That Girl (2) is in love

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It's about a sixteen years old girl, who is growing up. She's a junior-whenever the story ends. Whos live with her dad and siblings, her dad is rich, so she has everything she wants or need. She's a cheerleader has the best friends, and a hottie that she's eyeing who is her best friend, her mom died when she was seven or did she? There's a big lie her dad has been lying about for years is it about her mom? Read on... It's only gets better.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - That Girl (2) is in love

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Submitted: November 15, 2009



Hi! I’m Lyndsey Hope Summerland. I’m sixteen years old as of a week ago. I live in Roxboro, North Carolina. I’m currently a junior and the head cheerleader at Person High. I live in a big house with my dad and siblings, and his new wife. Mommy # 4. I have four siblings. Erica is fourteen, Izzy is twelve, Nicole is ten, and Brittany is eighteen. These are from daddy’s first marriage with my dead mother. She died by a car crash. Then there is Billy who’s eight, Nate is seven. Daddy’s second wife. Abby who is five. His third wife. Now his fourth wife: Brad is three and Kelly is one. I’m 5’4. I have knee length strawberry blonde hair, and Icy blue eyes. Of course I’m skinny. Brittany is 5’5. Looks just like me, but her hair is curly and mine is straight. Erica hair is more goldenish, and it’s down to her mid-back. Izzy’s hair is golden brown like Erica’s but its knee length. Nicole looks just like Brittany and me. The rest, have blonde curly hair, and baby blue eyes. We got our killer eyes from our momma. Like my nickname from all of my closest friend is Killer eyes, of course we were younger. And most of us has spilt up or moved away. But my three closest friends have never left my side: Blake (My best guy friend.) Lindsey (We have been friends since before we were born.) And then there the day care buddy Lizzie. We’re the best of friends, expect for Blake who hangs with the football people more now. Us girls are all cheerleaders.
“Lyndsey get your head out of the cloud!” Coach Blair yelled to me. I slowly got up and started to do the long 10 laps around the track course. I took off to catch up with Lindsey and Lizzie they were waiting for me. “We still on for tonight?” Lizzie asked me. “Yup, daddy said it was okay with him.” “You got the coolest dad ever.” She sighed, “And the best cook!” Lindsey said a little too happy. I took off running; I have to do my best! Oh yeah, did I forget to say that my dad has a ton of money? Must have slipped my mind. “Okay girls, no practice for the rest of the week. But big cheer practice Sunday!” We smiled and nodded. We go change and run into Blake “Girls night in or out tonight?” He joked. “In, I still have to baby-sit then Brittany is going to her friend’s house.” We high five and he walked off to the boys’ locker room. Lindsey and Lizzie was staring wide eye at me. “What?” “Nothing.” They said together and smiled at me. We got in my baby blue BMW, and drove to my house. We came in and my Saint Bernard puppy Sasha came running up to me. I picked her up and off we went to my room. “I love your room!” Lindsey yelled from my bathroom. Told you, my daddy spoiled me. My hot pink lab-top started buzzing so I walked slowly across the room to answer it: One new IM from Blake read? I hit read:
Blake: There a party tomorrow night, at my house. Y’all got to come
Lyndseyboo: Sure, I’ll be there. So will they
Blake: Okay, see you then!
Lyndseyboo: Bye!
Lyndseyboo has signed off
“We just got invited to a party tomorrow night, at Blake’s.” They squealed.
We’re sitting on my huge bed, eating Ice Cream, and Lizzie said “You know Blake likes you right?” “Of course I do, we’re friends.” “No, as in more than that.” Lindsey added. “What?” I almost choked. “You can’t see it?!” I shook my head. “He’s been crushing on you since we were ten!” “Why wouldn’t he tell me?” “He didn’t want to ruin your friendship y’all have.” I turned Pale, my mind start to go buzzing. Okay, no one can know this but I like him so much. “Lynds?” “Yeah?” “You okay?” “Yup.” “Lights out!” daddy yelled. We turned the lights out and told our secrets and stuff. Tomorrow night, I’m going to ask him, and tell him.
