It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 24 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



After breakfast Jake, Austin, Grayson, Nick, and Stephen went to a basketball game that Austin had tickets for, leaving  us with the girls and Brent who didn't want to go. Allie came over "Still not showing." My mom said and Allie giggled "She has a small bump." I said and Allie smiled "I find out the sex next month if the baby lets us." Allie said "How do you feel?" My mom asked "Good." She said and Karen came over along with the rest of the gang minus the males who were at the game. "Starry is crying." Kelsey said and I got up and picked up Starry and walked back to the couch, I  was rocking her "How is Kelsey?" My mom asked "Still not handling Starry arrival just yet." I said and my mom smiled "It just takes time." She said "I know." I said and I looked at Starry who was staring at me "I can't believe she's almost three months old." I said "I know, before long she will be crawling." My mom said "Don't say that. I'm not ready for another active baby." I said and she smiled at me, "I have news for you and Bells." She said and I looked at her "You're pregnant aren't you?" I  asked "Yes, and I'm engaged." She said "Congratulations." I said and she smiled at me. Bella came in "I just heard mom!" She said and I smiled at Bella.
Around noon we put Brent and Kelsey down for their nap along with Starry, the girls are in Bella's room. My mom and I are sitting out on the couch and I had my knees brought up to my chest and she looked at me "What are you and Austin going to do if you are pregnant?" She asked me "Put it up for adoption mom." I said "How are you going to explain to the girls that when you went to the hospital to have a baby but you come home empty handed?" She asked me "Mom, I didn't ask to be raped." I said "That baby didn't ask to be conceived that way." She said and then she stared at me "Lexie, if you are pregnant then this baby needs you just as much as you need it Lexie. Keep that in mind." My mom said and I nodded. "How far along are you?" I asked "I'm 15 weeks." She said "So you knew when you were here for Starry?" I asked "I didn't want to take away, it was your day." She said and I smiled at her and hugged her "I understand mom>" I said and she smiled at me.
That night Austin and I were in our room after dinner with my mom and then over here, Bella wanted Taylor and Holly to spend the night so they did and Kelsey wanted to spend it with her grandma so she's over at the hotel with them. Austin looked at me and he kissed my cheek "Are you okay?" He asked "Yeah, what if I am?" I asked and he got up on the bed and held my hand "then we will raise it. Kelsey isn't mine but I treat her as if she is 50% me, and this baby would be 50% you." He said and I looked at him "I better not be." I said and he just kissed my cheek. The next morning my stress was taken away from me, I have never been so happy to get my period before. "I'm not pregnant!" I said when Austin woke up and he rolled his eyes at me "Good." He said rolling back over. I walked into the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone and Holly was the first one up, she's the five year old "Do you like my daddy?" Holly asked me "I do, do you like my mommy?" I asked "I do. She's not my mommy but she's just as good." Holly said "I know you miss your mommy." I said "Yeah, but your mommy is more like my mommy." Holly said and I smiled "I know, she's a pretty cool mom." I said and Holly smiled at me "I always wanted another big sister." She said "Well you got two." I said "But Bella is Taylor's age so they're bonding more." Holly said "I  can be your best sister." I said and she giggled at me. Grayson is tall, with brown hair and baby blue eyes, their mother had blonde hair, Taylor and Holly have blonde hair and baby blue eyes, the boys have Grayson's hair color and eyes.
It's now Christmas Eve and my mom and Grayson are still here, "it's your first Christmas Eve." I said to Starry who wasn't amused by any of this, she was more interested in sleeping but she loves the lights on the tree. "What was my first Christmas like?" Kelsey asked and I looked at Bella, honestly her first Christmas was with a small tree, little decorations on it, one little gift that Bella wrapped and gave her, one of her toys. "You had your mommy, Belly there. It was beautiful. You loved your Christmas." I said and Kelsey smiled and Bella looked up at me and I mouthed don't tell and Bella giggled. My mom even looked down, I know she told Grayson about her past and I know she feels bad. "What was Bella's first Christmas like?" Kelsey asked "It was beautiful like yours." I said hoping she would get off the topic and she did. "Our tradition is opening one gift on Christmas Eve." I said and Grayson nodded, we bought gifts for all of them. "How about Nick pick out one gift for everyone?" I asked "Sure." Nick said and he handed a gift to everyone and I had two because of Starry, Austin was video taping it. "Let's open it up Star." I  said and she looked at it, it was a golden stuffed Star from my mom and Grayson "Starry is our fallen star. Because she's so beautiful and bright like a shining star." My mom said and I smiled "We love it." I said and I watched as Kelsey opened up a stuffed Minnie Mouse, Bella had a stuffed Hello Kitty,  I opened up a golden heart shape necklace.

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