It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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We walked back in "I'm sorry for my childish attitude." I announced and Todd just hugged me. We had dinner and then we spent the afternoon just doing whatever, the men were watching Football the kids were playing wih the girls and Becca and I were in the Florida room and Abby joined, I was holding a sleeping Starry "When do you go back to work?" Abby asked "I go back to work on the 1st." I said and they nodded. It's now the 30th and I'm at the doctor's for Starry's second month check up, where she now weighs 8.4, and she got her her DTap shot,  after her appointment I took her to Wal*Mart and we saw that they had Christmas decorations up  "I need to get some trees." I said and Starry wasn't asleep but she was staring at me. "We will come back with the gang." I said and Starry stared at me. We went to lunch with Becca and she smiled at Starry "She's growing up so fast." Becca said "She is." I said and Becca smiled at me "It's about time for Christmas shopping." Becca said "We're going tree shopping tonight." I said "That should be fun." Becca said "I want Kelsey and Bella to have their own trees in their rooms, and for Starry to have a 12 inch one." I said and Becca smiled at me.
I went to the daycare and got Kelsey and then picked up Bella and Sara and Emma and then we went home and Karen smiled when we pulled up. "Thanks for picking them up for me." Karen said "No problem." I said and she smiled at me. Allie walked up "Lexie, my dear Lexie." She said smiling "Come on." I said and she smiled at me. "How do you feel about going back to work tomorrow?" Allie asked "Nervous, I'm switching Starry to formula on her 3rd month. But I'm nervous about leaving her for the eight hours." I said "She will only be up from 4, 8, and noon." Allie said and I smiled at her, she is now almost 14 weeks, and still isn't showing. "You will probably show around your 20th week." I said "Maybe. I feel fat." She said and she lifted up her shirt once I had put Starry down and smiled she doesn't have a bump yet but you can she the buldge she has. "Aww!" I said kissing her stomach and she smiled at me. She picked up Starry "I love you! I want a girl." Allie said "Why?" I asked "Because when my baby is born Starry will be out of her cute newborn clothes!" Allie said and I giggled at her. 
When Austin got home we loaded up the girls and put them in the car and we went to Wal*Mart first "Pick out the color of your tree." I said and Austin held Kelsey's hand and led her to pick the gifts "You can pick whichever." I told Bella and she smiled and went off and I had Starry in her little pouch and got a white 12 inch tree and got everything we would need, tonight we're going to get all the custom made ones. "We got one!" Austin said "What color?" I asked "Pink!" Kelsey said and Bella came back with a Purple one, we got the stuff they would need and then we went to the tree lot and got a nice six footer one and together that night, we had Starry in her bassinet and we put up the trees ad decorated it all. And then we all put in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, the cartoon version of it. The girls love it, Austin gets up and gets Starry and he holds her and I kiss her cheek. Kelsey was in my lap, loving her attention and Bella was in the middle of us. After the movie "Bath time!" I said "Daddy!" Kelsey said "Give Kels her bath and I will give Starry hers."  I said and Austin nodded, I got the warm water going, where it was perfect and Bella was on the counter watching me "Are you ready for work?" Bella asked "Yes and no. I have missed it there, but I will miss all of you." I said and Bella smiled at me, I began giving Starry her bath and Bella smiled "I like Starry." Bella said and I smiled trying not to laugh "I would hope so. We're stuck with her."I said "Kelsey doesn't care much for her." Bella said "She's two. Not used to sharing her mommy's and daddy's and your attention with a baby." I said and Bella smiled "I tell her not to be jealous but she still is."Bella said "How about you have a sleep over with her tonight?" I asked "Like what we used to do?" Bella asked "Yes. But you stay in her room." I said and Bell had a huge smile "Okay!" She said and Austin came out with a clean Kelsey and set her on the counter and took Bella, he sat at the table and brushed her hair.
