Promises aren't made to be broken

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Promises arent meant to be broken

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



I smiled at her when we got done with throwing pillows at each other knowing we couldn’t actually have a pillow fight. I don’t want to lose my baby. The words daddy said were stuck in my head no matter how hard I’m trying to keep them out of my head but it isn’t really working right now and I don’t know why it isn’t though!
“Colie I want to see your baby bump!” Emma said it was two weeks later and I have a little baby bump. I pulled up my shirt and she smiled “I’m Aunty Emma.” She said to my baby inside of me I smiled at her. “Emma wanna go walking?” I asked her knowing the dogs needs out. She nodded and grabbed Sasha’s leash. The doctor told me that if I walk a lot like everyday during my pregnancy then the labor pain will be easier to deal with and labor will be easier. So I’m walking every day twice a day just no more jogging. We smiled when we saw Blake half way through our walk. He has been so supported so far and I’m only 1 and a half month pregnant not nine months.
“Colie how are you?” He asked me I smiled at him “I’m fine baby.” I said he smiled at me “Any sign of a baby bump yet?” he asked me I nodded and smiled. “Can I see?” He asked me right in the middle of the park “Not here.” I said he nodded and kissed my lips. School would begins in two weeks but we’re already 12th graders on the online class. Emma does it just to do it so she will pass ninth grade with flying colors. “See ya at class.” I said smiling kissing his lips then we walked home where Blake soon showed up.
“Can I see it now Colie?” He asked I rolled my eyes but lifted up my shirt and I saw him smiling wide. There was a knock at the door and I got up to answer it and smiled at Eva and Holly. “Hi come on in.” I said she smiled I pulled out my lab-top and started school work if I keep up the pace I’m on now I will be a high school graduate next week. “Do you have a baby bump?” Eva asked me I nodded “I didn’t have a baby bump until my fifth month.” Eva said wow then why do I have one so early? “You might be having twins. It’s likely if you or Blake are a twin but you’re not.” She said and then she bit her tongue. “What do you know?” I asked her she shook her head no. “Holly needs her diaper changed.” Eva said Emma came by picked Holly up and went to the work in progress but the nursery and changed her diaper “Nothing that I should say.” She said “Tell me. You promised to be here for me no matter what so tell me.” I said “Fine you have a twin.” She said “Sister or brother?” I asked “brother.” She said “What is his name? Is he still alive? Where is he?” I asked “Jacob. Yes. California. With our aunt she kidnapped him but daddy is getting him.”
Daddy why daddy? I thought but said “When is daddy getting him?” I asked Eva “in three weeks after you find out. If you’re having twins or not. Trust me they will tell you next month.” Eva said and I nodded. “Will we meet him?” I asked “yeah daddy is coming down here. Thinking of moving to Orlando. But last time you saw him it was your first birthday so of course you wouldn’t remember him. Why do you think you never saw baby pictures of you? Because once he got kidnapped all your photos got hidden. They’re under momma’s bed.” Eva said biting he tongue knowing she done let the cat out of the bag now.
We got up and walked into momma’s room and she pulled the crate out from under the bed and showed me all the babies’ pictures. There was a baby boy with our icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I was a cute baby we got up off the floor only to see momma standing there I could tell she was mad. “What were you doing?” She snapped at us so I decided to snap back “Why did you hide the fact that I had a twin brother?” “Don’t you answer my question with a question.” She said “Basically I answered your question.” I said to her. “Nicole Hope don’t get sassy with me young lady.” Momma said I rolled my eyes “Lose the sassiness Nicole.” Momma said “Tell us about Jake.” I said Momma eyes turned to Eva “Well it slipped out. I didn’t promise I wouldn’t tell her.” She said I wonder who I got my sassiness from then it sure wasn’t Eva. “Colie there is nothing I have to say about this case close.” She said “Momma there is to something to say like the fact that I have a twin brother who I don’t remember!” I said getting all worked up. “Nicole Hope Summerland Calm Down.” Momma said you know I’m in trouble if she said my whole name she hates calling the last name.
“Nicole Hope I will tell you when I feel like you’re ready. But you’re not ready not now.” She said with that she stormed off I picked up my phone and dialed daddy’s number “Colie don’t.” Eva warned but I didn’t listen “Daddy I know about Jake.” I said “Only his name I’m guessing?” he said “Yes sir. What can I know?” I asked “In three weeks when we move down there you will meet him. Right now Alice has a doctor’s appointment she’s five months along now.” He said “With a brother?” I asked “we don’t want to know the sex.” He said “Okay daddy. I love you.” I said “I love you to Colie.” He said wow that wasn’t so bad. I looked at Emma who was ready to go swimming so I got my bathing suit on and we went to the pool knowing the water would feel good after what just happened we didn’t expect all of this.
I’m sitting in the doctor’s office with Blake right beside me holding my hand “Nicole and Blake you are having twins. That is why you’re showing earlier than some. You will find out the sex next month and then we will go from there.” Doctor Swift said we nodded and saw the babies on the screen. I smiled she showed me the two different heads. She printed off four copies handed two to me and two to him. I scanned one and emailed it to daddy. Although him and my brother are coming here in two days. I get to meet my long lost brother. He got custody of him because momma already has me and her kids from Jack and doesn’t want him she is fine. I guess she was taking it hard still.
And I wasn’t being much easy on her but I don’t care anymore. She had no right to hide the fact that I have a twin brother whom I get to see in two days! Eva and I are going out to eat with daddy and him. Jake does know that I’m pregnant and he doesn’t care. We haven’t talked but daddy tells him everything and he told him everything about Eva and me and Bryan. Who will be flying down next week for a weekend. He is thrilled to be an uncle again but told me “Colie you should have waited three more years.” I’m a high school graduate with one more year of college to go which I’m almost done with.
I wore my white dress (Yes I can still wear it!) and my knee length hair was down. I had my rainbows on my feet. I was waiting for Eva to come so we could go meet daddy and Jake. I smiled at Holly who was asleep in the back seat. Eva was just as nervous as I was about meeting Jake. Jake was Bryan’s little buddy and I was hers buddy. We arrived on time and I smiled when daddy came up then a guy who is 5’8 came walking up with our icy blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. “Hey.” He said so coolly, he has a six pack; tanned, tall. Needless to say my brother was sexy! Although I shouldn’t be thinking that!
I smiled at him “Colie and Jake ya’ll are twins.” Daddy said I smiled we shook hands. Over the next four hours we got really close even him and Eva. When it was time for my curfew even though I’m meeting my brother I still have one tonight we hugged good-bye “See you later Colie.” He said I nodded; momma is meeting him Saturday and she is okay with that. I smiled at my belly I’m having twins! Don’t know the sexes yet but I know I want to. Holly slept the whole way home too. Jake is good with kids too! Emma smiled at me “Momma and daddy are moving down here! Next door too!” she squealed. We hugged and I smiled. Her and Gracie have clicked as well too!

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