That Girl (2) is in love

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Her life must go on, and it does,

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



I can finally go home after being in the hospital for over three months. I go give Lucas and Melanie the grand tour with Austin who spots out the important stuff. I take Lucas to his new room and my mouth drops open it’s so perfect for him, little airplanes and stuff like that, his crib is brown. I set him in it, and Austin stays. I go to the other room across the hall and it’s Melanie, it’s purple and brown, so girly and cozy. They were born March 15th, 2010. Dream is seven months as of March 12th.
Taking care of four young kids during the day is fine with me, even though it is tough. The days fly by before I know it the weeks turn into months.
It’s has now been two years since we brought Lucas and Melanie home. We have one more empty room available for one more kid; the other room is the guest room. We both talk and we do want another kid. Remember Blake has 17 siblings. We’re twenty-one now! Brittany is twenty-three, Erica is nineteen, Izzy is seventeen which means a senior, Nikki is 15, Jade is ten, Abby is 8, Jessie is 6, Sarah is 7, Kelly is 7, Alicia and Amber are six, Austin is five, Dream is almost three, and Lucas and Melanie are two. Lucas looks just like his daddy did but with my eyes, Melanie is momma’s girl. She looks just like me but has her daddy’s curls. “Mommy, when is grandma and them coming?” Dream asked me. I was cleaning up the toys, “hey Blake can you help me?” He took over cleaning the house as I was gathering up their stuff for their baths; Blake came over and kissed me “I’ll get the boys ready. You get the girls.” “Dream and Mel, its bath time!” they came running up to me all ready. Melanie hair is knee-length and Dream’s hair is the same length as mine feet length. I get them in my big tub which means I’m in my two piece bathing suit; I get them all clean and stuff. I put Dream in her purple spring color dress; Mel is in her favorite dress: pink with yellow flowers. I brush their hairs and ask “How do you want it?” “How are you having yours?” Mel asked me. “Half up and half down.” “That way.” They giggled. I slip on my favorite white dress, with pink leggings, do my hair, slips on my rainbows, to see Austin and Lucas in matching jeans and polo outfits and Blake is in his jeans and a baby blue polo. We’re on the porch with Sasha and Buddy, Sasha is five years old, Buddy is four. Momma and them pulled up Alicia jumps out and hugs me, “I miss you sissy.” “I missed you too.” She giggled at Austin and hugged Blake. “Lyndsey, your girls looks more and more like you every day.” I smiled at Jack as I kissed his cheek “Thanks daddy.” We get in the van and we’re off. “Lynds, when are you gonna have another kid?” “We’ll talk about it when we’re with the whole gang.” This includes Lindsey, Jake, their daughter Hope, and son Nick. Lizzie, Nick, their daughters Lyndsey and Kristen. Brittany, Sabrina, her new husband Jeff, and their son Justin. We make it to our favorite family restaurant: Mayflower. We see our people and join them. We’re talking and catching up on old times. “So Lyndsey and Blake?” Everyone turned to look at us. “I don’t know if it’s true or not but I might be pregnant, and this will be the last one.” Brittany smiled at me, and everything else went back to normal.
Sure enough I was pregnant, the doctors were worried about my last pregnancy but it went great, wanna know how I know? I’m in labor right now, April 11th, 2013. “Lyndsey push…1…2…3 one more big push!” I hear a baby cry “It’s a girl!” I lay my head back Blake kisses my lips. They cleaned her up and handed me her, “Hey there girly, I’m your mommy.” I said and Blake said “I’m your daddy.” She has my icy blue eyes, his hair color and my wavy hair. Austin is six as of February 12th, Lucas and Melanie are three, Dream is three going on four. We’re now in the public room; everyone is around “What is her name?” Alicia asks us “Emma Triston.” “She’s so cute” Everyone cooed over her.
They all leave, “Mommy can I hold my new sister?” Austin asks Blake sits him down and tells him how to hold her, he does perfect, “Aw, Austin she loves you.” I help Dream, Lucas, and Mel hold her. Our family is finally complete, we have such amazing kids.
I can go home now, and I’m so happy we show her the house. She fits in perfectly to the family. Blake’s boss calls and he answers it “Hello.” “Yes sir, she is home, they’re fine.” “Really?” “I’ll be right there!” “Bye”  “What is it baby?” “I might be getting a promotion!” I kiss his lips as he goes out the door. We’re all on the couch watching finding memo. I’m holding Emma and he comes in the door, I put her in the baby basket and goes up to him “Well?” “I got the promotion if I take it.” “How come you aren’t happy?” “The job is in New York.” “But it’s your dream job.” “We live here.” “Look Blake, I love you. I’ll go with you no matter if we have to move to Paris.” “The kids?” “Austin is the only one in school, now is the perfect time, over the summer.” We go and talk to the kids. “I’m going to go call him.” “Lynds, I’m needed in two weeks.” “I’ll pack your bags, you find a six bedroom house up there, and we’ll be there in the summer.” He kisses my cheek and goes picks up Emma and he’s glowing, I can tell he really wants this new job. We’re all at the airport, I kiss his lips: “I’ll miss you baby, see you on May 30th!”
While Austin is in school, Brittany, Lindsey, Lizzie, and momma are helping me pack up the house. “I can’t believe you’re the one who moves out of this state.” “Me either, but he really wants this job, I’m so proud of him!” The house is packed expect for two weeks of clothes, our blankets and stuff. I just got the kids out of the car and we’re at momma’s, even my daddy is there. I begin with my daddy: “I love you daddy, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’ll miss you.” “I love you too baby girl. I’m proud of you and your kids.” “Britt, I looked up to you for twenty-two years, I love you and will miss you.” “Lynds, I hated you for about the first five months, I love you sissy. Don’t forget what state you call home.” I giggled, “Erica, I love you. I can’t believe you’re moving out too.” “Yup, I’ll be in New York City, near you guys.” I hug her. “Izzy, you’re eighteen now, I can’t believe it, but I’ll miss you so much. I love you.” “I know me either, I’m a graduate! And I got accepted to NYU!” “Nikki, you’re my sweet little Nikki, who’s not little anymore, I’m gonna miss you. I love you forever.” “I love you too.” “I’ll miss you.” “Alicia, I love you so much, and I’ll miss you, you come visit when you can.” Tears escape her eyes, and she’s seven. Seven years with her, “I love you sissy, you’re the best.” I hug her. “Mommy, I love you.” I whisper, “Lynds, you’ll do good on your own completely, I love you.” “Daddy, I love you.” Is all I can say to Jack. We head out to Albany, New York with Sasha and Buddy. We make it there in two days. Austin comes running up to Blake and hugs his knees “I missed you daddy.” This year Dream will begin school. Emma cried because she wasn’t in his arms.

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