Teen mom/sister/daughter/best friend/girlfriend so many titles can I live up to them all?

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Bella is a normal sixteen years old girl who falls in love, then ends up pregnant, will she let everyone down? Can she handle it? Her boyfriend wants her to keep it and raise it he's willing to, he has a secret of his own... Read on to find out. She's the oldest daughter to the most richest people in Roxboro, North Carolina will she let her parents down? Will they disown her? Read on to find out! Enjoy :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Teen mom/sister/daughter/best friend/girlfriend so many titles can I live up to them all?

Submitted: January 28, 2010

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Submitted: January 28, 2010



 “Miss Isabella Summerland you are pregnant.” The doctor said to me, I was sitting on the bed like thing in the doctor’s office. I looked at him in complete shocked. “How far along sir?” “Two months.” He said, I remember the night this baby was created with me and Blake my boyfriend. He used a condom though; it must have broken; and now I’m gonna be a mom at seventeen years old. Now I’m not seventeen, but by the time this baby is born I will be. My parents are going to kill me when they find out.
“Would you like to see your baby miss?” He asked me, he looked a little worried, “Yes sir, I’m sorry.” He nodded and put gel on my stomach and rub a electronic device over it and on the screen was a little baby, mine and Blake’s baby. He printed out two copies and I paid for the visit and went to go get the medication I’m gonna have to take during this pregnancy, I got in my car and drove to meet Blake at the beach; it’s summer time and we were planning on meeting at the dock around two and I’m gonna be late. I have to tell him now.
I slowly walk to the end of the dock he’s sitting down throwing rocks in the water; I smile as I reach him and sit down next to him. He sees me and kisses my lips so softly like an angel almost. “Hey Bella, I love you.” I smiled at him, “I love you more than anything in this world.” I said reaching into my pocketbook for the picture, I found it and showed it to him. He smiled not knowing what it is at first.
“Belly, what is this a picture of?” he asks looking me in the eye, “Our baby, Blake.” He froze, in thought for a while. “How far along are you?” “Two months.” He went back to thoughts, “I used a condom though.” “I know you did baby.” “But we’re gonna have a baby!” he said, kissing my lips. “You want me to keep it?” “Yes, we made this baby, and it deserves a chance at life don’t ya think?” I looked into his eyes and smiled. “Totally, he/she is our baby.” “Now we gotta tell our parents.” Crap, they will freak…Now in order to get the whole story I gotta take you back three months……………

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