I was getting ready for the party, Lindsey and Lizzie has been ready. I put on my favorite mini-skirt, with my white leggings, hot pink baby tee, and my new brown rainbows, and diamond earrings; my long knee length hair was down. With a baby blue head band on. We walked out the doors. And we drive, while listening to Taylor Swift, our favorite band! Blake saw me as soon as I got in; I pulled him to the side in the middle of the party “Blake Lets be honest…” He was drunk now of course. “Do you like me as in more than a friend?” “Yes, Lynds. Ever since we were ten. I hated every guy that asked you out. I wanted to ask you out for so long, but I didn’t want the fear of you turning me down….” I cut him off by kissing him.
But then I woke up in my bed, with my hair in a messy pony tail, and my sweat pants on I look over and see the personal nurse taking care of me “What happen to me, Mel?” I ask “You fainted, and had a fever. You were all doll up for something, but that was four days ago.” So I never told him? “Oh okay, thanks!” I ended up back asleep. I wake up to see all my friends by my bed. Lindsey and Lizzie quickly update me on cheerleading and then they had to be home. Blake sat right beside my bed. “Lynds, they got you on the best kind of drugs ever!” he joked. “Well, it’s not kicking in right now.” I playfully pouted. “Lyndsey, I gotta tell you something.” He looked into my icy blue eyes, his baby blue eyes are all serious like, which isn’t him. “Go ahead.” “I like Lizzie, but I don’t know how to tell her.” “Are you serious?” I ask, my heart was pounding in my throat, I mean who wouldn’t like Blake? He’s 6”4, very tan, very hot; he got some good Abs, his baby blue eyes are to die for. And it all goes good with his skater style curly brown hair, he hates the curls. “Nope, but I do like you.” I was caught off guard; my heart was still beating faster than normal. “You do?” “Yeah, ever since sixth grade when you entered those halls are girly like, and high class which was so hot back then, and ever since I couldn’t quit liking you. I never could get you off my mind, no matter who I dated.” He said all softly in his voice. “Blake, I like you too. Ever since seventh, before then I knew we were friends, but I became a cheerleader and you any sports you could do, and we drifted apart and I thought you weren’t interested in me since you date all those girls.” “No, I only did that because I didn’t want you to hurt me.” “I wouldn’t have hurt you, not nearly as bad as I thought you would have hurt me.” He looked into my eyes and smiled “Lyndsey, I know this is so middle school-ish but do you wanna go steady?” Back then everyone ask that, so that way they wouldn’t be single, and it lasted awhile. I smiled my perfect smile and nodded. He almost kissed me but I shook my head he looked shocked and then I coughed, “Oh yeah, I don’t want to get sick, well Lynds, my mom needs me home. And you need to go tell Lindsey and Lizzie everything.” I smile and wave good-bye. I drifted off to sleep and dreamed my girly kind of dreams. I was feeling better now, so I had to do school work…yuck! But I got an IM from Blake! My heart skipped a beat. One new IM from Blake read now?
Blake: Hey Lyndsey!
Lyndseyboo: hey!
Blake: How come you’re still single?
Lyndseyboo: huh?
Blake: Your myspace, facebook, myyearbook, etc is still saying single.
Lyndseyboo: I just changed it now, I had to do my make up work, I’m all done with it, and its school for me tomorrow!
Blake: Awesome, want me to come and pick you up tomorrow?
Lyndseyboo: Its up to you, but I kind of want you to
Blake: I’ll be there at 7:30, your coach wants to see you first thing, that is why its gonna be so early.
Lyndseyboo: oh okay, I gotta go! Bye!
Blake: bye!
