It's us against the world baby doll

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 27, 2012




A couple weeks flew by and it's now my first mid-term and I'm getting ready for class. "You have everything you need?" I asked Bella "Yup." She said "Okay good." I said and I picked Kelsey up and we walked Bella over and then we went to day care and then I went to my first class. That was the same for the rest of the week with the four other mid-terms I had left. Now I'm relaxing this weekend, I'm off of work and we're going shopping to pick out what the girls are going to wear for Halloween. So far we haven't had any run ins with my mom, I'm not even sure if she is still in town or not. We had Kelsey in the buggy and Austin is pushing and Bella is beside him "Kels do you want to be a kitty?" I asked "Hello Kitty!" Kelsey said "Okay." I said "Bells?" Austin asked "Tinkerbell!" She said "Alright." I said and we found the right ones and they tried it on and then we got the groceries we needed for the two weeks. 
On Halloween I got home from my last class, I wasn't going to work today, I called in and they understood. I got Kelsey in her Hello Kity outfit and I brushed her hair and then I helped Bella in hers, Austin came over after work, we had pizza from Lucky's and then we went into town and walked around with the other kids. We went to a small Duplex that had the light on "Trick or treat!" Bella said and guess who opened the door. My mother. "Belly and you!" My mom said "We're good." I said taking Kelsey's hand and going to do a different house. "What just happened?" Austin asked "We are to never go to that house again."I said and he nodded "Your mother?" He asked me "Yes." I said and I didn't need to say more, he didn't push my mother object. So I now know she is still in the area, Bella was quiet and I didn't try to ask her. After we got home we went through all of the candy and they had a few pieces "Can you put Kelsey to bed?" I asked "Yes." Austin said and Bella curled up with me "Are you okay?" I asked "Why is mom around?" Bella asked finally "I'm not sure honey." I said "Do I have to spend time with her?" Bella asked "You don't. Not unless you want to." I said "I don't." Bella said and then she started crying. "Bells, you're safe. We're safe. Mom can't hurt us. Mom will never hurt you." I said and Austin came in and he held her, I never told him the whole story about my mom.
After we calmed Bella down and Bella went to bed we went on the porch and I sat across from him with my knees brought up to my chest and I began from the beginning and told him everything. I felt the tears falling and Austin came up to me and he wrapped his arms around me and he wiped away my tears "I am so sorry Lexie." He said and then "I will never ever let anybody hurt you, Bella, or Kelsey. You are my life. They are my life." Austin said and I kissed his lips softly, I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his neck and cried, the first time I have ever cried in front of somebody. I have never shown any sign of weakness because I don't want to get walked all over or treated like crap. Austin lifted up my chin and wiped away my tears by kissing them and then he kissed my lips softly. "Lex you are okay." Austin said and I kissed his lips softly. He carried me to my bed and Austin kissed my lips softly and I reurned his kiss with another kiss with more passion. We went to a little bit farther and then Austin pulled away "I should leave." He said "Yeah." I said kissing his lips softly again neither one of us wanting to pull away.
I was on edge until Thanksgiving, we had from the 21st that Wednesday to Monday off from class, and I had to work Wednesday, and Friday I was off the other days. I had to go back in for one last fitting before the wedding which was on the 21st. Everywhere we went I was paranoid I would run into my mother, Austin and I have maintained a non-sexual relationship even though it's really hard. We're getting married in a little over a month. We were having two Thanksgiving one with Allie's family and then one at Austin's family, we ate at Allie's and then we got changed and went over to Austin's family and had dinner with everybody. The following day after work we loaded up Kelsey and Bella and we got a tree, a live tree and then we all decorated it.
We took our finals the week of December 8th and now I'm off until January 7th, but I'm working 4-12 every day, I picked that schedule so I could still spend most of the day with the girls. Austin comes over to watch the girls until he has to go to work and then Allie takes over. After I got off of work I went Christmas shopping and got all the presents I would need and then that night after the girls were asleep I wrapped them all and put them under the tree and Austin came in and kissed my lips, it was the 15th. "In ten days we are going to be married." Austin said kissing my lips softly "I know." I said and he kissed my lips softly again "I love you."  I said "I love you too." He said kissing my lips softly again. I sat on his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips softly "I can't wait to be with you." I said "I can't wait either." Austin said kissing my lips softly and he smiled at me. We did a little bit more this time and I kept my arms around him and I pulled away because we said we were going to save ourselves for our wedding.
It's now Christmas Eve "Even though Santa is going to come tonight we're doing Christmas today since mommy and Austin are getting married." I said and Kelsey nodded, Austin was with us and we handed out the gifts we even had gifts for Austin. Kelsey got: Clothes, a teddy bear, a blanket, a new riding toy, a ton of toys for her age. Bella got: A barbie dream house, barbie car, barbie plane, barbie dolls, clothes, teddy bears, other dolls. Austin got a home made gift from them and a jacket from me. I got a home made gift from them, a dimaond bracelet from Austin and an expensive but very good camera. They were having a blast, my dad flew in with his date Kelly who seems to be a nice woman she has two sons, they were staying with us "Daddy!" Bella said hugging him "I missed you girls." He said and I smiled, "We missed you." I said and Kelsey was playing with her toys "Come on Kels let's play with my dolls." Bella said and they went off and I smiled "I can't believe you're getting married tomorrow." My dad said "It's still unreal to me too." I said and he smiled, "I need to head on home. My mom is throwing a fit." Austin said "I understand. I will walk you out." I said and on the porch "I love you baby. Tomorrow we will be married." I said and he kissed my lips "I love you too." He said and we said good-night and I kissed him. Over the couple weeks he has been moving his stuff into the house. My dad is going to watch Kelsey and Bella for us tomorrow night.
I  went to the beach while my dad watched the girls and I saw that the wedding stuff was already set up and I couldn't believe I was getting married in less than twenty-four hours. "Beautiful wedding stuff, huh?" A woman asked "Yes ma'am." I said "Whoever is getting married must be a lucky couple." She said "We are." I said "It's your wedding?" she asked "Yes ma'am." I said "Congratulations." She said and I smiled "Thank you." I said I went into work after that "Hey Lex! The soon to be bride!" Anna said "Hi." I said smiling and went to Alice's room, of course I wasn't working tonight "Lexie, my dear." Alice said "Hello Alice." I said "You're getting married soon aren't you?" She asked "Yes ma'am. I'm nervous." I said "I bet you are. But Lexie don't worry. You will be fine." She said "Thank you Alice." I said and she smiled "He's a lucky man to have you. You better hurry up on baby making. You aren't getting any younger!" Alice said "hey!" I said and she smiled at me "Take it from a woman my age." She said and I hugged her "Thank you Alice." I said and she smiled at me. 

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