It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

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I had Starry with me because she would be due to be fed and Austin was going to talk to his dad, man-to-man and Karen is watching Bella and Kelsey is with Allie and Jake. I pull back up to the nursing home and I get Starry in her pouch and I got her diaper bag on my shoulder and I walk back into the nursing home and Anna is sitting at the front desk and she flashed me a smiled "Here to get your job back? It's open for you." Anna said "I came here to talk to you. In private?" I asked "My office." She said and I  see the co-worker and he is staring at me when I walk into the office. "What can I do for you?" She asked when I sat down and positioned the sleeping Starry better "I wanted to file a complaint on an empyloee." I said I have never done this "On who?" She asked "Thomas Johnson." I said and she didn't look shock "What did he do?" Anna asked "He molested me." I said and she looked shock on that one "I have pictures of what he did to me. He told me not to tell anyone or he would hurt me. I'm sure you could watch the security camera." I said "I believe you. Would you like to press charges?" She asked me "I would." I said and she began working on it. "Would you like your job back?" Anna asked me "I don't know if I can work here again." I said "I understand." Anna said "you're an excellent worker." She said and I smiled at her "Thank you. I'm taking the job back." I said and she smiled "Can I see Starry? And I promise you, you won't see him until your court hearing is made." She said and I smiled at her I gently took Starry out and she smiled at her "Nicole would love to meet her." Anna said and I smiled.
I went into Nicole's room and she was sitting up actually "Hey Miss Lexie. Is that Star?" She asked me "The one and only." I said and Nicole smiled at me "She's so tiny. So beautiful." Nicole said and I smiled, on my way home after leaving there I got a phone call "Hello?" I asked I had it on speaker "hey Lexie, is now a bad time?" My mom asked "I'm driving but no." I said "How would you like to meet Jason and his kids before Christmas or around?" My mom asked "I would love to meet them. How?" I asked "We want to take a trip to you guys." She said "When?" I asked "Over their Christmas break. December 18th." My mom said "I will ask Austin but I don't see why not." I said "We will have a hotel room." She said "Okay mom, we love you. I will call you back tonight." I said "I love you too." She said and when she hung up I pulled up to the driveway and I got Starry's car seat out and went to Allie's first "What happened?" she asked and I told her everything and Allie hugged me "It will be okay. What will happen if you're?" She asked me "Austin and I will cross that bridge when we get there." I said and Allie smiled at me "You are stronger than I will ever be." Allie said and I giggled "In June you will realized how strong you are." I said and Allie smiled at me. 
I took Kelsey and then I went and got Bella and then we went home and Austin pulled up so Kelsey ran to him and he smiled "He's basically going to be put behind bars." Austin said and I smiled at him and kissed his lips "Let's go in." I said and when we got in I had to feed Starry and then I put her in her crib and I sat at the table and Kelsey got on my lap, Bella was coloring so Kelsey left me to go color. "I filed the report and he will be taken care of." I said and Austin looked me in the eye "I'm sorry it happened to you." He said "I'm sorry too. But it's another thing that makes me stronger. My mom and her gang wants to visit for Christmas." I said "Let them. We could use that." He said and I smiled at him "One more thing I want to discuss and then I want to leave this day behind me until it gets brought up again." I said and he looked at me "What if I'm you know?" I asked not wanting to say the word out loud to the girls "You can either keep it or do the other thing." He said "I'm pro life. 100%" I said I remember being told by my mom and Kelsey's father to abort Kelsey and I wouldn't do it, I thought about it when I was 16 weeks pregnant and then I felt Kelsey and I was in love. "Adoption." He said "That would be an option. But let's hope I'm not." I said and he smiled at me. 
That night after all three girls were asleep I called my mom "You are more than welcome to come mom, you can stay here if you want." I said "I wouldn't do that to you. But we will come." She said "Great looking forward to it!" I said and she laughed "Good. I love you honey. Goodnight." She said "Good night." I  said and we hung up. The following week I took my finals when Starry was asleep and then afterwards I would go and pick up Kelsey, now it's the 17th Austin is home, Kelsey is home, Bella's last day of school is tomorrow until the 2nd. "Starry is napping, time to clean! Kels come help mommy." I said and Kelsey walked over "Lexie, they aren't staying here." Austin said "Visiting here, dinner and stuff." I said "Honey, your mother and Henry both know we have three little girls." He said and I nodded "I don't care. My house will be clean." I said and he laughed "It's already clean anyways." Austin said "Not clean enough." I said and he kissed my lips "We haven't even planned what we're doing to celebrate." He said "One year together, on Christmas we're spending it with our daughters." I said and Austin smiled at me and rolled his eyes "mommy is crazy Kelsey." He said and she giggled at me. We had the house clean by the time Bella came home from school "Mommy is nuts." Kelsey said and Bella giggled "We're getting mom's favorite dinner." I said and Bella giggled at me.
The following morning around eight I'm up and feeding Starry again and I heard a knock and Austin got up and got the door "Brittany!" He said and I looked a Starry who was still going to town "Grandma is here!" I said and she didn't pay me any attention. After I fed her and changed her I went downstairs and saw my mother, a man and then five kids, Starry was sucking on her pacifier and my smiled at me "Lexie!" She said and I smiled the girls were still asleep, Kelsey slept with Bella last night. "This is Brent, Taylor, Holly, Stephen, Nick, and Grayson." My mom said "it's nice to meet all of you. Bella and Kelsey will be up shortly. In fact Ausin can you go wake them up?" I asked "Sure." He said and I smiled at him. I sat down and motioned for them to sit down "Starry has grown! Can I hold her?" My mom asked and I handed Starry over, "how was your flight?" I asked "Good" They all said and then Bella and Kelsey walked down and Brent smiled at Kelsey "This is my daughter Kelsey and Bella." I said and they smiled. "Can we go play?" Kelsey asked "Yes." I said and then looked "Have you guys ate yet?" I asked "not yet." Grayson said "We can have breakfast here or we can go out." I said "Out would be good." My mom said "if you don't mind watching Starry I will go change." I said and my mom nodded, I hurried up and changed and then I changed Kelsey and Bella and Austin got dressed. We went out to breakfast and all got to know each other.

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