My life is normal; I'm a normal girl!

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Okay, her name is Lyndsey. She's a celeb. She trying to be a normal 16 years old girl, expect for the part that she's famous. She goes through her hollywood life, she doesn't remember a time where there wasnt any camera people following her around.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My life is normal; I'm a normal girl!

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Submitted: December 20, 2009



“Miss Lyndsey, can you tell us what your next movie will be about?” The cool TV show host Kevin Baker said. “No Sir, I’m taking a little break from filming for the summer.” I said twirling my long strawberry blonde wavy knee length hair in my finger. We talk on and on about my life, and how much the world will miss seeing my face. And trust me it will be all over the newspapers and magazines in no time. “Lyndsey Nicole Summerland you better get your butt home now!” My mom/manger said through my Iphone, Ugh I’m in for it now! “Yes mother, I’ll tell Brent to take me home now.” She hung up, “Uh, Brentypoo my mother wants me home now!” I said copying her. He was chuckling to himself. “Yes Lyndsey, We’ll go home instead of to the mall.” I frowned at that, I love the mall but I can never shop there! I just want a normal life for a few months, as long I can remember I have always been famous. We moved to sunny California from Nashville, Tennessee when I was only two years old so I can become famous. My three older siblings are way ahead of me in this business: Jake Summerland who’s 22. He’s a model dude right now. Brittany is 20 she’s a singer/actress. And then there is Abigail who’s 18, she’s an actress/model. And then there me: Singer/actress/model so how can I live a normal life. Then I got six younger siblings: Bradley is 14, actor/model. Star is 12 she’s an actress. Caitlyn is 10/actress. Nicole is 8/actress. Isabella (Bella, Belly, Izzy) is 6, actress. And then there is my last little sibling Alicia who is 3, actress already that this. Yeah, ten kids who are all famous. “Lynds!” Alicia said as I walked in the door with Brent following me “Britt, Abby, and Jake time to go!” He’s taking them to their movie shoot. Jake hugged me, Britt and Abby smiled at me. Everyone gets together, nobody ever fights unless its over who gets to go with daddy when he goes to Paris. Daddy came in and hug me tight “Lyndsey, I’m so proud of you.” “Why daddy?” I asked, I’m daddy’s little girl. “You’re standing up to your mother, and going after what you want.” “Only for like four months, daddy and then I’ll come back and try out for that movie.” “I love you baby girl though!” “Brad, Star, Caitlyn, Nicole, and Belly time to go!” “Where to daddy?” I asked, “Visit old people in the nursing home, your mom need you here.” I gave him a weak smile. “Lyndsey Nicole Summerland gets up here now! And bring Alicia!” I picked her up and we walked up the three flights up step, by the way I don’t eat junk food, so I’m skinny. Which I do kind of want to eat sloppy. “Lyndsey why are on Earth do you wanna take a break from acting?” She asked me while adding on her mud face. “I want to be a normal girl, momma.” “Why?” “I see all those girls standing in line to get my autograph, friends. Talking sharing secrets, eating junk food. Hanging out! I wanna do that momma!” I had hot tears sliding down my cheek. “Lyndsey Nicole. You will not use that tone with me young lady.” “Fine momma. But I wanna be normal for awhile!” “You wanna be normal?” “Yes ma’am.” “Fine, I’ll ship you off to Uncle Jade for five months then!” Uncle Jade was momma’s younger brother by three years. She’s 37, so he’s 34. “You mean it momma?” I ask asking hopeful. “Yes, I gotta talk to your father, but if you really want it then I guess I can let it slide. But then you come back and go on without complaining?” “Yes momma!” I said all happily! We waited for daddy to get home and now we’re in the study with the doors shut, “Lyndsey wants to be a normal girl for five months.” Daddy said to momma. “I know, and I suggested Jade’s.” “Perfect idea, I’ll call him now. Lyndsey are you sure you want to do this?” “Yes sir, and yes ma’am.” I was grinning for ear to ear. “Lynds, if he agrees then Alicia and I will go visit you.” I nodded and smiled at her. He dialed there number. “Casey, this is