"Kelsey-boo, you and Bella are going to have a sleep over." I said finishing up on Starry who was crying now, she doesn't care much for baths, and the water was getting cool. I got her little towel on her and I carried her to her room and Kelsey followed "Sleepover?" She asked and Austin laughed "Yeah, Bella is going to spend time with you. Mommy use to do that to Bella when we were younger." I said "Was I there?"  Kelsey asked "In the end you were." I  said and Kelsey giggled "Will you be there tonight?" Kelsey asked me and I held a dressed baby now "No, mommy has to be up before you are. I have work." I said "You're never here for me." Kelsey said "You got daddy and Bella." I said "Daddy is busy with you and that thing, and Bella has her group." Kelsey said "Austin baby, take Starry." I said "Does she need to be fed?" He asked "not any time soon." I said and I picked up Kelsey after he took Starry and positioned her on my hip "Let's go baby." I said and I carried her into my room. I set her on the bed and I got up there with her and pushed her bangs out of her face "Mommy is so sorry that I haven't spent as much time with you as you would like. I now have to spend time with your little sister, you, Bella, and daddy." I said "I miss you." She said "I'm right here honey." I said "But soon you will be needed." Kelsey said "I'm always here for you."  I said and Kelsey just nodded "Oh baby." I said hugging her and she looked up at me with those big icy blue eyes. "I love you." I said "I love you too." She said and Bella came in "Kelsey let's go." Bella said and I smiled at them.
Starry woke me up at midnight and I change her diaper and feed her and then I place her back in her crib, she has moved from the bassinet in our room to her own room. I walked back to our room and Austin stirred "Everything okay?" He asked "Yeah. Our angel is fed and changed." I said and I curled up in Austin's arms and fell asleep again. I woke up to my alarm clock at three and went into Starry's room with a flashlight and I got the breast pump and went into the kitchen, I fixed four bottles and put them in the fridge and left a note for the bottle to be in the bottle warmer before giving to Starry. I got changed into my scrubs and yawned, I pulled my hair into a pony-tail and I left at three thirty and still made it by four. The head nurse Anna was there "Good morning Lexie! Welcome back!" She said and I smiled "it feels good." I said and she smiled at me. I began working and I went into Nicole's room and she was watching TV "Hello there, can I get you anything?" I asked and her eyes widen when she saw it was me "How long has it been?" She asked me smiling "two months." I said "Welcome back." Nicole said and I smiled "Thanks. I miss my babies but I'm back." I said "Leaving them for the first time is always the hardest part." Nicole said "It is, I miss Star but I know she's asleep or being fed." I said and Nicole smiled "My bed pan could be changed." She said and I did so and then smiled at her "I will stop in before I leave." I said and she smiled at me.
I did check in with Nicole before I clocked out and then when I clocked out a male nurse smiled at me "Welcome back Lexie." He said "Thanks." I said getting ready to go home to my girls and husband. He came up to me and hugged me. And he tighten his grip on me "I missed you." He said softly in my ear "What are you doing?" I asked but he put a sock in my mouth and then duct taped it. I began wiggling my body trying to protest him but he was stronger than I was and his tight grip was hurting me. He shoved me into the employee bathroom and he had his way with me, it was easier to do since we both had scrubs on. "I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. Especially seeing you walk around being pregnant, that really made it worse on me." He said and then he looked at me "If you tell anyone I  will hurt you. Got it?" He asked me and I was fighting back the tears. It was already twelve thirty I was normally home by now. After he cleaned us both up he went out first and then shoved me out. I didn't wait around I walked to Anna's desk "I want to give my two week notice." I said "What? Why?" She asked me "I realized I can't handle being away from my girls." I said "I understand. We're going to miss you. Nicole is going to miss you." Anna said looking at me weird, I have been here for over a year going on two, he's been here for four years who are they going to believe?
I went home and I just picked up Kelsey who was closer and held her tight in my arms "I was starting to get worried." Austin said smiling at me and then all it took was one look and he knew something was wrong. And he called somebody "Karen I hate to ask you this but can you come over and take the kids to your house for a bit? Something came up." Austin said and I was still holding Kelsey when Karen came "Go with Meme." Austin said she calles Karen Meme, Starry went with them. I took Austin's hand and led him into the bedroom and when I stripped off my clothes I made sure he was watching "Are those bruises and bite marks?" Austin asked and I looked at him and put on a t-shirt that was lose and my ripped jeans and I sat below him and brought my knees up to my chest, I haven't spoken since I told Anna I was giving in my two weeks notice. "I quit my job." I said "What? Why?" Austin asked me "I was raped by an empyloee he told me if I told anybody he would hurt me." I said "Lexie, we will file a claim against him, we will press charges." He said and I just stared at him "I don't want him to hurt the girls or you." I said and I finally sobbed, we had finals this upcoming week that I had to take online. This time Austin didn't know what to say or do. 

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