Lyndseyboo has signed off
“Hey!” Lindsey and Lizzie said when they saw me… “You can not believe what has happen!” I said, “We know. Remember Blake is our friend too.” “We told him to tell you his feelings.” “I’m glad you did.” And I hugged her. “Can’t wait to have you back at school!” “I hate being home!” I complained. Kelly and Izzy came in; Kelly climbed up in my lap, and hugged my neck. “Are you and Blake going out?” “Yea, why?” “”cause everyone at school is saying so.” I laughed which made everyone else laugh then we all busted out laughing. Brittany came in and smiled at us, “Blake.” She said we all looked confused and then saw the phone in her hand. Thanks I mouthed and said “hey.” “Hey, wanna go to the movies with me this weekend?” “Totally.” We hung up and I smiled my best smile yet.
My alarm clock went off, I cut it off. Then I slowly got in the shower, I put my contacts on afterwards. Yes, I know you thought I was perfect, but my vision isn’t and neither am I. I grab my favorite bra and panties. Then my old worn out ripped hole jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch (Love that store!) My black leather Hollister belt. And purple American eagle boy friend tee. I brushed my hair for about half an hour, and then braided it in two. I found my gold heart shape locket with the picture of my momma and me, when I was six. Then on the other side was a picture of Daddy, Brittany, me, momma, Erica, Izzy, and Nicole. But it was a three way, you just had to flip it, and there is a picture of me, Lindsey, and Lizzie we were at the beach we were 13 then. Then there is another empty slot, a picture of me and Blake will go there. I grab momma’s diamond earrings, and my “Dream” bracelet, and then I grabbed my rainbows. I had to go in the laundry room to get my cheer shorts! And the baby tee that says “Person High Cheerleader” I stuffed it in my PHSC bag. Which is a fancy gym bag but has my name in printed on it. I run down the steps, and into the kitchen where the cook is cooking pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, and muffins. “Baby girl.” Daddy said while hugging me. Brittany smiled at me, I glance over her shoulders and she is looking up apartments. She’s turning 19 in two weeks. It’s not that she isn’t smart, she just miss too many days in 1st grade so she had to repeat it. I hear a horn honk and see Blake at the door; the butler let him in, “hello Blake.” My dad said to him. He shook his hand and Blake looked at me “You ready?” I nodded, dad looked confused “We’re going out now daddy, and he wants to take me to school.” Daddy looked more confused, Blake grabs my bags, I kiss daddy’s cheek and grab my pocket book. “How many bags do you need?” He joked. “Let see, my book bag for my binders and text books, and books. My gym bag for Cheerleading and gym, my shoulder bag for the lab-top, my purse for girly things.” He smiled and held my hand the whole way. We walked to the gym hand in hand. Every teacher and smarty pants students saw us, so news will spread faster than a fire does. I see my coach, she sees us and waves “Glad to have you back, Lynds…” We talk, I listen to her carefully “Yes, I’m going to be working so hard, this means way more to me than you could think. My momma always dreamed of me going to this and us winning.” I fake a smile. “You’re momma would be so proud of you.” She said, they were best friends forever. “I’m not going to give up on this coach; I know we’re going to win it this year!” I high five Blake and walked away to class I grab his hand and was pulling him away from her. “Did I tell you how pretty you were today?” “Nope, but now you did.” He smiled at me and I saw that look so I took off down the parking lot with him following behind me. He of course caught up; he picked me up and carried me to the doors. Lindsey and Lizzie were waiting, “Aw, Lynds you’re so cute today!” They gushed over me. We linked arms and walked to class, I hugged Blake good-bye. And off he went too. I was smiling all day, its lunch time I pass Brittany in the hall and smiled at her. I’m seated next to Blake and Lindsey and Lizzie is beside her. “Two more weeks’ girls!” We all giggled. Blake rolled his eyes; I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. Two of his football guys came over and joined us; you see we’re