It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

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It's July 9th now and I have been in bedrest ever since, I'm getting ready for my 28th week appointment and Austin, Bella, and Kelsey went "You and baby are healthy. You're off of bed rest but Lexie take it easy." He said and I smiled "Yes sir." I said and we went home and sat out on the pool "What do you want to do for your birthday?" I asked Austin, his birthday was the 15th "Dinner with my lovely family and then my mother and them." Austin said and the girls giggled, we had Kelsey in her float and she was having a blast. "Okay fine." I said "How about you next month?" Austin asked me "I'm going to be huge. Too huge for fun." I said and Austin kissed my lips softly, Starry's room is all set up and decorated perfectly for her and now we're just waiting for her to come. "Kels, what do you want to do for your second birthday?" I asked "Minnie!" She said giggling "Okay!" I said and Bella swam under water and came back up "A minnie theme would be a good party for Kelsey." She said, she's still on heaven from her birthday last month.  Allie and Jake came out "We're getting married in less than a month!" Allie said and I smiled "I know we still need to throw you your bridal shower." I said "tomorrow night." She said "I will be there." I said and she smiled at me, "man your party will be rocking." Austin said to Jake and we rolled our eyes, Karen is going to be watching the girls for all of us tomorrow night.
The next day I took a shower and changed into my party shorts that I can wear and a cute t-shirt, I had my hair down and it looked good, Austin good looked. We're calling Karen meme "Are you going to behave for Meme?" I asked Kelsey "Yes mommy."  Kelsay said and I kissed her forehead "I know you will." I said to Bella who smiled, "Stacy is coming to pick me up tonight remember?" Bella asked and Austin nodded "We know, you had it planned all month but with Lexie being sick, it's happening tonight." Austin said and she smiled, I hate the sick excuse because my mom over did it. "I'm sorry Bells." I said "hey Starry wanted to come out early and you got sick. You werent using it as an excuse." She said and I hugged her. We took them over to Karen's and Austin grabbed Jake and I took Allie by the hand and  me tell her some childhood memories my favorite: "We were twelve and it was snowing so we had this crazy idea to meet at Allie's house to go sleding down her hill, where we would run into our crushes and we did our hair and had it all pretty but we didn't want to wear a big bulky coat so we skipped out on the big coat and wore a light coat. Stupid us, the guys werent even there and we both ended up getting sick, we fell down the hill that we were sledding on and ended up rolling in the snow but we had a blast." I said and everybody was laughing.
We went home and Allie hugged me "Thank you Lex. You made this the best night ever!" Allie said hugging me tighter "I tried!" I said and she giggled at me "Who'd thought we would both be married by the time we were nineteen?" Allie asked and I smiled "I know." I said and we walked in and Allie carried Kelsey for me to the house and then I held Bella's hand leading her home. I tucked them both in and then I got in my own bed and curled up, Austin came home around mignight and curled up with me, I go to work tomorrow. I get up at three and I put my scrubs on and I brush my hair and I kissed Austin good-night and then I went to work. I worked 4-ten they cut my hours down to six since I was on bed rest because they want me to take it easy and not to over do everything.  I get home and I change into more comfortable and I make breakfast, Austin walked in and kissed my lips "We could have had made breakfast for you. You're pregnant." He said and I kissed his lips softly "I don't need to be reminded." I said and he kissed my lips softly. We spent the day at the park and movie with the girls who were having a blast. We went home and Austin did hot dogs on the grill and then we ate outside, the girls and Austin were catching fireflies. 
On July 15th I got Kelsey dressed in her cute dress with her sandals and then her bow in her hair and I wore a cute dress and Bella was all cute "Let's go." I said and we walked into our bedroom and Kelsey and Bella woke up Austin saying "Happy birthday!" I put the breakfast plate at his side and he gladly took it. "Thank you!" He said and we all ate off of his plate. He got dressed after breakfast and we gave him his birthday gifts and then we went to the beach like he wanted dressed like this and then we went to the mall like he wanted, and then we went to his parent's house for his birthday party. "Happy birthday Austin!" Everybody sang, today my husband is twenty and he doesn't want to act like it. I can't believe my husband is twenty, he's a year older than me.
It's August 1st and we're at Allie's wedding, it was beautiful and perfect! Allie was beautiful and Jake was handsome! On the 6th we went school shopping for Austin and Bella, I had the books I would need already and the notebooks, since I would be doing it online. Allie and Jake returned on my birthday which is also my eight month appointment, I now weigh 120, I went from 105 to 120 I gained 15 pounds in eight months, I don't have to wear maternity clothes since I'm not that huge. "You and your baby are healthy." He said and I smiled we had an OBGYN appointment on the 14th, the day before Kelsey's birthday. "Happy birthday." Austin said kissing my lips softly "Thank you." I said kissing his lips softly. We had dinner with Allie's family and that was how I celebrated my birthday. I loved the gifts I got. The girls made me a gift. On the 14th we were happy to find out that Starry is a healthy baby girl, she will be estimated to be small, and I am 1cm dilated. I was to go back on the 3rd for one of my last appointment, my last appointment with them will be on the 18th. 
We had the whole house and back yard decorated in Minnie Mouse for Kelsey's second birthday. My mom even called, she called on Bella's, mine and now Kelsey's birthday, my dad called. Kelsey was so be beautiful, "You're two baby girl!" I said and she smiled, it's Sunday. I begin online classes tomorrow and Austin begins classes tomorrow as well. I have no fix schedule just to have my assignment for the week done by Sunday night. Bella begins second grade tomorrow as well, we had to celebrate her birthday on a Sunday because I worked on Saturday and her actual birthday was on Thursday. After a wonderful party Kelsey hugged both of us and I tucked her into bed, I would take her and pick her up from daycare until Starry arrives. "It was a great day. A great summer." Austin said "It was." I said and I kissed him good-night. "I love you." Austin said "I love you too." I said and we fell asleep with us curled up together.
My alarm clock went off at five and I got Austin up and then I got changed into comfortable clothes and I got Bella up and then I got Kelsey up and made breakfast. I kissed Austin on the lips good-bye he had to open up the book store today. I walked Bella over to Karen's, it was the same like last year they all loved it. Nathan, Hannah, Zoey, Emma, and John's daughter Sara who's Bella's friend were all excited to have Bella back this year "Thanks again." I  said and she smiled, "Have a good first day Bells. I love you." I said and she smiled at me. I took Kelsey to day-care saying I would her pick her up when Bella is home. She nodded and then I went home and began working on my classes. I finished my one class for the week by the time Bella came through the door. "How was school?" I asked "Perfect. Second grade is amazing!" Bella said "Stacy and Sara are in the same class as me!" She said and I smiled at her "Let's go pick up Kels." I said and she smiled still going on about her first day and then Kelsey went on about her first day back in day care. I smiled. All week I finished my last class assignments on Thursday so I had Friday all to myself. Everybody is loving school/day care this year. Allie found out she is pregnant and will be due around June, so she won't be missing any school.  

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