It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - The Final Chapter

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It's June 6th now, Bella is out of school and she has all her friends over for a sleep-over and I get a call "I'm in labor." Allie said "Keep me posted."I said and I got a picture text on June 7th around five PM Hannah Nicole Wakefield six pounds five pounces, eighteen inches. She has Bella's blue eyes and curly brown hair, she was beautiful. "I'm going to see Hannah." I said and Austin nodded. I went to the hospital "Hannah you are gorgeous." I said holding her in my arms "How do you feel?" I asked Allie "Perfect.Sore. But good." Allie said smiling at me. The following week my mom went into labor and gave birth to Bailey on the 14th around eleven at night, icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. We went to visit her the following day "Mom, Bailey is beautiful."I said and she smiled at me "Thank you." She said and I kissed Bailey. 
It's the 30th now and Starry is nine months old, she likes to use her right hand more, crawls more, and she climbs stairs when she's around them, by crawling. I can't believe she will be a year old before I know it. "Mommy!" Kelsey said running to me "Mommy!" Stormy said and I smiled "Mommy!" Bryce said "sissy!!" Bella said and I giggled. This coming up year will be my senior year in college and I'm looking forward to it. This summer we have been on the go as much as we  can, the twins are going to be in school, Kelsey will be in pre-school, Bella will be in the third grade, Starry will be a year old. It seems like it was just yesterday I moved in here and now my family has grown. A lot, but I don't regret it. I went from struggling to raise myself and my sister to being a mother of an eight year old, two four years old, a two year old, a nine month old, two dogs, and two cats and I love it. I keep waiting for Bella to want to move in with our mother but she hasn't done that yet. I have built up my relationship with my mom and I couldn't have been happier.
It's Augusut 7th now and I am twenty years old! And I found out I am almost two months pregnant with Austin's and my second child, my third child. We begin school on the 16th, Allie is loving motherhood, my mom forgot what motherhood with a newborn was like, Connor has grown up so much. We are excited for this baby, and we both said this is our last child. I will be due in May, so I get to spend my whole school year pregnant, we both graduate from our different things in May. On Kelsey's third birthday it went good, she loved her gifts and she is excited about Pre-school. The first few days of school was hard getting back into the schedule, getting four kids ready for school and one little girl ready for day-care. She is already walking slowly and I'm worried to death about her walking. 
It's September 30th and we're celebrating Starry's first birthday! She is walking after her sisters and brother, running after the dogs. I love seeing her active. School and work is doing really good now, I love the fact that I will be able to get a different job once I graduate. "Mommy!" Starry said reaching for me, "Mommy!" Kelsey said smiling at me "Mommy! Mommy! Sissy!" I heard and I giggled, Austin smiled at me. Allie, Jake, and Hannah came over Hannah is now three months old and she is beautiful. Connor is now eight months old and we love having him over here. Austin wants a little boy and I just want a healthy baby, honestly I want a boy for him so he would have two boys compared to four girls in the house. Not counting myself. "You have your hands full." Allie said and I smiled "I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world." I said and she smiled at me.
It's Halloween now and we're out trick or treating, I'm four months pregnant and I do have a bump. Everybody is enjoying trick or treating and when we got home to pass out our candy we had he dogs out with us too and they loved it. I was right Prince Charming is more of Starry's cat name. Bella loves third grade more and more, Bryce and Stormy loves Kidnergarten, Kelsey loves pre-school, and Starry loves day-care. I just took the mid-terms for the first semester and it's a hard semester, hard at home to study but I'm loving it. It's November 23rd, Black Friday we had an OBGYN appointment and we found out it's a girl! Caylee Grace! I'm so excited, we had Thanksgiving at our house and had everybody over for dinner and it turned out good. It's now Christmas and Connor is 11 months old, Starry is now fourteen months old and is potty-trained so we will only have one baby in diapers. We took finals the beginning of the month and now we're waiting to begin our last semester in college! I can't believe I'm graduating colelge in a May and I will have another healthy little girl. This pregnancy is going great.
January went good, Connor's first birthday party was good. We all loved it, Connor is a walking terror now. February was a good month for all of us, things were good, school and work is still going smoothly and we all love it. March 14th Bryce and Stormy turned five! Their first birthday without Sophia and you can tell they miss her, their first holiday without her was hard but we did our best for it. We also took our last mid-terms and now we're on Spring break and so are they so we went to a beach for the week. April was a smooth and good month for us all, preparing for the arrival for Caylee, preparing for finals and graduation day. It's now May 15th, I'm due in a week and it's my graduation day, Austin's is tomorrow. Allie and I both walked up on stage for our diplomas, I could barely move. Hannah was cheering her mommy on, being 11 months old, my little sister Bailey was all happy. "Congratulations Lex! I'm proud of you!" My mom said and I smiled "I did this for you two and myself!" I said to Bella and Kelsey, I remembered when college was just a dream, and now I managed to graduate with the highest GPA the same for high school.. Our last addition was born on May 22th, weighing six pounds four ounces, icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. "She's perfect." My mom said while she visited "Thank you mom." I said and I smiled. I went from having a sick mother in bed all the time, to a drunken mother, to a supportive mother. I now have an almost nine year old, twins five years old, an almost four year old, an almost two year old, a healthy baby-girl, and our pets. My life has turned out good finally, it went from being a struggle to survive to being an RN Nurse. What more could I ask for?

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