It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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When we got home the next afternoon, both drained but loving each other. Bella was crying, Kelsey was crying my dad and Kelly didn't know what to do "Get Kels." I said and he nodded and I picked up Bella as if she was Kelsey's size again and I rubbed her hair "I don't want to go with daddy. This is my home sissy. I love you, Kels, and Austin." Bella said hugging me tight "Belly you don't have to do it. Only if you want to. But if you don't. I don't want to give you my opinion." I said "I don't want to go. I know you would cry." Bella said and I hugged her tight "I'm sorry." My dad said "it's okay." I said and Kelsey came in and clung to Bella "Bells no go!" She said and that broke my heart "I'm not." Bella said and we all hugged each other. Austin was an outsider at a moment like this and I felt bad for him. But Bella broke lose and hugged Austin tight and he lifted her up. And Bella was content "Let's open what Santa got us." I said and they did so and loved their gifts and hugged us again.
We spent the first two weeks as a married couple together was good, Bella and Kelsey were loving having Austin here all the time. When I worked 4-noon he was here when they woke up. The first morning  they ran in here to check to make sure Austin or dada were still here. It's the 2nd now and Bella is back in school so it's just Kelsey and Austin when he isn't working. My new class schedule is now still five classes, my first one is 7-9, 10-12, 12:30-2:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, then Tuesday and Thursday I have a 7-9 class and then 9:30-11:30 class and I won't go to work until 3:30 every day and then weekends when I do work 4-noon again. "I can't believe we're beginning our spring semester tomorrow." Austin said "I can't either." I said he has the same schedule I do but he works 2:30-7:30 every week day. "How's school going Bells?" I asked she was doing her homework "Great! This will be a good half of the year!" Bella said and I hugged her "Good I'm glad." I said and she smiled at me, "I love you." I said and Bella smiled at me "I love you too." She said and we put Kelsey in bed and Bella came in and we all read a bed time story to both of them and then Bella fell asleep so Austin lifted her up and carried her to bed and tucked her in and then we went to bed.
Our alaram clock went off at five, we took a shower together to save time, Austin wore his regular clothes and I put on my scrubs and I braided my hair. I got Kelsey up while he got Bella up, I got Kelsey dressed and she yawned and I smiled "Morning sleepyhead." I said and she giggled. We had breakfast and then we walked Bella over to Allie's "Have a good first day back!" Karen said and we smiled at her "Thank you." I said and she smiled, we dropped Kelsey off and then Austin walked me to class, we droved seperately since I have to leave campus for work and Austin doesn't. When I got to my first class Allie smiled at me "Haven't seen much of you lately." Allie said and I giggled "Jake and I are serious too!" Allie said and I smiled at her "Aww! You're in love!" I said and she smiled at me. The first class was good, and then the second one was good, and so was the third one. I went to the book store and I kissed Austin's lips "I'm going to work now." I said "See you when you get home." He said and I kissed his lips softly. 
Alice smiled when I went in and I told her all about everything and then I went back to my regular duty. That was the schedule for the next six weeks, it's now February 5th, I'm not feeling so good and I'm three weeks late. Austin is busy preparing for a huge Valentine day for me. I'm off work tonight so I'm home at noon and Austin came here "Are you okay?" He asked me "I don't feel good." I said "Are you um late?" He asked me "Yes." I said "I will get a pregnancy test." He said "Okay." I said and he left and then he came home with Kelsey too because since I don't work tonight and neither does he I can tell his mind is elsewhere. After I followed the directions, I haven't done this in two years, but I was nervous. I didn't want Austin to get scared and run away and leave me with three kids. I crawled in bed with Austin, Kelsey was on the floor watching TV with a baby doll. "What  are you feeling?" I asked "I'm nervous but excited. We could be having a baby!" Austin said "Are you sure? "I asked "Honey, I love you and I would love our baby. No matter the sex." He said and I smiled and kissed his lips. Kelsey was talking to the TV show and giggling. "Are you nervous?" Austin asked "I am. I  mean another baby. And after my experience.." I started "Don't worry. Don't talk about that. I would not leave you Lex. You are my wife. Kelsey is my daughter, Bella is like my little sister/daughter." Austin said.
The timer beep and I slowly got up and went to the bathroom, I was nervous. All I  could hear was my mother voice in my mind about how I'm ruining my life. And then remembering my father's face the day we found out my mom was having a girl. I don't want Austin to be like that. I still can't believe I have Kelsey, and Bella at only eighteen but I'm doing it. I don't care if I gave up partying and a better future, if I go to school and then work I don't care. Bella, Kelsey and Austin means everything to me. I still remember the 26th when Bella cried because my dad said he wanted custody of Bella. I know he can legally take her from me, but I know he won't do that. His voice in my head saying how he didn't want me or Bella still comes to mind every day. When I see Austin with Kelsey and Bella I realize he is nothing like my dad was. My biggest fear is I would be like my mother, but I don't stay in bed all day, I don't claim to be sick, I don't drink, I don't abuse my girls. When they get punished I talk to them telling them what they did wrong, I don't hit them. I know my mom was forced into the rehab and if she actually does get the help she needs I don't want her around me, the girls, Austin or the baby. It just isn't safe. I wanted a fresh start here and then my mom has to come and show up because of me getting married. "Lexie! What does the test say?" Austin asked and I looked down... It read....

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