not geeks but were not the most popular either. “Hey Lynds.” He was kind of cute for Lizzie. “Hey, u and Abby break up?” “Yup, she is a pain though!” “You know Lizzie is single as well.” I feel a hard kick. “Lizzie you are?” She nodded, “Good I always have liked you.” “You did?” “Yup. Want to go out Friday then?” “Sure!” She smiled her big smile at me and the bell rang so we all got up to go to our classes. Ugh! I hate my next class, I just know this teacher hates me; he’s my English teacher Mr. Swift, but he isn’t related to Taylor Swift, which totally sucks. I slide into the seat behind Ava one of my “friends” “hey Lynds, glad you’re back.” “Thanks.” “Are y’all still in the Cheerleading Bash?” “Yup, we’re working so hard.” “I bet. Anyways good luck.” “Thanks.” He came in and told us what to do. I get a note handed to me I slowly open it: Stay away from Blake, He’s Nikki’s boy, not yours. Or else, and we mean it.I slowly re-fold it and stuff it in my binder and pretend to pay attention to what Mr. Swift was saying, who would write that? Everyone knows they never dated! He never had anything to do with her! The bell rings and I run to my locker, as soon as I open it a note falls out: Stay away from Blake,he’s Nikki’s not yours… or else, we mean it. I’m mad now, why would someone do this? I’m so mad I slam my locker shut and don’t even notice Brittany was beside me “Lynds, Chill.” I look her in the eye, since she’s wearing flats. “How can I? When I’m being threatened?” I hand her the notes and she hands them back. “Anyways I got cheerleading, see you at home. Don’t tell daddy.” “I won’t.” she whisper as she walks to catch up with her friends and boyfriend Adam. I get in the locker room and sees another note in my locker I put my cheerleading practice outfit on and then reads it: He’s not yours, he’s mine. You better stay away from him. I mean it. Or else! - Nikki Landslide.  Ugh! I’m so mad right now! I run out to where the rest of the cheerleaders are “Okay! Let’s do this!” I cheer in my fake happy voice. “1….2…3 let’s go! We’re gonna win, we got it, we got game! We’re not losers, y’all so are! We’re the coolest yet! We won’t stop ‘till we win! We got it, we got game! Go Tigers! Yeah, we got what y’all don’t! We got the winning stuff! Let them have it!” “Go Tigers! We’re winners not losers, we’re so going to beat y’all! ‘Cause we’re in it to win it! Go tigers! We got it, we got game! Go T-I-G-E-R-S!!!!!” Then I do a flip, and all that stuff, so do they. I’m so mad I actually do seven flips; nobody has even done that in our school! Every girl just stared at me, when I got done everyone clapped though! I go slide my jeans on and my rainbows, and leave my hair in this messy pony-tail. I meet Blake at the end of the football field; he takes my three bags and leaves me to my American eagle pocket book. “Didn’t feel like putting on your other shirt?” He asked it just hit me I left that shirt on; I just have too much on my mind right now to worry about it I guess. They day the cheerleading bash is the day that momma died. Two weeks before I turned seven. And I’m almost seventeen now, so she’s been gone for seven years almost and it feels like just yesterday we were playing dress up. “Lynds?” he asked so I snapped out of it “Yeah, sorry I was day-dreaming.” “I heard about those notes.” Not about the one with Nikki in it though. We use to be best friends until my momma died that is, ever since then she hated my guts. “Blake, you know you can call me baby or babe right?” “Yeah, I know.” I laid my head on his shoulder and smiled. He put the car in gear and we drove home, Abby came running up and I picked her up so she could get to Blake better “Blake, can you stay for dinner?” She asked all happily, “I got to call my momma and ask.” “Oh okay!” He put her down and looked at me I nodded he pulled out his phone and dialed his mom: “momma, Abby wants to know if I can stay for dinner with them.” “Is Lyndsey there?” “Yes mama, she comes to our house for dinner tomorrow then.” He then said “uh, okay momma, I’ll be home later.” He looked at me, “I can stay but you gotta eat at my house tomorrow.” “Sounds like fun.” I grab his hand and led him to the house. Out of knowing him all my life I haven’t been to his house yet.

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