Uncle Chad speaking is your daddy home?” “Yes sir, I’ll go get him.” “Chad, is everything okay?” “Yes Jade, but we wanted to ask you something. Or should I say Lyndsey does.” “Okay.” He passed the phone over to me. “Uncle Chad, can I come stay with you for five months? I’ll do chores, help around the house.” “Hold on Lyndsey.” He put the phone down and yelled for his wife Claire, “Lynds, wants to come stay with us for five months. Can she?” He handed the phone to her, “Lynds?” “Yes Aunt Claire?” “You will have chores, go to the regular high school, and live a normal life.” “So does this mean I can come?” “Yes ma’am, put your dad or mom on please.” I handed dad the phone and smiled, they pulled up flights. “Lynds, you’ll need a make-over, new name. And a cover story.” Daddy said, and we called everyone else in. “Lyndsey, can go by Erica Lynn Summerlyn, she’s 16 of course. Came from Albany, New York.” “I like that!” We agreed. “You gotta do something about your hair when you get there, and you wear contacts, so you can do color contacts!” I smile, and went to go pack. My old worn jeans, tee-shirts. Stuff that the normal Lyndsey wouldn’t wear. “Y’all will go shopping when you get there.” I smile, I went to sleep; tomorrow I will fly out to Roxboro, North Carolina for five whole months. I can’t wait! I’m so happy. I had a rough flight, wearing an annoying red hair colored wig, and sunglasses. I saw my cousin who is my age Casey, I went up and waved and used my old thick Tennessee Accent “Hey Casey!” “Lynds!” I smiled, then there is Eva who is 10, Savannah is 14, Ashley is 8, Nick is 6, Kevin is 12, Kate is 4, Ericka is 2. Aunt Claire smiled at me. They all hugged me and we got to my newly found home. With dogs, cats, fish! And a huge yard! “Lyndsey, you will share a room with me!” Casey said smiling; we have always been best friends. I smiled and we went in our room, it looked so cozy and clean! Claire, Savannah, and Casey got to work on my hair so we could go shopping: Dark brown, same knee length since everyone has knee length hair now. And to cover up my beautiful icy blue eyes were place with green colored contacts. “Remember anyone tells anybody who Lyndsey is, they’re dead?” Aunt Claire said. They nodded in horror. We went to the mall and for once I didn’t have to sign autographs! “Erica, come let get a smoothie!” Casey said we were left alone. And I still got to keep my Iphone! We enjoyed one and then went to Abercrombie & Fitch, where we spent over $10,000 on clothes, and then Hollister for $5,000. And three pairs of rainbows, Sperry’s, pumas. “Erica, your set for the five months that you’re here.” I smiled, and when we got home I started cleaning the three bathrooms (Gross!) But I loved it kind of. “Lyndsey, it’s time for dinner.” Ericka said smiling at me. Grandma and Grandpa was here, “Now is this my little Lyndsey?” I nod, and I hug my grandma. “I’ve missed you!” Grandpa hugged me tight as well. I sat down and enjoyed a nice tasty slice of pizza. “Lynds, before you leave we gotta work out.” I giggle, “School begins tomorrow as well.” We got up at five, I was use to it. I wore my new jeans, and purple baby tee. And my hair was pulled up in a pony tail. We ate a healthy breakfast and smiled at each other, I get to walk through the doors of a high school! We made it through the doors, and same old cliques, drama. Hot guys, I smiled as three girls walked up to me and Casey, “Hi, I’m Nicole.” The blonde said, “I’m Lindsey.” The brunette said, “I’m Angela.” The red-headed said.” “I’m Erica.” Casey smiled at the girl. “She’s my cousin from NYC; I gotta take her to the office.” “Bye!” My Yankee accent was pretty thick right now. Casey and I are in all the same classes! We went to homeroom, gave the teacher our passes and the teacher said “Class, please welcome Erica Summerlyn to our state. She just moved here from New York.” I smiled poitely and sat behind a cute boy, he smiled at me with his killer baby blue eyes and said “Hi, Erica I’m Blake.” “Hi, nice to meet you.” He smiled a famous smile and turned back to taking notes. I quickly did all the notes and I was day-dreaming. According to my personal tutor I’m advanced to 12th grade, but I didn’t wanna go to a grade ahead of Casey, so I had to go back to being an 11th grader. This so far is already good.

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