, so he's missing Maddie's party. But can we hang out tonight?" Lauren asked "Yeah." I said smiling at her. I got Maddie out of her stroller and she started crawling to Hope so she could play with her. "They get along so well." I said and she smiled at me.
We all went over to Jason's around noon. "Ash, how is she?' I asked "Good. She said I can go to the date tonight. But the girls gotta tag along." Ashton said "no problem." I  said and before I could really speak both of them hugged me and then I saw Riley come running up. "Riley!" I said smiling at her and then Aunt Penny came up. Pregnancy looks good on her  "How is Juilliard treating you?" she asked me "It's good." I said and she smiled at me. We went to join everybody else in the backyard. Sophia's parents and sister were here so Maddie was being from one person to the other. I was holding Hope "I have missed you so much!" I said and Hope just giggled at me as if I was speaking something funny. "Babies are amazing!" I said "But you are a dancer." Lauren said and I smiled at her. Maddie's party went good. My mother did show up, but she avoided me. She avoided almost everybody. Jason finally asked her to leave. I didn't want there to be any drama today.

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