It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

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The first Saturday since school started I had to go into work at four again, I'm not liking the four o'clock to ten or noon hours. The baby and I need or sleep. I got up at three and I got dressed in my scrubs and I pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail, at this stage in my pregnancy being this huge I don't care about my apperance. I kissed Austin good-bye and I went to work. I clocked in and then began my duty of checking all the bed pans, I went into Alice's old room and all the memories came back, I smiled at the new person who stays there it's another woman but her name is Nicole, she's friendly. "Morning dear." She said "Good morning, can I get you anything?" I asked "No thank you dear. Have a good day." she said "You too ma'am." I said and I did what I had to in her room and then I left. I got a phone call around nine, I wasn't busy so I answered it "Hello?" I asked "ThecopscameandtookBellafromussomethingaboutyourdadissuingforcustodyrightssayingyouranunfitmothertheytookkelseytoo." Austin said it was in a big sentence "What?!" I asked "The cops came and took Bella from us something about your dad is suing for custody rights saying you are an unfit mother they took Kelsey too." Austin said "You have got to be kidding me." I said "No, can you get off?" He asked me "I will go check. I will call you back." I said and I hung up. My dad can't be doing this. I went up to Anna who smiled at me "Morning Lex, what can I do for you? What's wrong?" She asked "I need to take off, I know it's nine. But they took Bella and Kelsey." I said "Go. Go. Let me know what happens." She said and I looked "Clock me out?" I asked "Yes." She said and I dialed Austin "On my way." I said and hung up.
I went to the police station first Austin was going to meet me there first he was going to his dad to get him to come along as a laywer. "Hello, how may I help you?" The person at the front desk ask "I'm Alexis Blevins. I came here because my husband said my daughter and sister were taken from me." I asked "They're with social services right now." She said, she looked me up and down judging me. I saw my dad he was coming my way "How could you? They took Kelsey away too." I said "I'm getting my daughter back one way or another." He said "You can't do this." I said "I have legal rights. You had temporary custody of Bella." He said and I glared at him, Austin and his dad came. The day was spent doing legal things and Kelsey was released to us where she clung to me. Bella was released but not to me, to my dad "We won't bother getting her stuff. We will replace it." He said "Lexie!" Bella cried but I couldn't reach out to her my dad took her away from me. I could tell she was crying, I was crying and Kelsey was scared to death clinging to Austin and Todd "We will take legal actions, we will get her back." Todd said and I couldn't even speak "I will drive her home, drive my car?" Austin asked and Todd nodded. He carried Kelsey and took my hand and led me to the car. "Bella?" Kelsey asked "Bella isn't here." I said and Kelsey started crying and I was looking out the window crying. 
I spent the rest of the night just staring at Bella's room, Allie was over tring to comfort me "He can't do this. I'm all Bella has. I'm all Bella knows." I said, Austin was in with Kelsey trying to calm her down but Kelsey ran in to my arms and I held her "Bring Bella back." Kelsey said and I held her tight "We're going to try." I said and when I put Kelsey down in her bed finally my cell phone rang it was my father "Don't start. You got what you wanted." I said as soon as I answered "Lexie?" I heard instead of my dad's line "Belly." I said fighting back the tears "What happened? I'm scared. I want to come home. "Bella said "I'm trying my best to get you back." I said "I don't want to be here. I want to be with you." Bella said and I broke down "I know sissy. Look sissy, I'm going to do my best. Everything I have to get you back. I won't stop." I said "Dad is coming." Bella said and she hung up, I didn't get an I love you or nothing. I looked at Austin "Bella needs us." I said "Lexie, I know. Don't over do it."  Austin said and I felt Stary kick she was upset too. "Eat something." He said and I slowly ate a slice of pizza and I curled up in bed and slowly fell asleep..
My dream was horrible: It's a cold and rainy night now I'm driving with a newborn in the back and Kelsey in her car seat looking out the window "Belly!" Kelsey called out and I looked "Where?" I asked "There?" she asked but there was nothing. "Bella isn't in our life no more." I said and Kelsey stared at me "Okay." She said softly "I'm sorry baby girl. I know I'm a failure." I said and in my dream there was a figure in front of the car and it was Bella, before I could stop I hit Bella going about 75 on the road. "You promised!" Bella yelled when she went flying in the air "You said you would protect me! That it was just us!" Bella said "NO! I'm trying to get you back Belly!" I yelled "Don't try! Do! I need you!" Bella screamed before she disappeared. Then that dream faded into me being in a maze yelling out "Bella!" And then "here!" and so on, trying to find her and when I finally do find her my dad is in the way and he wouldn't move. I was supposed to protect my sister! And I let her get taken away from me!
I wake up and I get out of bed and I just turn the TV on I couldn't go back to sleep and I was off today. Todd came over and we went over the paper work and he told me "We have a court hearing tomorrow. Do you have what he said in writing?" Todd asked "I have it in writing, on a voice recorder." I said and he nodded "Hopefully that is enough." Todd said and Kelsey walked up "Papa, bring Belly home." She said "I'm going to try." He said and she clung to Abby who also came to try to comfort us. "I always had a fear my mom would try to get custody of her, you know? But not my dad. I mean he has never been in Bella's life." I said "I know. You don't need to stress it too much. It's not good for you or Starry." Abby said, Abby was actually being nice to me. Because if she would have been her normal self I would have went off on her. Kelsey wasn't herself either "Kels it's nap time." I said "NO!" She said "Kelsey Lynn." I said and she took my hand and I led her to her room, I could hear Austin "I'm worried about Lex. She isn't eating enough." He said "She's going to be okay. Tomorrow will help." Abby said and Austin nodded I came back and they acted like they weren't talking about me.
Austin had to go to class the following day, but I was going to do my work later on in the week. I wore my only dress that fit and had on my proper shoes and Todd and Abby came over, we dropped Kelsey off at day care and then we went to the court house. I saw my dad and Bella, my dad tried stopping Bella but she ran to me "I want to stay with you. You and Austin. Dad tried saying you didn't want me, but I knew it wasn't true. Tell me it isn't." Bella sobbed "Belly I could have ten kids and I would still want you." I said holding Bella in my arms like I would Kelsey. "It doesn't have to be this way." I said and my dad looked the other way. "I missed you sissy. How's Kelsey?" Bella asked "Not good. She's being a brat because she misses her Bella."  I said "I miss My Kelsey too. I miss Austin. I miss it." Bella said and I hugged Bella. "Where going to do our best for where you come home with us." I said and Bella smiled at me "The judge will see you now." He said and Bella was taken by Kelly so they could sit down.
They went through all the legal stuff that I didn't understand because I wasn't a lawyer but Todd pleaded his case and my dad's lawyer pleaded his. "I want to call Alexis to stand." He said and I went up "Do you treat Bella equally?" His lawyer asked "Yes sir I do." I said "Is it true you are pregnant with your second child?" He asked "Yes sir." I said "Are you able to give Bella the attention she needs?" He asked "Yes sir. I make sure to give Bella the attention she needs and deserves. She gets what she needs." I said and then "Is it true you work long hours?" He asked me "During the week, I work 3-9 but my husband is there." I said and then there was more and then Bella was called to the stand "Who would you rather be with?" Todd asked "Lexie." She said and then so on. "We will take a fifteen minute recess to decide. We will come back with our answer." The judge said and I glanced at Todd and he nodded. I was a nervous wreck, I was also hungry and had to use the bathroom but I knew I couldn't move without falling over because of being so nervous. The judge came back and looked at us "We as the court, we believe that it would be in the best interest of Isabella Summerland if she stays with.."

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