It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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I slowly opened the door and there she was, the same icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, she was sober as far as I could tell. "What are you doing here?" I asked "I'm here for my daughter's wedding. Where's the lucky guy?" She asked me "You shouldn't be here." I said "I wanted to come see my daughters and grandchild." She said "There's no place for you." I said "Come on, just let me come in for coffee. Meet your finace." She said and Austin looked at me "She isn't going to go." He said and I opened the door and my mom walked through the door "What you leave my small place for this huge house?" She asked "I don't want to start with you." I said "Don't start then." She said "Austin this is my mother." I said "Wow, you're a looker." She said "It's nice to meet you ma'am." He said "Where's Bella and what's her name?" She asked me "In bed asleep. Where they belong." I  said and my mom looked at me "I don't need you to come back into Bella's life and ruin it mom." I said "I see." She said "Bella life is getting good, she doesn't have to worry about her safety." I said "I see." She said "I don't need you in my life. Bella doesn't need you. Kelsey sure doesn't need you." I said and Austin rubbed my shoulder "I think it's best that you go." Austin said and my mom didn't say anything but she turned around and left.
"Do you want me to stay tonight?" Austin asked he could tell I was stressed out, I wasn't speaking just staring out the door. "Yes please." I said and Austin held my hand, he got up and rubbed my shoulder "Your mom won't come back." He said "You don't know that. You don't know her." I said and he rubbed my shoulder "Let's try to get some sleep." He said "okay." I said and he led me to my room and he wrapped his arms around me. Within ten mintues I could tell he was asleep. My mind was racing, I couldn't handle my mom coming back in my life and I wasn't about to let my mom ruin Bella's life again. My alarm clock went off at three and I just blinked, I didn't sleep at all. Austin stirred "Can you stay here with the girls?" I asked "I will be here wen you get home." He said and I smiled at him and I kissed his lips softly. I went to the bathroom and got dressed and then I pulled my hair into a pony-tail. I went to Starbucks and then to work. I checked in on Alice my favorite person and she was up "Can't sleep?" I asked and Alice smiled "Nope, they have you on the early shift?" Alice asked "Yes ma'am." I said and she smiled at me "What's wrong dear?" She asked me "My mother is trying to come back in my life." I said "Lexie you are a strong and beautiful woman. You're in control. Not your mother." Alice said and I smiled at her I checked her vital signs and then changed her bed pan "I need to go to someone else. But thank you Alice." I said and she smiled at me.
I got off at noon and then went home, Austin and the girls were watching TV "We woke up expecting Allie, and we saw Austin!" Bella said all excited "I'm glad. I will be right back." I said going into my room and changing into shorts and a T-shirt. It's September now, the first week in but it's still warm. "I'm in the mood for the beach." I said I had my bathing suit under my clothes "You sure?" Austin asked "Yes. Are you going to go?" I asked and he nodded, "Potty?" Kelsey said "Come on." I said and put her on her little potty and then changed her into her bathing suit and we went to the beach and spent all afternoon there and then we went to Lucky's Pizza for some pizza and I saw my mom in a waitress uniform "You have got to be kidding me."  I said "What?" Austin asked "Nothing." I said and he smiled at me. But as soon as we got home and Austin took Kelsey to give her a bath Bella looked at me "Did I see mom at Lucky's?" Bella asked I didn't know if I should lie or not "Yes. But sissy it won't change anything." I said and Bella hugged me "Do you promise me?" Bella asked "I promised I said and I hugged her tight. After Kelsey got a bath and was all clean Bella went in for a bath and Austin held me in his arms "Bells saw my mom. That's what I was saying." I said "Oh Lex." He said "You're okay." I said and he kissed my lips "I need to go home." He said "No." I said "Yes." He said, it's amazing we have been together going on a month, engaged but we haven't had sex yet.
It's the end of September now and Kelsey is officially potty trained, in big girls panties. Bella has already forgotten about seeing our mother and is going to spend every weekend at a friend's house. But tonight she's having five of her friends spending the night. Allie is coming over to help me and Kelsey is staying with Austin and them tonight, she was so happy and my heart broke because she wasn't going to miss her mommy. We had pizza from Lucky's, soda, junk food, and movies for the girls, and plenty of sleeping bags. They spent the first two hours playing with Barbies and then dress up, then they finally ate their food and had some of their drink. Allie was painting my nails, I had just painted hers and she smiled at me. "Do you miss Kels?" She asked me "Yes, but she loves her dada." I said "I'm glad she's able to call him daddy." Allie said and I smiled at her "me too. I really do love Austin." I said "I would hope so since you're engaged to him and all." Allie said and I smiled, we have our mid-terms in the middle of October.
The next morning when everybody had gone home Bella hugged me "Thank you sissy." She said "You're welcome." I said and Allie looked at me "Come on you never spent the night at my house once." I said and Allie smiled "You're right." Allie said and I smiled at her. Austin came and brought Kelsey home who hugged me "Did you have fun?" I asked "Yes!" Kelsey said "Was she good?" I asked "Kelsey was perfect. Did you girls have fun?" Austin asked "We did. They all loved it." I said and Allie smiled at me "I'm going to go now, Jake and I are seeing a movie." She said "Thanks again." I said and she smiled at me. "What do you want to do?" I asked "Go to build a bear?" He asked "Yes!" Bella and Kelsey said "You heard them." I said and we went to build a bear, and they built two bears and then we went out for lunch and then we went home "Do you work tomorrow?" Austin asked me "I work 4-12." I said "Fun." Austin said and I smiled "I love you." I said "I love you too." Austin said kissing my lips softly. 

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